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Wi-Fi - Help | WiFi troubleshooting

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Wi-Fi - Help

Wi-Fi troubleshooting

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somebody help, wifi doesn't work on 2g :(

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help set up USB WI-fi access point REALTEK
The iPhone finds the network, but when connected, it writes "it did not connect to the network" den "

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Before complaining about life we ​​look here -[FAQ] WiFi router + iPhone

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Thank you very much, everything worked =)

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The question is: how to make this connection configured via Windows, automatically turned on when the system boots?

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In fact, the topic is a little about something else. The essence of the problem is that with a huge number of people, wifi after firmware on 3.x.x has fallen off completely. Symptoms are as follows: first, wifi often begins to fall off in the process of work, then it stops connecting to access points giving out "failed to connect to the network", then stops seeing the network at all. I just stay in this situation, and on two machines at once (mine and my wife). Both devices are official 3G. I tried the recipe from the topic about blackra1n
If you have lost Wi-Fi connection
I option:
1. Reset the network settings on your device.
Option II:
1. Turn on flight mode.
2. Restart the device.
3. Turn off flight mode.
4. Further, according to the instructions above.

It helped me about five minutes ... Ie I caught the network once, connected, went to one site, then everything fell off. Are there any other options?

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Option one is to pass back the guaranty and get a new device.

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Help me wifi is not detected at all ((iphone 3g 3.1.2 (05.11.07 modem)

in settings:

Wi-Fi no Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi N / A Address

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Good afternoon.
The problem with Wi-Fi, already tortured ...
In general, there is a new laptop with an Internet and wi-FEMA. I did everything according to instructions, all ok, no errors. BUT! when there is the very thing I created a computer-computer connection, Windows writes the "Waiting for user connections" (Win 7 stands). Turn on the wafer on the iPhone - finds konektitsa. Aypishnika outputs 169.240.h.h. Pings on the phone does not go, if I put a stat. Type on iPhone - Wi fi disappears and pings are not. And on Windows all the time hanging is "Waiting ...." I put a second laptop - all instantly works! And Wi fi and Internet. Help plz ...

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169. *. *. * - this is one of the saddest IP - it is issued by the system itself, when it did not wait for a normal DHCP address.
Conclusion: the apple does not get the address from Wi-Fi - dig in this direction.

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Thank. I understand this perfectly. The fact is that if I use the handles to assign the required un to it - sense 0. Winda does not see the iPhone, but still sits and waits for the users to connect. And it is impossible to enter the properties of the connection on the computer - it is inactive until the connection is established. The circle is closed ...

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Good evening ... Can you please tell me if anyone has encountered a similar problem:
I set up an access point at home, connect my aytach to it - everything is fine a couple of times, I try to connect to the third one, it doesn’t see the point - I enter the data in the settings for the point - it says “Search for wireless networks failed”. Rebooting - WiFi settings can not be selected at all now (gray and “WiFi is missing” text) Fixed - now you can go to WiFi, but the problem with the “failed search” still remains

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Here, not to be unfounded ..

It is allowed to publish images only from the server.savagemessiahzine.com - It is in such a state that it hangs indefinitely and does not see the network.

It is allowed to publish images only from the server.savagemessiahzine.com - But it gives out if you try to enter the network manually

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No Wi-Fi (((

However, after resetting the network settings, this item disappears, but it doesn’t solve the problem .. today at an Internet cafe sat on a wifi from another site without problems, this one still hangs and does not see the network

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Shalom friends! Faced such a problem: lost Wi-Fi on the wheelbarrow. And for a few seconds. If you connect to your point, surf in the internet, and then the Internet can be cut off for 5-10-30 seconds ...
If you go into the app store, then he thinks for a long time without loading anything, then the wifi icon disappears and it is written that the connection failed. And then after another couple of seconds, the main page loads. But the application can not download, I tried ...
Generally x3 what to do. I tried to put a black rain, I thought because of him, but already two times the device I reshooted to my native offs please.

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This is now for many, this Apple has done something, I also have after flashing to 3.0, so for many.

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crick , I have all the same thing on 3GS, but sometimes after the described manipulations I manage to connect for a long time ...

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Today I read about the worm, which comes to unlocked iPhones and sends info, loves the waffle and, when connected through it, cuts down the battery! Eliminated by restoring factory firmware via aytyuns!

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The problem is this ..... 3.0g 3g !!! wi-fi is just plain bad, nokii has 2 sticks in me just do not find .... what to do, reset network settings, etc. ???? help

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I did not try to upgrade?

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