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We come to this topic when there are difficulties with memory cards.
The choice and features of operating SD cards | USB Drive Discussion | USB connectivity issues |
Recover data from internal memory | Recovering data from a broken machine | Security in android, a lot of interesting things

  1. Always, before disconnecting a memory card from a computer or other device, choose "Safely Remove"!
  2. Backup memory cards, you can do specials. utilities, but it's easier to use cloud storage, or just copy the entire map to a PC.
  3. The most important recipe for problems with the card is formatting in a digital camera, often coping better than all utilities. Or low-level formatting usingSDFormatter4 (v5.0) orHDD L.L.F.T.
  4. When temporarily “disappearing” the memory card, freezing, etc., it is recommended to thoroughly blow out the card slot, clean everything, you can even with alcohol (but very carefully) - both the contacts of the card and the contacts of the SD slot.
  5. If you do not record new data on the card, and the old ones after deletion appear again and the formatting does not help - the card is dead and it will not be possible to restore it, even though it is read! Bury?! She does not believe!

More useful links:
The most reliable cards2017-2018
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0 [see here] , Further - [1.9]

In this theme come when there are difficulties with memory cards.

1.1. Backup of the memory card can of course be done with special utilities, such as Spb backup , but it's easier to just copy the entire card on the BB, and that’s the perfect backup.
1.2. The first and last instance for memory cards is low-level formatting. The most important recipe for memory card problems is formatting in a digital camera , or on the BB (but this is definitely the worst option, so if the problem persists, you need to look for a camera) using special utilities such as ScanDisk, HDD SCAN, etc. (Watch - here also advise - this one ) But a digital camera often does much better than all utilities. Before formatting, do not forget to save the necessary information.
A new card can not be formatted, there are almost no cases of incorrect operation of new cards, but the B / U card must be formatted.

1.3. The name for the memory card is better to choose in Latin letters, how to rename the memory card can be viewed - here.
1.4. If there are problems with a memory card, to solve them, very often it is enough to check this card on the BB for computer viruses.
1.5. How to disable memory card encryption - here.
1.6. How to make the memory card does not turn off when you sleep the device read here , here and here.
1.7. How to make the memory card not turn off when the battery is low? The program will help - Keepcard
1.8. When temporarily “disappearing” the memory card, freezing, etc., it is recommended to thoroughly blow out the card slot, clean everything, you can even with alcohol (but very carefully) - both the contacts of the card and the contacts of the SD slot.
1.9. For testing memory cards it is recommended to use h2testw utility: (1) , (2) , (3) .

2. Typical problems and their solutions:
2.1. "Hieroglyphs" on the map
2.2. The name of the memory card changed
2.3. Files and \ or incomprehensible files have disappeared.
2.4. Lost folder
2.5. PDA does not see Compact Flash card
2.6. After the firmware, it "hides" the contents or does not see the memory card at all.
2.7. Healing MiniSD Connector
2.8. We break microSD into 2 and more sections
2.8. Warranty Replacement Information for SanDisk Cards

3. Necessary links:
3.1. Features of operation of SD and SDHC cards
3.2. SDHC driver - driver for SDHC memory cards

3.3. Repair and service
3.4. Service for our machines
3.5. Programs to recover lost data
3.6. Programs for working with memory cards.
3.7. Determining and restoring real volume or how to restore a fake memory card.

4. The standard way to check a hardware problem or software (buggy software or hardware):
1. make a backup ( Spb backup - recommend)
2. XP (Terms and jargonandHard reset - how to do? )
3. On a clean device, check the performance, if the problem disappears - it means that some program creates it, if it remains, it means either the firmware or the hardware. Reflash (to be sure with different firmware several times, right up to the very first official one), if after that nothing has changed, then the road to the SC is a hardware problem)
4. you can restore the data from the backup when you finally decide what to do

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Try formatting with a camera (if available).

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Read to start herehere!
How can this PC not format you? : huh:

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How can this PC not format you?

Sometimes it happens
My microSDHC for 4GB after unsuccessful formatting by the communicator was not seen on the BB. More precisely, the TC hung when I opened it. I tried the LowFormat also helped. And the digitizer did not help :(

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Once, from a microsd 2-card, I made a 128 MByte using StorageManager on a PDA. After that, the PC did not see it, but the PC saw it. Solves the problem of the format of the cards on the phones Nokia.

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oduvan @ 1.12.09, 8:53*
can anyone know how this is treated

Installing Russified firmware.

Rep: (3)
I understand this, but I did not find the firmware for my rus device, although I know google and yandex = (
// Motorola Symbol mc 35

Rep: (687)
oduvan @ 1.12.09, 8:53*
fills the memory card after installing any crack (stowil LEng and RussKey)

So you need not to install the crack, or it is incorrectly installed. It must be installed after the Hard Reset first, on a clean device.
Firmware for Motorola (Symbol) (Post # 3482661)No need to duplicate your question throughout the forum, especially since you know the reason for the flash drive. This topic discusses a slightly different issue. Thank you for understanding.

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I apologize for probably off-top but empirically it turned out that if you make software cuts without a card and then insert it, the card sees the animal =) but it is imperative that before the next software card you need to remove the card during the cut time =)
// at least as it is already possible to use.
p.s. Sorry if I interfere, just the brain (I can not determine its presence) is boiling.

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If you make a software cut without a card and then insert it, the animal sees the card =) but an obligatory condition is that before the next software card you need to remove the card for the duration of the cut

It seems that some program is trying to start from the map at the start. Check the paths of programs and processes in startup in the PDA and see if there is a folder on the map that contains 2577.

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nea =) it is after the format and after XP, LeNg is installed on the equipped memory.

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Here is a good resource for all flash drives you throw go there. : yes2:

Rep: (1605)
oduvan @ 3.12.09, 10:06*
nope =) it is after format and after XP

Then, most likely, skiff flash drive. When downloading a PDA, it tries to achieve something from it, but that "does not give an answer" (c)

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It seemed strange to me that there was a problem with power management, but everything can be. Interestingly, and at the registry level, you can make sure that the WM flash drive does not search for it somewhere for a few seconds after the download?
p.s.Kstate so far I use the fact that I pull out the flash at the time of the reboot =), at least like that, but with a flash drive.

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Bug program SPB weather.
When deleting, I cursed on the DLL (which I do not remember) as a result, the display of the software languages ​​on the memory card was lost.
If you run any program from the map by .exe, it works, but there is no label.
Re-creation of the yaryk position does not change.
Rearrange this program - the position does not change.
In the label itself, the path is correct.
(as an example: 55 # "\ Memory card \ Program Files \ Total Commander \ cecmd.exe")

How can this be rectified? (I do not want to do hardrezed)

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try creating shortcuts withResco File Explorer

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Good day!
I have a Myo 502 device. I bought a 16 GB SDHC card for it a couple of months ago. Put the wood. Everything worked perfectly for the time being. To play music usually yuzal Core Player. Well, sometimes it has become, during playback, to stop at any file and "think." After completion of the player system hung. Only the reset button helped.
After the usual soft reset, the body does not see the card at first, and if you distort it, it starts to see. Well, already tired. Yesterday I did the xp, I reinstalled everything to a clean one - and again the same situation - when I load it, I do not see the card, only after the distortion it starts to see. What could be wrong here?

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Most likely at the beginning of the map was filled somewhere in the half and nothing buggy, and then filled out the whole and there were problems.
Try hard rezet, then immediately put firewood

Rep: (8)
I have it stably filled with 7GB, I made the hardset yesterday, I already wrote =) I set firewood on a clean one - 0 effect

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Try clause 1.2. from the cap like after that?

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