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Wi-Fi - Help

Wi-Fi troubleshooting

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* t.r.o.n. , Still remains a kind, it is not a photo progruzhat, for example in the "peekaboo," What else can I try? thanks in advance

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* Rus2202,
to start "from the stove"
- should connect the PC cable to the router and look closely at the passage of specific packets.
- sometimes it happens that a software update the router's settings incorrectly moves (often these ill asus, zte, tplink ...)
- should appreciate the difference (if any) of an Internet work on the wire and in the air
- be sure to update the basic software of the router. if it is normal OSes, then check the settings and lower the setting to the processor

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Hello, help solve the problem.

Dual-channel Wi-Fi router at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, respectively;
Iphone 6s (iOS 13.5.1)
Iphone 11 (iOS 13.5.1)

Iphoe 6S spots and can connect to both networks (2.4GHz and 5GHz), but when connecting to the network at 5GHz, download speed greatly cut (3 out of 100 Mbit claimed ISP). When connecting to a network at 2.4 GHz downloading speed is much higher and reached 25.5 mbit 100 stated

In this case, Iphone 11 works as needed and when connected to the network at 5 GHz "dispersed" to 80 Mbps on the download.

That tried to do: Reset network settings to the six, reboot the router and reboot sixes, did not help = (

Both phones batter in the application speedtest at one and the same time on the same servers. I would be very grateful for the help

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