Suggestions and questions about the section "Game consoles"

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Suggestions and questions about the section "Game consoles". :)

Dear users of the Game Consoles section! The section moderators turn to you with the question: "What can we do for you to make the Game Consoles section more popular and in demand? What useful information does the section most lack you for?"
Now on the expanses of the worldwide network a lot of scattered information regarding the Games on consoles, hacks, news and technical issues. We would like tosavagemessiahzine.comWas for you the place where you could go every day and get the latest, accurate and verified information: news and reviews of new consoles, new information about hacking, help and solving technical issues.
We trust you, so we ask for advice.
Any suggestions, even seemingly not realizable, are welcome. If you have something to advise or suggest, welcome to the dialogue in this topic: Suggestions and questions on the section "Game Console"
Your opinion is really important for us. Thank you in advance.

A big request - do not flood.

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I propose to create a theme for the joint purchase games on the PS4 (twos, threes). To reduce the risk of fraud participants, for example, can only be users 4pda with 3 or 4 years of experience. Plus, you can even take a photo of verification? What do you think?

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I think that this topic is not necessary here. There are a lot more resources than 4pda.

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* Lapik MF,
Yes, but it's still not all of them are reliable. Many are not easy to get there!

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* Terminalhead,
I advise to pay attention toAnnouncement: Game Console Rules
Item number 9.
The question is closed.

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* Dyuss,

Thanks! I drew attention to this point, but there is talk about stolen:

9. Sales / Marketing and discussionstolen and compromised accounts It prohibited.

And I do not advertise or sell any accounts, I just proposed the idea.

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* Terminalhead,
Anyway, the three - before the first kidalovo. Therefore we close this topic.

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It is a pity that my proposal with smiles, never came to life :(

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Please tell me why the missing editing function created my theme (Edit button)? : Blush:

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* Wolfhash It can not be lost;)
Try a different browser / client

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According to promotional offers. To spread, to report on the possibility to get them, yes, it helps, and a lot of places do not take. But the request is another matter, I believe they have no place in the discussion.

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I for promotional codes, places are occupied by not much.

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I'm for a separate topic. But we must immediately her hard moderate. Just as it can somehow call that she would not attract attention from outside that that would not have left the codes do not 4pda users.

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Prohibit them just do not need, tend to a particular topic, but only if it would not be easily accessible to

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I have for a theme about the purchase of games, there is also the theme of the purchase and discussion ploek. Or play on the media in a subject with shopping ploek and psn games in the discussion ...

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* closerni
But how to separate baryg of decent people
This tag will not help:

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I think that is a separate issue is not necessary. We need a ban on requests for promo codes. If someone puts a promotional code - no problem at all, it takes a lot of places do not.
For attempting to sell promotional codes - ban.

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Thanks for your suggestions that some of it we will definitely be implemented.

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Hello sorry if off topic: thank_you: but there is at least something similar discussed.
Prompt please who knows!
The problem this can not start up for a gamepad (Chinese of course: unsure: with coolers) in the game on the PC batterfayder 3 (sorry if not written correctly) using x360 emulator has a third version 32, 64, last, and for Windows 7 beta
Not alone does not start.
As initially without the emulator button instead of the cross and Shivta forward, backward.
I tried to bind keys but always as the original pause it on the gripke at Shivta: hysterics: Fail tried to rename 1_1; 1_2; 1_3; and more with the ninth of three digits. Not what does not work even though I have turned Coves games tie

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I propose to change the title picture in the topicDiscussion of games and service PS + for Sony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slimbecause Lara really hurts the eyes, is not exclusive, and for us it was available only a year after release, as something not on Feng Shui.

That would not be unfounded offer pictures, you can ask for more users to find something suitable and arrange the vote. )

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* Lapik MF,
We'll think about your offer.

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