How to create an access point in USB-WiFi

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[FAQ] How to create an access point to the USB-WiFi

This instruction does not work on the new devices, starting with iOS 5.
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Description :
It's no secret that a major role in the economy of the traffic on the iPhone plays WiFi, very often there is a situation when there anlim on BB and wants him to use on the iPhone. To do this we need ~ 0,6Kr and the FAC.
So we go to the store buy WiFi-premnik. BB stuck in the purchase, and act on

Instructions for Windows:

Method 1

1) We go to Manage wireless networks .
2) We press the button To add , Select Connect computer + computer .
3) Specify a name and put this encryption key (5 characters) (WEP).
4) On page sleduyushy NOT push the button Turn on sharing !
5) We go to Network connections and choose properties of your connection to the Internet , Access put two ticks.
6) When you first connect vyberaem connection type Houses .
7) Turn on WiFi on your iPhone, select the available networks and join the network. If you click on the blue arrow next to the network after connecting, you will see the following settings:
IP 192.168.0.x (192.168.137.x. - for Windows 7)
Subnet Mask

Method 2(By pasyabest)
1) Wireless network connection \ properties \ tab wireless connections
2) Click here \ mount a click \
3) Prescribes the network name, authenticity verification and encryption of data at your convenience
4) Put a check-in, this computer has a direct connection to the computer -Computer;
5) the access point is not required, and click OK.
6) If the Internet is connected chernez lan, the properties of the Local Area Connection, select the Advanced tab and put a check on the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet
7) Here, on parameres Firewall tab, put a check in the "shut down" and click OK.
8) Click View Wireless Networks and select the network you created.
9) On the iPhone klatsat vayfay and choose our set.I all enjoy bezlimita)))
by pasyabest

Instructions for Mac OS:
Method 1(By pasyabest)
1) Create a computer Computer-to-Computer network. For this purpose on Mac OS click on the icon Wi-Fi in the top toolbar and select "Create Network
2) Plug-in iPhone to set up a network of Wi-Fi as usual.
3) The iPhone Settings- settings>Choose Wi-Fi network that you just connected to view the connection details. We write down the assigned IP-address of the phone.
4) On the Mac in Terminal run the following command: ssh -ND 9999 root @ IPHONE_IPADDR where IPHONE_IPADDR is replaced by the IP-address that you have written in step 3. Loginov. The default password is alpine administrator ;. Better to change your password.
5) Set up your browser to work through a SOCKS5 proxy server at localhost: 9999.
by pasyabest

Method 1 (graphic)(By pasyabest)

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by pasyabest

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With the help of the adapter, you create an access point and condense to her.
You ask why the adapter, and not a router?
all thing in price, adapter costs 500 rubles

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So the adapter can create a Wi-Fi access point and then my iPhone can climb on the Internet?

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Diman161, This instruction is written on ...

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Then I will buy a Wi-Fi adapter and will rejoice in the Internet on my iPhone: happy:

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For me, so I do not suffer from suffering, I did this:
If the USB WiFi modem or another modem, even on laptops, works, then I just installed firewood and installed the ConnectifyInstaller program is the program to comp
You put there on the ingle, but everything is clear.
That I did on Windows the seventh.

Everything works amazingly without any settings and climbing on network sublocks, the program is hanging in a tray if you can disable it.
Caroch use.

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And exactly Wi-Fi adapter can create an access point for the iPhone?

Posted on 10.03.2010, 18:21:

Wi-Fi adapters cannot create an access point.

There will probably need a Wi-Fi access point for Wi-Fi adapter.

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Diman161 @ 10.3.10, 18:21*
Wi-Fi adapters cannot create an access point.

I bought myselfsuch. The adapter cannot create an access point, but can work in this mode. The trick is that only one device can be connected to the adapter (like), I have this iPhone. And accordingly, she shares the Internet with the BB. What speed is a fairy tale! I forgot about updates through the cord, because Even heavy games were updated with just a couple of minutes on waffle.

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So all the same Wi-Fi weld adapter Create an access point (for iPhone) without any other devices?

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Lower what adapter, I was written in the warranty network card,
I inserted into USB and did as in the post
[FAQ] USB-WIFI + iPhone (post # 4111804)

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Well, as without others ... without a computer connected to an Internet, it will not be able to :)

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So the adapter itself can create an access point ???? (without any other devices other than a computer connected to ADSL Internet) ?????

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Diman161, Yes.

-Deemon- @ 9.3.10, 22:44*
This instruction is written on ...

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Many thanks to the guys !!!! You helped me a lot. : yes2: It is a pity that only I can not + deliver you.

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People Help, put the PCI card set up like everything correctly reread everything for ten times the network is there and there is no Internet on Athos, and what should you do the mind? Can anyone have a smart thoughts?

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21st_GHOST @ 10.3.10, 20:41*
I bought myself such.

Under 7-ka 64 will work? I read in reviews that it seems to be asus-s still under the seven have not written firewood for the access point.

Who has any USB device under the 7th 64 Windows work as a point of access in a bundle with an iPhon? And I bought a D-Link DWA-120 with the Duru, and it turns out to be wood on 7-ku and is not supposed. Lucky still that I agreed to return the money. Now I select an alternative.

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D-Link DWA 510. I have such a thing. But this is PCI
On the page with the description there are no drivers under 7.
But if you go to FTP, then there is a folder Win7
There is also 64 bits. Skin attached.

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Do not forget not all routers work Correct it has to flash it with me D Link WR 542G After the firmware, it happens normally through the lane begins to spout on an iPhone. Helps reinstalling the settings on the router

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Plizz Help !!!!
I have Windows 7 x64 and Dlink Dir320. Create a network, the Internet is distributed on the iPhone, it sees the network and connects. But the computer does not see him.
The question is how to make it so that the computer saw him and whether it is possible to do it!

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dvl13, Something I did not understand if the Inet is passed on an iPhone, then he connected to the computer to the computer. Or do you want to see the file system iPhone? If so, then you need third-party programs. Plus, some programs can copy from / on a waffle iphone, such as Mobile Office.

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Sorry if somewhere it was ... and a little not in the topic ... there is a program that would create a waffle on the beech. The meaning of such a beech is connected to an Internet via the wire (no router), but it has a WiFi function. We use the program to create a point (or how it) and connect iPhone to this point (it seems clearly wrote).

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