How to create an access point in USB-WiFi

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[FAQ] How to create an access point to the USB-WiFi

This instruction does not work on the new devices, starting with iOS 5.
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Description :
It's no secret that a major role in the economy of the traffic on the iPhone plays WiFi, very often there is a situation when there anlim on BB and wants him to use on the iPhone. To do this we need ~ 0,6Kr and the FAC.
So we go to the store buy WiFi-premnik. BB stuck in the purchase, and act on

Instructions for Windows:

Method 1

1) We go to Manage wireless networks .
2) We press the button To add , Select Connect computer + computer .
3) Specify a name and put this encryption key (5 characters) (WEP).
4) On page sleduyushy NOT push the button Turn on sharing !
5) We go to Network connections and choose properties of your connection to the Internet , Access put two ticks.
6) When you first connect vyberaem connection type Houses .
7) Turn on WiFi on your iPhone, select the available networks and join the network. If you click on the blue arrow next to the network after connecting, you will see the following settings:
IP 192.168.0.x (192.168.137.x. - for Windows 7)
Subnet Mask

Method 2(By pasyabest)
1) Wireless network connection \ properties \ tab wireless connections
2) Click here \ mount a click \
3) Prescribes the network name, authenticity verification and encryption of data at your convenience
4) Put a check-in, this computer has a direct connection to the computer -Computer;
5) the access point is not required, and click OK.
6) If the Internet is connected chernez lan, the properties of the Local Area Connection, select the Advanced tab and put a check on the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet
7) Here, on parameres Firewall tab, put a check in the "shut down" and click OK.
8) Click View Wireless Networks and select the network you created.
9) On the iPhone klatsat vayfay and choose our set.I all enjoy bezlimita)))
by pasyabest

Instructions for Mac OS:
Method 1(By pasyabest)
1) Create a computer Computer-to-Computer network. For this purpose on Mac OS click on the icon Wi-Fi in the top toolbar and select "Create Network
2) Plug-in iPhone to set up a network of Wi-Fi as usual.
3) The iPhone Settings- settings>Choose Wi-Fi network that you just connected to view the connection details. We write down the assigned IP-address of the phone.
4) On the Mac in Terminal run the following command: ssh -ND 9999 root @ IPHONE_IPADDR where IPHONE_IPADDR is replaced by the IP-address that you have written in step 3. Loginov. The default password is alpine administrator ;. Better to change your password.
5) Set up your browser to work through a SOCKS5 proxy server at localhost: 9999.
by pasyabest

Method 1 (graphic)(By pasyabest)

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by pasyabest

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Decipher, please what:
- ~ 0,600
- WiFi-Premnik
- BB

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0.6 apparently kiroolava, i.e. 600 rubles, BB = Big Brother (Personal Computer)

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I do as written in "1 way", after I clicked "Add" the next error crashes (shown in the screenshot) ...

PS: 1) Reception data: Belkin Share USB Wireless Adapter (802.11n) (LINK:
2) Windows 7 Enterprise X86

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Nekdima, drivers installed?

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Yes Put, the device is validated in the "Device Manager" ...

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Good day to all!
In October, IPAD 64 3G gave an iPad 64, only now, on the advice of a friend, there was your forum: D and in quietly I start to delve into the essence of apple life;), this is the first fruit device (do not lift if I don't know something: thank_you :) ...
I ask for help on the transformation of a wired Internet in a wireless conduct:
Houses laptop with built-in Wi-Fi + Stream wired anlim
I did everything according to claim 1 =>
The Internet wired (stream) is cut off without warning (steadily occurs when the check box is set to use Internet access by others),
The same thing happens when using the Connectifi Me program, it is not even necessary to configure anything - all the prog does; under Win 7; distribute only Yota = /
Firewall did not set up, everything works for a couple of minutes without it.
According to claim 2, you need to change the settings of the wired compound, which will lead to its absence ...
What to do with a swearing stream, can simply replace the router on dr. with Wi-Fi, but I think it will not work without changing the tariff ??? !!

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There is iPhone4G, Meringile Internet Flex, Wai Fi Router. But for some reason I can't configure the iPhone on the extension in the Internet ((((Inefo sees Wai Fi, but does not go into the Internet (((help what to do ????

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I have a daw computer - the computer does not work. what to do?

Posted on 11/30/2010, 21:30:

Dazent @ 09/12/2010, 01:18*
Can someone tell me how to be.
There is a laptop Yota + WiFi.
Only I can't comply with the iPhone!

join in

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If I understood correctly all the above, then to connect two or more USB devices the adapter does not suit? Need a WiFi router and the same USB or PCI adapter?

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Hello to all!

So replaced my LAN-modem on a wifi-modem ... The modem gives 2 beech and a stationary computer flawlessly, but I don't want to iPhone ...
It sees the network and connects and even enters the modem (from Safari dialing - i.e. modem gateway). Connect constant keeps. But besides this address, nothing wants to ship ((the whole Internet rummage - I can not find anything ... The modem is of course the calf ... Promsvyaz 200-B (analogue of ZTE W300). I understand it precisely he will go me from other addresses. ..
Help pliz set up a router ... what should this be customized so that everything worries? I even prescribed MAC addresses ... Well, the static on the iPhone of course ... but does not help (

By the way, I noticed that when adding a guest access address - it also works ...
What blocks? (

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I would like to get the answer
Immediately to the SUTI

Standing Adsl Router (Lan and Wi Fi)
There is an Internet on the computer, on the laptop on Wai Fay Inet is.
But when I hide the iPod, he sees the network of Wai Faya, I choose her, I go to the safari and trying to google the PMO something, and nothing googlit
IPod Touch 1 В° C 3.1.3
Router Siemens SL2-141-I ADSL WLAN ROUTER

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Colleagues help with advice. There is a WiFi ADSL Rural, BB and a laptop with Windows 7 Maximum and iPhone 4 All are connected to the Internet. The question is as follows how to configure access to a computer with iPhone, such as file transfer using ifiles. : thank_you:

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Please advise which of these 2 years it is better to take, it is preferably more convenient for Yusb, but I would like to hear your opinion: WiFi ADSL router D-Link DSL-2600U / BRU / C2 or Wi-Fi ASUS WL-167G MINI V3
I need the Internet on the iPhone. so I have a D-link DSL-2500U (but as you know it is not wifi)

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Prompt plz What to do to the iPhone 4 picks up your home Wi-Fi automatic machine to arrive home (the computer is always on)?

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Many thanks to Ijleoh for FAQ !!!

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Solving this branch dedicated to iPhone and WiFi,
I decided to share my FAQ for the transfer of files from a PC on the iPhone via WiFi (i.e. without using the cord).
Acts as both with the direct connection "PC phone" and through the router.

For today, this instruction would help me very much: it was necessary to send a Vordvsky file by mail from the laptop, and how the light was turned off (((
So you sit like a fool .. with the teletell + GPRS and a laptop + file, but there was no cord that all this would combine.
So, it's all the lyrics, the main thing:

How to throw files on the iPhone directly via WiFi.
I way.
1. Create a wireless connection "iPhone - PC" by WiFi.
2. Go to the IFILE program.
3. Click on the WiFi icon.
4. The web server starts to run, wait and see the address required for the PC in the browser (
5. Enter the same address in any browser Internet (eg Internet Explorer).
6. We offer our iPhone folder tree.
7. Using the "Download" button, we can transfer any files to the folder you need.

II way. Install the AIR SHARING 2.5.1 program.
1. Create a wireless connection "iPhone - PC" by WiFi.
2. Run the Air Sharing program.
3. Go to the PC in My Computer.
4. Switch on the Press "Connect Network Disk" panel (Vista).
5. Enter the address of your iPhone shown in the Air Sharing (eg.
6. If everything is OK, in the next window you will see 2 Public and Samples folders.
7. All, you can work with files.

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And yet)
If it happened,
What you have on the PC to have the desired "IPA" file, but there is no cord and there is no internet that would immediately download it on the iPhone with the help of Installious, then:

1. Create a connection "iPhone - PC" by WiFi.
2. We throw the iPA file to the Var / Mobile / Documents / Installouus / Downloads folder (using the method i)
3. Go to the installation in the downloads tab.
4. Click on the desired program and choose Install.
5. Everything, rejoice :)

Of course, America did not open, but maybe someone will come in handy and will be useful :)

True there are still Wi-Fi Sync, but it costs $ 10.
And the installation of the shake can entail the deletion of all prog and files ..
In short, also not without flaws =)

When will Apple already make any WiFi sync !!!!?

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Tell me plz why on iPhone 4 I can play games through Wi Fi and the browser does not plow through the same point?

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Baroflex @ 09.09.2010, 10:52*
The question is ... When I press the blue arrow next to the name of the network, the data, IP and mask are displayed. IP goes 169. And so on .. Is it the IP of the phone or computer?
Just if you look at the configuration of the wireless network connection, then it starts from 192. .. on updating reaction rental zero .. how it was and eat ..
In fact, it lights up that the Fi Wai is caught, but it does not allow the Internet.
During the week, the battle was allowed only twice, and that was not unfamiliar to me)))

Explain who knows what settings should have a wireless adapter, or rather the IP is automatic or score with it with handles and what should be displayed when you request the info in the phone itself .. and if I have something wrong, from what it can be)

Nobody answered the post, and I have a similar situation, everything is exactly the same, and I can not understand what the reason (iPod Touch 4Gen with firmware 4.2.1)

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People, help advice! It seems to read everything, the head is no longer cooking. I bought the DIR-300 today, it is in the house (wired, it has been connected directly to the beech) connected, with the setup wizard did everything, now beech works perfectly in any room without any wires at a speed of 12 MB / S. Ie WiFi keeps stable, but iPhone 3G 3.1.3 (just flashed) does not want to connect, writes "It's impossible to connect to the network such that" But at the same time sees what I just didn't do, it's already ready for the hair on Jo ... I'll tear: Hysterics: I hope for help. Thanks in advance! : thank_you:
P.S. WINDOVS 7 (x86)

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