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***Hyper SD Device ->IDE

***My MEGAMONSTR (description + photos)

***MONSTRIK-2 saw the light, I finished it!

***Wiring connectors for PDAs, info on all models in one place.

***The workshop of our Pockets, everything related to iron.

***Strengthen Bluetooth. Is it possible?

***Making a stylus, Making a stylus with your own hands.

***Self-hosted yusb-host, yusb-client for lux 720.

***Trepanation LOOX'a.

***COM port on iPAQ hx4700

***Qtek S100 - Replacing the case, replace or paint, that is the question

***Can SD be divided into 2 logical drives?

***This is what the SD card looks like from the inside .. opening

***Peripherals for PDAs. What devices exist for pda?

***PDA Batteries, Repair / Operation / DIY, etc.

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* BigFishCrazy,
Is labeling should not coincide completely?

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* ToledO1354,
Datasheet should look

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* Bigfishczy And I understand it. All on a bourgeois

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* Bigfishczy , Do not leave me. Here I am found. How do I know whether the fit? #Aliexpress 65,09 rubles. | New MC9S08FL16CLC MC9S08 LQFP32 available

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* ToledO1354,
Well, other elements also verify whether a little

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Sorry that I am not writing at that forum and, in general, the life was wrong, but I have a question:
I have 2 dynamics: 4 Ohm 3W - 5, and 4 ohms 3 w. I want to assemble them in a homemade column to not buy expensive JBL for 400-1400 UAH (I am from Ukraine). I'm full of 0: Beee: and I want to know which details are needed, it is desirable that it would eat from the battery, for all 300 UAH, if that I can slightly throw, the sound quality is not so important, if only it was (but I don't need wheezing instead of music), I woke up to the phone (there is no soldering lamp, only a soldering iron, there is no questions about the corps. If someone wants Help the poor student will be very grateful: thank_you :.

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* Ogurets2004. , your buddy only ready modules from China only to collect if in a technique 0

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* Ogurets2004. , on LM317 Make a mustache, from there in Jack3.5 and in bodies

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Does anyone know how to find the power supply and outputs of the approximation sensor?
Highscreen Winwin smartphone, Datasheet Find does not work :(

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Fedor5800 @ 11.03.18, 09:49*
There is such a prog, she controls 2 phones without screens.

And how to install this program to the smartphone without a screen? Conversation about WiFi Keyboard + Screen Capture

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Sahray @ 2.08.20, 14:10*
And how to install this program to the smartphone without a screen?

adb install file_name.apk

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* vgdn1942 ,
Need to try. Thank you!

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Hello everyone! Please tell me how to increase the powerful charger 0.5 Yes 1a in advance all thanks for the help!

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You can increase but:

1 - If you ask, then it means you can not
2 - will cost more than buy new already ready
3 - no one does such garbage and will not be :) due to number 2

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Hello, is it possible to alter turbo charging Motorola with a continuous string on the usb option?
there is:
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If the topic does not ask - I apologize and let pliz link :)

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* Niku7aa, It is possible, and even easier will change the micro USB plug on the USB mom in the collapsible case.

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* adam horn,

Adam Horn @ 15.10.20, 15:06*
It is possible, and even easier will change the micro USB plug on the USB mom in the collapsible case.

Did you not meet any video on this alteration somewhere? I can not find anything, but I remember that I had come somewhere before ... :(

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* Niku7aa, No, I have not met. Attempts, everything is simple - you need to repaid the micro USB plug on USB mom according to the pinout
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I did a job such a USB charger
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Is it possible to turn a microSD hybrid to ESIM?

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