Suggestions and questions about the section "Game consoles"

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Suggestions and questions about the section "Game consoles". :)

Dear users of the Game Consoles section! The section moderators turn to you with the question: "What can we do for you to make the Game Consoles section more popular and in demand? What useful information does the section most lack you for?"
Now on the expanses of the worldwide network a lot of scattered information regarding the Games on consoles, hacks, news and technical issues. We would like tosavagemessiahzine.comWas for you the place where you could go every day and get the latest, accurate and verified information: news and reviews of new consoles, new information about hacking, help and solving technical issues.
We trust you, so we ask for advice.
Any suggestions, even seemingly not realizable, are welcome. If you have something to advise or suggest, welcome to the dialogue in this topic: Suggestions and questions on the section "Game Console"
Your opinion is really important for us. Thank you in advance.

A big request - do not flood.

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Please read the new rules for the design of caps -Rules for the creation and design of topics.

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I think it would be useful to mention in the fake about "dangerous" games for unprovable consoles with a virtual player.

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And which ones are dangerous? I know that if I run it with the UMD, it can swear that the firmware is less than the installed one and suggest to install it newer ... does this mean?

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This onethememade you think.
In questions of newcomers, they explained that this is possible if you run official games.

or is it all bullshit?

does this mean?

apparently yes.

But in any case, is this a mot worth mentioning, or is it a matter of course? :)

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no bullshit ... it also says "game disk" ... but where does the "poor" user have PSP disks? only images on the memory card :)

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but where does the "poor" user have PSP disks?

: D
as the reading of this forum shows, users are different :)
although the mote and in vain I am here to this hooked))

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A theme with top games for psp would be useful.
Of course, everyone has heard about GTA, NSF and FIFA. But to learn about the less well-known, but no less interesting, it would be great.

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Chris_Rock, one more topic? o.O
Best games! PSP + PSX
What games should be purchased first?
Best games
Top PSP Games
and that's not all topics about it ...


add "why games may not go (hang up or fly out without error)" - this is necessary ... for example, disable all plugins .... set the default frequency .... last case flash1 format ... well, and absolutely extreme case - update firmware ...

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And can create a topic about homemade and mods for psp ??? : blush: I think bilobi is interesting to many ...
Something like "do it yourself" for komunov: yes2:

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enotik500, PSP modding , Homemade accessories :)
just these topics will pop up, then somewhere in the wilds of the forum are lost ...

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I found the time and made myself a domain for dynamic sp. Now I can give direct links to games again. only I don't have time to organize everything, etc., plus I don't have some games. Anyone wanting help?

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What exactly is the help ??

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drop those that do not exist and rename what is. plus lay out your own links.

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In general, he renamed everything that happened. Now you can create a global catalog. all the games that I don’t have, I can download it - show only from where

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I also have a lot of games, if you need to throw - tell me where?

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you first need to figure out what to eat.

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need to create a separate temko for minis. And there already lay out the description, screenshots and links. and, sobsna, according to the message on each minis.

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if one message = one minis, then the newly added ones among the discussion will be lost ... and who would have laid them out then ...

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I have about 33 minis. in the first message, you can make links to the post with the game.

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I have 46 minis.

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