How to create an access point in USB-WiFi

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[FAQ] How to create an access point to the USB-WiFi

This instruction does not work on the new devices, starting with iOS 5.
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Description :
It's no secret that a major role in the economy of the traffic on the iPhone plays WiFi, very often there is a situation when there anlim on BB and wants him to use on the iPhone. To do this we need ~ 0,6Kr and the FAC.
So we go to the store buy WiFi-premnik. BB stuck in the purchase, and act on

Instructions for Windows:

Method 1

1) We go to Manage wireless networks .
2) We press the button To add , Select Connect computer + computer .
3) Specify a name and put this encryption key (5 characters) (WEP).
4) On page sleduyushy NOT push the button Turn on sharing !
5) We go to Network connections and choose properties of your connection to the Internet , Access put two ticks.
6) When you first connect vyberaem connection type Houses .
7) Turn on WiFi on your iPhone, select the available networks and join the network. If you click on the blue arrow next to the network after connecting, you will see the following settings:
IP 192.168.0.x (192.168.137.x. - for Windows 7)
Subnet Mask

Method 2(By pasyabest)
1) Wireless network connection \ properties \ tab wireless connections
2) Click here \ mount a click \
3) Prescribes the network name, authenticity verification and encryption of data at your convenience
4) Put a check-in, this computer has a direct connection to the computer -Computer;
5) the access point is not required, and click OK.
6) If the Internet is connected chernez lan, the properties of the Local Area Connection, select the Advanced tab and put a check on the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet
7) Here, on parameres Firewall tab, put a check in the "shut down" and click OK.
8) Click View Wireless Networks and select the network you created.
9) On the iPhone klatsat vayfay and choose our set.I all enjoy bezlimita)))
by pasyabest

Instructions for Mac OS:
Method 1(By pasyabest)
1) Create a computer Computer-to-Computer network. For this purpose on Mac OS click on the icon Wi-Fi in the top toolbar and select "Create Network
2) Plug-in iPhone to set up a network of Wi-Fi as usual.
3) The iPhone Settings- settings>Choose Wi-Fi network that you just connected to view the connection details. We write down the assigned IP-address of the phone.
4) On the Mac in Terminal run the following command: ssh -ND 9999 root @ IPHONE_IPADDR where IPHONE_IPADDR is replaced by the IP-address that you have written in step 3. Loginov. The default password is alpine administrator ;. Better to change your password.
5) Set up your browser to work through a SOCKS5 proxy server at localhost: 9999.
by pasyabest

Method 1 (graphic)(By pasyabest)

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by pasyabest

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created point Wi-fi on the laptop (Windows 7), iPhone sees, but comes only on some sites, and iTunes, AppStore do not work ((what to do?

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iJleoH @ 13.10.2009, 11:56*
1) Go to the management of wireless networks.

What I cant find this item, the instruction for some Windows? I Seven

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BlackCorsar @ 18.07.2012, 02:34*

D-link DIR 320, personally, my ISP - this is the recommended router. Android is still lacking is normal here right now, I think to take the iPhone. It is said that some sites does not come out of the firmware (5.1.1) The most normal firmware 4.2.1 for iPhone. On it, he just flies. That's an hour later have to buy 3gs, but there there is 5.1.1, I think whether to take it or not ... the seller said that it does not work 3g and Wi-Fi (except for the contact, classmates, etc.), but with other applications there is a communication gap. Can someone tell me how to change the firmware on the old, that would not lose the unlock and DJ ...? Or maybe this is not because of the firmware?

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I have the same problem as in fr. and zhas030. connects to the network, but it comes only in Yandex ... while even Sidiya works (Ipod tach 4), and everything else that is associated with an Internet does not work ...
-Konektiflay use the program, distributed with nouta, the Windows 7 64bit
Prior to this, sinned on the phone (with Androyd), and now found the problem ...
the way in Androyd, the program Winamp for this online radio connection works)))

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Everything works, understood)))! All who have problems with Internet transmission - network access tab (your internet), click Settings, and put all the checkboxes (where pieces of 10 ...), and do not forget to turn off brendmauer !!!

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I took popolzovavshis Iphone 4s, the phone jailbroken. My house is worth wifi router. Laptop, phone 2 (androidy) connected to it without problem. 4s sees the network, I try to connect to it, I enter a password, but there is no connection - permanent failure. In the header of this theme problems found. Moreover, some time ago (if not mistaken produced after jailbreak) phone connected to my router. Prompt possible solutions.
Thanks in advance for your answers!

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If the problem is still not solved ... ask a question in the forumiPhone - First Aid

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the new iPhone 5. The network sees and it seemed to be connected but Wi fi works barely barely can say that does not work at previous file phone Galaxy 2 worked like a hurricane, help advice that I am doing wrong? and how to fix it,
ADSL modem is connected through a router to a computer vayfay.

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good time please tell me when choosing a web properties in addition to put a tick where -razreshit other network users to connect -there has a drop-down menu so that's where you need to choose

and then I switched aypad works as an iPhone-no

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Guys! Prompt!
In the neighboring apartment wound up on the Internet ADSL, not long after talking with a neighbor threw to him a total of two cable-connection through the router by cable (his and my computer). I have configured the LAN connection in the connection properties of the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) is worth getting ip address and DNS server automatically. When you set up a wi-fi from my computer (from the cap) are not connected to the network (even though the network itself sees, but says that the password could not be connected when you enter). Help solve the problem!
Thank you in advance!

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Neighbor shit under the rug did not try

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Tell me how to set up a connection on a computer-vayfay iPhone that can work in the application TouchOSC ... trying to find yourself the Old nor to no avail ... to create an access point says "waiting for connecting users" ... tried to connect a computer, the computer immediately I jumped out the word "connection"

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who can tell what may be due to:
1.Est network LAN + WiFi
2. All works fine
3.poyavlyaetsya in the zone wifi iphone 4,4s actions 5 (all have password)
4.propadaet internet access from every PC in the network including and on all the smarts

p.s. router d-link dir-300

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Why this theme? If each router is configured everything through the address bar? ( d link 300 nru)

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I am sure that someone has already come across, but the site topics are not nashel.ili sucks sought)
This problem, recently, my iPhone 4 is not giving away Wi fi, the device sees the phone, but do not have access to the Internet.
tell me what to do?

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GorillaZP, check whether the Internet works on your iPhone.
Reset network settings

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And there is a way to distribute an Internet from a computer on iPhone 4s + iOS 7.0.4 + jailed through USB?

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distribute a computer program via Wi fi connectify-problem is that the laptop and the tablet does not fall off the 'Net .a on iPhone 4 S falls off periodically, and did not want to be connected potom.poka not restart seen on the laptop and tablet this bug no. ios 7.dzheyl worth.

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Good day, following interests:
On the desktop computer connected via ethernet to the Internet.
Administrator rights do not have. (Used to be, I had to put itunes, itools.)
There iphone ios7 with dzheylom.
Macbook need to connect to the Internet.
Can I connect my iphone on the usb to the computer so that the iPhone was as usb wifi adapter and distributed online from a computer on the wifi on other devices?

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