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Worked on the list:billow, Spangron, iNIKEL, FrostengineandDragy

Announcements that have come true this year:

Games, the release date of which is not known:

Interstellaria [Jon King a.k.a Coldrice]
Prometheus [Room 8]
Mew-genics [Team Meat]
Eon altar [Flyinghelmet Games]
Unsworn [Invulse Games]
Forgotten memories [Psychoz Interactive]
Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits [Capcom]
God's of Rome [Gameloft]
I am bread [Bossa Studios] [Unity 5]
Ember [N-Fusion Interactive]
Gekido [Naps Team]
Toby: The Secret Mine [LukГЎЕЎ NavrГЎtil]
Space noir [N-Fusion Interactive] [Unity]
Warhammer 40,000: Regicid [Hammerfall Publishing]
Dungelot 3 [Red Winter Software Limited]
The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault [Complex Games Inc.]
Piloteer [Whitaker Trebella]
THE WILD [Toonuva Games]
Aralon: Forge and Flame [Galoobeth Games] [Unity]
Sproggiwood [Freehold Games]
Hell [SlitherineGames, Hunted Cow]
Epic little war game [Rubicon Development]
The quest ii [Redshift]
Total War Battles: KINGDOM [Creative Assembly]
The Banner Saga 2 [Stoic Studio]
Island delta [Art Indubitably] [Unity]
Lords of the fallen [CI Games]
Minecraft: Story Mode [Telltale Games]
SOLUS [Andrew Brinkhaus] [Unity]
Seashine [pated]
Fallman [Glad Game Studio]
Starbase Orion 2 [Chimera Software]
Mevius Final Fantasy [Square Enix]
Death road to canada [Rocketcat Games, Madgarden]
Masquerada: Songs and Shadows [Witching Hour Studios]
Nightcry [Hifumi Kono, Takashi Shimizu]
Post brutal [Hell Tap Entertainment LTD]

Games, the release date of which is known (approximately known):

Operation Dracula - May 2015
Never go - April 2015 (in China)
Mario Italiano Four Families [Booya Squad] - April 2015
The silver bullet [KwangSam Kim] - II quarter 2015
Raging justice [MakinGames] - April 2015
Epic of Kings [Dead Mage Studio] [UE4] - II quarter 2015
Submerged [Uppercut Games] [UE4] - II quarter 2015
Silent depth [Code Knitters] - early 2015
Munch time 2 [Gamistry] - early 2015
Heroes Genesis [Studio G9] [UE4] - first quarter of 2015
Future factory [Fun 2 Robots Ltd.] - early 2015
Heroes and Castles 2 [Foursaken Media] - early 2015
Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon [Slitherine] - early 2015
Rogue star [RedBreastStudioUK] - early 2015
Q.U.B.E. [Toxic Games] - early 2015
What on Earth! [Traplight Games] - early 2015
Ignite [Nemesys Games] - first quarter of 2015
Monolith [Animation Arts Creative GmbH] - the second quarter of 2015
Love you to bit [Alike Studio] - mid 2015
Eisenhorn: XENOS [Pixel Hero Games] - 2015
This war of mine [11bit studios] - 2015
Train Conductor 3 [The Voxel Agents] - 2015
Gates of horizon [Hex keep] - 2015
DICETINY [fakedice] - 2015
Fugl [Johan Gjestland] - 2015
Borderlands Online [Shanda Games, 2K and Gearbox] - 2015
Demon hunters [Wave Light Games] - 2015
Need for Speed: No Limits (world release) [Firemonkeys] [Isis engine] - 2015
A Hare In My Yard [Idea Moose Entertainment] - 2015
Prison Architect [Introversion Software] - 2015
Ember guards [HitRock] - 30.05.2015
Azmara [Rollplay Games Ltd.] - 01.07.2015
LEGO Batman в„ў: Beyond Gotham [Warner Bros.] - summer 2015
Epic of Kings [Dead Mage] - first quarter of 2015
Dark Fear [Arif Games] - first quarter of 2015
Respite [Tam Games] - end of April / beginning of May
Bubble smash [Omida Entertainment] - first quarter of 2015
Sonic runners [SEGA] - spring 2015
LIGHTS [Venerable Rain] - first quarter of 2015
Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit [Three Phase Interactive] - mid 2015
Darkest Dungeon [Red Hook Studios] - 2015
Legend of Grimrock [Almost Human Ltd] - spring 2015
Sproggiwood [Freehold Games] - 2015
R.B.I. Baseball 15 [MLB.com] - spring 2015
The last warlock [Sonic Sloth] - 2015
Blood & Glory: Immortals [Glu Games Inc.] - March 2015
WOTA: U 96 [Mark Hessburg] - 2015

List of releases for the week starting on Monday:

Games announced at GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2015

1. Announcements of previous years.
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3. [Developer]
4. New Zealand Releases on Wednesdays at15:00by Moscow time.
5. Releases in Russia on Thursdays at8:00by Moscow time.
6. Useful links:

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Announcement of the game: Celestia - Broken Sky [ZQGame] [Action-RPG] [Unity]
In the game we play the role of the legendary war, the sworn enemy of all the monsters and minions that stand in our way. Being elected, we have a chance to defeat the forces of evil.

We have to build our own army and start a long battle to return our homeland to the side of good.
We can also recruit vanquished enemies for future battles. The game will be distributed for free.
Release date:May
Video: YouTube
A source: pocketgamer
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* martian_zhg
One of the conditions for participation in Arcade is that the product should never go out on other platforms. So it goes)

Rep: (368)
it would be cool to open a separate topic for the arcade

Rep: (679)
* robben_55,
Yes, this can be discussed. Subject still almost dead, and revive mb.
You incidentally that of the arcades has gone?)

Rep: (1)
From what Oceanhorn 2 devices? Iphone 7 plus go?) O.O

Rep: (96)
* nikarino001,
On Air with 2 A8H matter, therefore, starts at 7 with no problems.

Rep: (368)
* Gramual,
I'm still waiting for the ITS 13 and all of the games list like where cards fall, skateboarder sim game from the cap, a game from the creators of the monument Volley

Rep: (108)
Mini Motorways by makers Mini Metro, CatQuest II, Oceanhorn II (on first impression).

Skate City is a direct clone of wild OliOli, only eats resources not in themselves, iPhone Xr heated wildly with her. Everything else is a wild slag, IMHO. There are games not optimized for line screen X (for example Punch Planet). And nothing about proboemah, graphics and so on - keep quiet.

The same Rayman Mini - a disgrace. Clamped cutscenes and story and game hastily gathered from the developments of the previous games in the AppStore. Such schlock from Ubisoft not expected.

Rep: (225)
For several days all roll out and roll out new games. Oushenhorn is not worth attention. Zabagovannost, buggy, non-optimized and most importantly revalued game. Sölden her very far and mechanics and in terms of gameplay

I leave here with a top arcade games (unreleased just yesterday and today): SuperImpossibleRoad, HyperBrawl, Shinsekai, Towaga and Sayonara. The others are prohodnyak

Rep: (368)
a game from the creators of the monument Volley Th trash?

Rep: (1556)
Played in Overland on a PC, which is in AA: not impressed at all. The idea is not bad, I love step-by-step games, the same XCOM looked around, but everything is wrong. Very similar, the characters in the game can wear only one thing, and with a backpack there are two things, creatures to beat in essence it is impossible, there are no adequate stories, repetitive routes (gasoline, people, supplies), if wounded - the game can be finished, you can not do anything on the privala . I could not make the developers to get pleasure from passing, although the idea and visual style is very different.

Rep: (368)
In general, the methods appeared somehow to deceive Apple continue to play in the arcade, after the expiry of the free period?

Post has been editedrobben_55 - 07.10.19, 13:45

Rep: (17)
* robben_55, no . I will not. already $ 5 toad presses to pay? ...

Rep: (155)
Lay out Atom RPG. I can not find anywhere

Rep: (0)
https: //apps.apple.com.../atom-rpg/id1465288147.

Rep: (155)
* kommunarov2000,
Hacked, of course

Rep: (0)
Who MK Mobile can hack into the currency? Pm

Rep: (155)
* bvzafvbkbr,
Almost two weeks passed. I have already passed it -_-

Rep: (17)
BVZAFVBKBR @ 11.06.20, 08:35*
Three times ha ha voice from Simpsons

Expand please your "Message", the meaning is not clear

Rep: (17)
* bvzafvbkbr,
Of course, I am glad that people won this defense, but I still pay $ 5 if there are worthy games again. So far, there are no new cool games, the subscription canceled.

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