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***Hyper SD Device ->IDE

***My MEGAMONSTR (description + photos)

***MONSTRIK-2 saw the light, I finished it!

***Wiring connectors for PDAs, info on all models in one place.

***The workshop of our Pockets, everything related to iron.

***Strengthen Bluetooth. Is it possible?

***Making a stylus, Making a stylus with your own hands.

***Self-hosted yusb-host, yusb-client for lux 720.

***Trepanation LOOX'a.

***COM port on iPAQ hx4700

***Qtek S100 - Replacing the case, replace or paint, that is the question

***Can SD be divided into 2 logical drives?

***This is what the SD card looks like from the inside .. opening

***Peripherals for PDAs. What devices exist for pda?

***PDA Batteries, Repair / Operation / DIY, etc.

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I think it would be nice to add modding)

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I generally add this topic to favorites in the first place! at leisure to read)

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Here is a mega invention, for those who have an idle slot for CF cards, suitable for CD and MMC cards. Cards hold, do not fall out.
No ovation: D

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And no one knows whether the adapter sd-usb?

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Sedna another crafts I made after the stylus.
the plug from the CF slot has become even more useful, you can simultaneously store an SD and MMC card in it at the same time. Unfortunately, the current two SD-shkami will be cramped if crammed into the device:



Zuzamod В· how did you cut out so neatly that it was like from a factory machine and that there was still a grill coming from below? I slammed it all the way down and broke it off, smoothed out the fracture spots with a mini-chisel and it turned out to be a flat surface, the SD and MMS calmly fit.

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and right, because a sharp knife made of a hacksaw is only five centimeters long, the handle is leather-trimmed. I can not show yet, he is at my work.

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ok, and I thought you did notches and tore with exact nippers on the front

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I discovered a nehily page in tyrnete about upgrading, modding and other stuffed and edible, to me:
_http: // / disassembly_hp_compaq.html

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Outcast-d.o.b , is it only for HP, or did I look bad?

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r00tk1t В· judging by the name of the link there are picking aypai and kampaki.
I haven't climbed deeper yet.

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People, can I make an amplifier on the IR port? Us hermes'sevtsev manufacturer slandered putting a weak infrared ...

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Ten minutes of kina left a complete admiration (not counting the reading of the text and the pictures of looking), plus the sharpest attack of black envyand gnawing elbows.
Look-envy spanish:
Well done.

I personally - well, I really wanted ... I would buy it right away.

Interesting, and SC. may cost such a fixture if itstaiwando they solder?

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They got me deposits of several dozen cables, charge, etc. - it is impossible to throw out, since the devices are in work, and they take up a lot of places. And what is especially sad is that all the wires are mixed up, and the “twist” is inconvenient.
So I decided to make a simple and convenient “weight”: I bought a sticky textile tape 2 cm wide and bungled a universal fastener for cables - see the photo. The whole construction is sewn on a typewriter of three pieces: the main one (20 cm.), The fasteners are short (2-3 cm.) To the cable at one of the ends, and the fasteners are fastened (4-5 cm.). Everything! Bastard from the convenience ... :)
I recommend all amateurs and professionals of computer gadgets!
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KaraMalik, Della has such a Velcro included.

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Zuzamod @ 02/03/07 15:11:13
KaraMalik, Della has such a Velcro included.

Glad for them! And others have not guessed, and nowhere to buy - I would have to mess around ... :)

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Good day to all! I think a question on the topic ...
There are a bunch Qtek2020i + Nokia6585 (CDMA) are used for Ineta. Communication between them by IrDA. There was little idea to connect them through the interface as lace bunch of IR peephole often not very convenient (especially on the road) It is also often used by ICQ and keep Soup eye to eye is not always very easy. As I understand it is necessary pinouts of Nokia, Kuteka and level converter to MAH232 signals (possibly with external power supply) ... If someone had to solve similar problems or have any share experiences by considerations please ... Thank you very much!

PictureLenovo Et960 - Discussion, are there owners?
In this thread, you will quickly find the answer

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KaraMalik ,
The idea is good, though not new, especially good is that the sticky tape is not small and not narrow.WELL DONE !!! :)

PS I use for this the usual gum for money, find the sticky tape go to it.

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I took such a problem lenovo et 960 problem with bluetooth
it only works for reception
once it turned out to connect to the computer once with Nokia 6260
Tell me what you can do (Atrd reset ??) and how it is done
Hard reset on lenovo

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gabby @ 10.02.07 12:48:43
PS I use a regular gum for this.

Thank you for supporting an important topic, but everyone is baking everything about self-made "synchrophasatrons", but they forget to write about trivia ... :)

Until recently, I used a rubber band.
However, firstly, it is not suitable for thick cables (weak)!
Secondly, it often breaks at the most inopportune moment.
Thirdly, the velcro allows making a more dense packing - this is important for frequent business trips with devices (they take up less space and don’t hang out - they simply stick to each other with velcro)
Fourth, it is easy to shorten the free tail of the cable so that it does not dangle under your feet (outside the office it is just convenient).
Fifth, DO NOT LOSE - I use a short tail to attach to the cable, and a long one - to attach the coil.

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Slade @ 02/10/07 1:51:19 PM
Tell me what you can do (Atrd reset ??) and how it is done
Hard reset on lenovo

A "search" for what? :)
And why is this question in this thread? Read the rules and learn to start using the forum!
Of course, if you always buy bread at a grocery store, and you bought a PDA at a rag sale, then continue ... until the moderator stops? : D

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