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The child inserted a new disk with the game and the PSP was updated to 5.55. The whole google has proven nothing to find how to roll back this firmware. Power Battery. Flashki also Pandoriel. And I can not remember which firmware up to 5.55 stood. So you can roll back or not?

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What PSP? Fracting or not? how to find out - readnew FAQ

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I have Slim PSP 2008

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Remove the battery and look:


Do you see Data Code? What is your digit-letter there?

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PSP-S110. The battery is already Pandorin. And on PSP there is still Date Code 8B. Model PSP-2008

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So if you have a Battery Painforena, then there must be a memory card of POSFORONE ... you can only turn it on with a pinch and select "Set 500m33"

If the Battery is rampant - then it is necessary to render again (and the card too)

In any case, the rest of the questions here -Pandora Pack: Despertar del Cementerio v8

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