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Windows 10 [ 678 ] ** [39,03%]
Windows 8-8.1 [ 136 ] ** [7,83%]
Windows 7-Vista [ 762 ] ** [43,87%]
Windows XP and earlier [ 131 ] ** [7,54%]
I do not use Windows [ 30 ] ** [1,73%]
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Post has been editedAndrewP_1 - 30.08.18, 11:52

Rep: (3)
Win 10

Were xp, vista-xs, 7, 8, 8.1.
All wasps are good in their own way, but 10 ka excellent system stability and modesty of resources.

How not cool, but the technologies have their need to keep up so to speak.

Rep: (25)
Windows 7. Perfect for work or play. Well, the 10-ka is not worse ...

Rep: (1895)
* ktolik04, Now basically all tied to vin10, for her future.

Rep: (25)
* kosta26 , no. There are only added, that does not free memory remains

Rep: (1895)
* ktolik04, rather about 7 so that it is forgotten, everything revolves around 10.

Rep: (1895)
In my opinion, vin10 best, a lot of chips, which are used.

Rep: (31)
Please help. There is a laptop, buy more with win7. Updated on 10 as the current went. It seems then to a clean set. Firewood course half is not working as it should.
In the last six months by 10 laptop slow. Including chromium, a pair of tabs and normally impossible to work. Always something ship. Already furious at times, simple download folder opens minutes).
I decided to all carry, and put back 7.
Do you think at all cost to use 10? Laptop ASUS K53SM.

Hmm, I sit for half a day vin7 all trying to upgrade. All incredibly buggy. I did not think that such problems will arise 7. Updates are very weakly shakes. The image of a pure Windows SP1. What kind of Windows is like that.

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Rep: (206)
urbans90 @ 02.01.18, 22:17*
Do you think at all cost to use 10? Laptop ASUS K53SM.

There was no need to upgrade to Win-10. It was necessary to continue to work in Win-7.
Way out - to revert to a Win-7 ...
Or (it is better) - put on a laptop Linux 64bit.
(One of the fastest - domestic clone Ubuntu: Runtu 16.04.3 x64, 64bit.)

Post has been editedmkudritsky - 03.01.18, 14:01

Rep: (99)
Problems with iron 100% excluded?

Rep: (31)
Yes. Yes, what then iron. Internet normal 100MB. A search windows 7 updates the floor of the day thinking. As if the program of T-shirts can not use the connection. They are so in order to have spoiled people 10 went?

Rep: (199)
Linupsoid* mkudritsky and then climbed with his linupsom: D
* urbans90, can you really iron problem? There is an opportunity to roll the OS version that was originally?

Rep: (31)
* Trumpo ,

Yesterday I was 7 freewheeling. So the search for updates every half an hour trying to find and download. A look state of the network there is not a bit wobbles nothing.

Rep: (199)
* urbans90, Seven to remember it was like. If only the top ten on the net to try to put it is established much faster sevens.

Rep: (206)
Alex Klein @ 03.01.18, 14:22*
Problems with iron 100% excluded?

Honestly - no, not excluded on Linux with hardware problems.
But this is only if the iron production of the new, 2018-th, the Year! : D

In my opinion, Linux can try if its distribution to about 1 year younger than iron.
Then the new, popular, iron at 100% pick-up.
For this reason, I personally advise to put avid gamers only MS Win.
But if a person is not having fun with toys, and just running on a PC - it is necessary to try Linux.

P.S. Example: I put on your PC a new graphics card NVidia GT1060 3GB on Linux 32bit 14.04.1 XFCE from 2014 - was able to boot in text mode.
But when sliced ​​CDRW c Runtu 16.04.3 64bit XFCE August 2017 - all perfectly booted in the chart!
P.P.S. It's all on-Microsoft! Fair competition! : D In the middle "in the ear nashepchem vendors iron - write logs only under Take out and do not try to write the wood under Linux!"
As usual, for 35 years, "all to be honest, no deception, the wizard (MS) Suleiman!" : D

Post has been editedmkudritsky - 03.01.18, 15:34

Rep: (99)
mkudritsky @ 03.01.18, 15:30*
Honestly - no, not excluded on Linux with hardware problems.
But this is only if the iron production of the new, 2018-th, the Year!

1. There was something else in mind. Not the driver, namely, the "iron" component. Capacitor inflated track oxidized, cooler and so is not blowing. D.
2. Problems with drivers can and not so new hardware.

Rep: (206)
Alex Klein @ 03.01.18, 15:42*
Problems with drivers can and not so new hardware

I agree with this too.
Millennium (90th-00's) I am trying to find a Linux driver on the S3 Trio 3D video card and a SCSI adapter Tekram 390C (such as memory recalled all right?). And the drivers are not found!

To my cry for help on the forums linuksoidov me all popularly explained: writers cores and Linux drivers are so poor to enjoy pomoechnye iron! : D
Under Linux is much easier to find a driver for the elite iron than under iron pomoechnye. : Yes2:

Post has been editedmkudritsky - 03.01.18, 15:52

Rep: (31)
Updated Windows, but three updates have not put. Error. Maybe there is a way to roll them by hand?
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Is another error)
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Post has been editedurbans90 - 03.01.18, 22:21

Rep: (2)
Hi everyone. Here are just a month ago, bought on the internet for 10 euros key to windose 10 and use it with pleasure. Once stood windose 7. I can say that even the difference is very noticeable. Speed ​​of the computer work is clearly increased but if you turn off all unnecessary services from Microsoft that work and play just a pleasure.

Rep: (126)
Hello, comrades, with the come!
Bought a new laptop, mostly for games and kinoshek trip, 8 gig operatives, I5 eighth-generation core, two vidyushki for games will juzat geforce mx150.Tak here, the eternal question, 7ili10? If 10, then pro or home? Nout was no system set just 10 pro sborochku, but that does not like, how it works. These windsurfing rearranged a couple of hundred on different device, so a little bit ponimayu.Ne off himself, with the launch of some games, like wot problems and so on.. Of course, you can dance with a tambourine and decide, but at night leaving tomorrow, so I want to fit for themselves. Thank you for answers and sorry for the sheet. With me, + for a reasoned response from the head of information have different boiling)

Rep: (79)
Good evening.
Myst1k777 @ 4.01.18, 23:51*
The laptop was without a system, immediately installed 10 pro assembly, but something did not like how it works

Actually, here is the answer to your question. Put 7, but everything will rest against firewood. If there are seven on the manufacturer’s website, there are zero problems. But, recently, fewer vendors are supporting the seven

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