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***Hyper SD Device ->IDE

***My MEGAMONSTR (description + photos)

***MONSTRIK-2 saw the light, I finished it!

***Wiring connectors for PDAs, info on all models in one place.

***The workshop of our Pockets, everything related to iron.

***Strengthen Bluetooth. Is it possible?

***Making a stylus, Making a stylus with your own hands.

***Self-hosted yusb-host, yusb-client for lux 720.

***Trepanation LOOX'a.

***COM port on iPAQ hx4700

***Qtek S100 - Replacing the case, replace or paint, that is the question

***Can SD be divided into 2 logical drives?

***This is what the SD card looks like from the inside .. opening

***Peripherals for PDAs. What devices exist for pda?

***PDA Batteries, Repair / Operation / DIY, etc.

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cad8er ,
How not relevant o.O ??
And the topic about hard through cf is deleted, and about clav through a com port: (?
Skinte plz, we have someone saved was

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I piled here the other day for my LOOX.
Frame made of aluminum plate with a thickness of 1 mm covered with leather.
Because I do not use the camera, I did not make a hole for it.
Mine was not bad.

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Great cover turned out, the frame of plastic?

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Aluminum frame.
It is easier for me to work with metal (and plastic is a problem to pile up in such a form), but in general my adverter has a direct relationship with my specifics of work.

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2 NikDV
Colleague, and the pattern you have on paper? or is it in whate-format?
If the second - do not send a file?

And two words about the fastening of the cover. Is she tied up? or is there some otherhinge?


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Good time of day.
Help me find a wiring diagram, cable for synchronization and charging. Covertec for I-Mate PDA2k / T-Mobile MDA III / QTEK 9090 (UCS55
For early thanks.
I attached myself a wire for headphones.
And now, after the microphone, I have an adapter for ordinary headphones, now the sound is super.

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akhiron ,

Hold on!
_ seems there is all 3!
: victory:

By the way, the moderator saytik is quite good, a reference is quite good in "Fak + help", or "In the discussion of specific devices": ok:

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Good aluminum case!

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It used to be in the subject ...
Tell me how to assemble a device for charging via USB from AA batteries

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You here

Experiment with alternative charges / batteries

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The topic is not relevant.
post content removed.

: shok:: wallbash ::, sorry:: butcher:

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Tell me, plz, was there any info on how to connect GPS 12 (rs-232) to asus p525 (mini USB). I would be grateful for any info on the topic.

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AlexSam ,
You can connect using a converter (ala Mastkr-Kit), or solder yourself on two chips — which is harder and more expensive — and there is no guarantee what will work!

1. ASUS P525-as I know it does not support usb-host (if you use the converter), it immediately disappears!
2. SD slot also miniSD interferes
3. In principle, all devices displayed on the RS-232 board, but there is no connector! Tobish will have to open the case to watch the unsolderable tracks, etc. trifle and look for the very RS-232-technical documentation from some sort of service tebeb help!

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I try to attach to a description scheme. in general the structure of "SCC" is that it is a quality stabilizer in a single package. he has so well and especially, it does not transmit a reverse voltage! when you buy ask the seller of the output voltage and the connection to the legs! I have not collected any of these schemes so feet do not remember where. is correctly connected and the chip select output voltage guarantee charge your battery from the beast (akkamulyatorov). I have so Nokia has been charged on the road. it is right now my wife. I do not remember, in my opinion I was EN1A ...

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Wild ,
Thanks for the answer!
Clearly, only the internal connector on the board (like a 26-pin) would be able to help me ... very sorry. Warranty device - I would not want to lose the warranty. Maybe there are any Irda to rs232 converters or vice versa, so that gps12 can get an infrared series through the converter and communicate with the PDA or something like that? (Damn, why do devices with USB without USBHost?)

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Here is the one wi-fi. Draw a rectangle on the ceiling meter on the seventy centimeters. so to draw a rectangle was in the thick wall part of the meter. It is necessary to place on the wall dippol. who have CSW meter that can tune the antenna finely! So let us, buy a roll of foil (the foil tolshe better) foil pasted on the box and a knife cut out the usual wave antenna (widest part of the wall in a tight) as shown in the figure. and napotolok around the corner and not prirevaya on the wall to the floor. the length of the dipole at the lack of CSW meter will adjust the method of "scientific spear" cutting to length and Width ... I developed this antenna for PSB on the radio "Andromeda" right now in my home wi-fi at this same work. Photo besmyslenno so the spacecraft all pasted over with wallpaper ... and try to download the drawing.

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(like 26 pin)
Mlyn couple I'm confused at all!
ASUS P525-what is it -miniUSB or 26pin
If 26pin, then rs232 palboma should be! If 26pin-something go on _ for your device! Understand and connect devices! =)

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Hello "mastaki". I want to finalize the camera on my prophet so that the focus can be fixed in an intermediate position between the macro and the distance. Medium focus can be achieved by holding the switch with your fingernail, but it moves off to one of the extreme positions if released.
Though tell me how this mechanism works there.
Sobsno need to photograph documents. spy :)

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