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***Hyper SD Device ->IDE

***My MEGAMONSTR (description + photos)

***MONSTRIK-2 saw the light, I finished it!

***Wiring connectors for PDAs, info on all models in one place.

***The workshop of our Pockets, everything related to iron.

***Strengthen Bluetooth. Is it possible?

***Making a stylus, Making a stylus with your own hands.

***Self-hosted yusb-host, yusb-client for lux 720.

***Trepanation LOOX'a.

***COM port on iPAQ hx4700

***Qtek S100 - Replacing the case, replace or paint, that is the question

***Can SD be divided into 2 logical drives?

***This is what the SD card looks like from the inside .. opening

***Peripherals for PDAs. What devices exist for pda?

***PDA Batteries, Repair / Operation / DIY, etc.

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Circuits for SCC have one drawback: they just “cut off” the “extra” voltage, and the current strength is the same in the battery and in the device. Corollary: low efficiency. IMHO, it is better to think about the circuit with a voltage converter, and not with a simple stabilizer.

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About the numerous chargers, tangled cables and rubber bands.

I solve this problem for myself a little differently.
The first. I mercilessly shorten all cables to the minimum necessary length. Usually it is about 0.5 meters. I rupture the gap and tighten it up with a thermotube. I prefer to bring the device close to the power outlet than to endure long "spaghetti" wires.
The second. I strive to have a minimum number of power supplies. I have two of them: one for the cellular and the second for the PDA, player and the rest. The fact is that although the cell phone is powered by 5V, it has a very tricky IV characteristic in the power supply :(. I am working on it.
The “main” power supply unit is of Universal firm, compact, adjustable, stabilized. Gives under load up to 5V / 2A (I measured). I put two connectors on the end of his cable (also shortened to 0.5 m), one with a set of nozzles that came with the power supply, the second with a USB mother. I plug in the PDA through a self-made adapter (the latter is the size of a matchbox, all hard, that is, without cable sections).

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One of these days, I used a rather useless thing - a “universal sound switch”: lol:
It is a cut-off plug from old headphones and when inserted into a 3.5 mm jack in the PDP, any sound is completely muted.
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I apologize for the quality of the pictures :)
This little thing is convenient because Some programs / games forcibly include sound in the system which is not always useful

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comradegeneral ,
Is not it easier to turn off the system sound?

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Outcast-d.o.b ,
it may be easier, but I’ve been bothered by how some of the programs have independently turned on this very system sound

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not a player, please me =)

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Is it possible to create a USB host itself through the CF slot, i.e. To attach a USB cable to the CF flash drive and so that it works as a USB host? If possible, please tell me where to find the wiring scheme?

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create one

On prev. My message page: there are links to the Spanish (??) home-made. Judging by the content of the source pages, the Spanish is not devoid of self-interest, so - write to him and it is possible that he will send you a scheme ...

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Here it was with me ... bzik ... I took out the electronics from the standard IRDA case and put it in a child's toy - a metal little car, just for the reason - it would be more elegant and more elegant on the table:
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muza9 ,
The Spaniard uses the Ratakov adapter, so that he has Samaritanism or not - on the drum.

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I don't like it so that something sticks out of my ears, be it hair, noodles, or a headset. Today I made a good handfree from my standard wired. Cheap and angry. Cut off the ears and connected to the EAX Input radio. Microphone lengthened and attached to the visor in the car. Now, not only can you use the phone, but also listen to music from the animal. And the navigator barks so awfully cool, you won't miss the turn.
The Duma adopted a new law that if at the wheel I put a pipe to my ear, drive 300 grouse. So the thing is necessary and useful.

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Bangy Babay @ 07/14/07 14:29:02
So the thing is necessary and useful.

Homemade +1
But I prefer to ride with a standard Bluetooth headset (Jabra BT250)

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Gabby 07/14/07 09:51:10
But I prefer to ride with a standard Bluetooth headset (Jabra BT250)

It is of course for whom it is better to travel with a BT headset. But I had several reasons for rework. As I said, I don’t like something sticking out of my ears. Another reason - I read about my device that with BT it is often buggy. And the most important - the costs are zero (except for 1.5m two-wire and 1.5 hours of time)

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Ekharny Babai , great idea :) I'll make this too: good:

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I'll ask here whether it is possible to connect to the charging / sync socket to the LAN using a soldering iron? :)

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connect to charging / sync socket to LAN

If you go "from the cradle" to the Network, then it is possible, but to present the PDA as an independent host .... it is assumed that it is impossible.

The fact is that it is possible and possible to solder something iron, but another problem arises, which I was popularly explained that it is impossible to do anything: the IP address is hardwired for the resource "Serial on USB".

Therefore, to present a PDA, seated in a cradle, as an independent host on the subnet will be extremely prolly ...

And most of the applications that I tried to incite on LAN in this workaround, refuse to recognize it and terb or LAN card, or modem.

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And yet .... Maybe someone left the contents of the first post? I would be very grateful ...

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Ekharny Babay, 07/14/07 04:29:02
Cut off the ears and connected to the EAX Input radio. Microphone lengthened and attached to the visor in the car. Now, not only can you use the phone, but also listen to music from the animal. And the navigator barks so awfully cool, you won't miss the turn.

Not EAX, but AUX! : lol:
IMHO, it is good if this AUX is already on the radio and preferably on the front panel. And if the radio tape recorder needs to be changed for this, then it’s better to buy the one with a full-fledged Blue Tooth. There are much more service functions (auto-shutdown of music and transfer to a conversation with incoming / outgoing, output of numbers to the display, dialing from the radio tape recorder, etc.) and a more elegant solution.

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I want to share two devices, the construction of which is extremely simple and clear from the photos.
1. Stand for PDA, which I use at work. The PDA is embedded in a box in which space is cut for the headphone and charger plugs. The box can occupy vertical and horizontal positions. In the horizontal, it is fixed with a protrusion. The stand is made of polycarbonate scraps (plexiglass is also suitable). Box - packaging from some electronic components.
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2. Protect the PDA from the sun when the GPS is in the car. Made of pieces of thin plastic (thin cardboard will do) and glued over with a reflective film. Fastening - with pieces of polyurethane foam, inserted into the ears of the PDA mounting bracket. This design can be made in 15 minutes, if not especially in a hurry. Sizes - from a specific mount and device.
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about sun protection

I LOOX n560 in the car gives a warning about the battery overheating

but only when iGO works
Apparently it is executed in max processor mode

The above protection was used for what kind of circumstances?

Added @ 30.08.2007, 12:29

I suggest discussing iGO overheating in cars

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