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Looking for a cook!

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Are kindly requested, pinch before publishing your photos. At least until 1024x horizontally. This is more than enough. If you do not know how, ask me.

Club members:
(we are few, but we are in vests)
1. e-mailfox - cook of the 4th category
2. sam1984 - Chef
3. Mr ATOMIX Cannabis - cook of the 4th category
4. gurjieff - Chef
5. WomanMotors - cook of the 3rd category

Group "I love to cook":

It does not matter who you are, a cook or not, if you have a recipe for a delicious dish, share it with everyone!
1. Fish baked in foil.
2. Fish baked in leek.
3. Sorbet strawberry.
4. Chocolate cake.
5. Venetian liver.
6. Cupcake.
7. Fish baked in salt.
8. Carp baked.
9. Fried Chinese noodles.
10. Marinated champignons.
11. Appetizer of eggplant.
12. Zrazy chicken.
13. Cake "Midnight".
14. Meat Snails.
15. Sun dried tomatoes.
16. Noodle
17. FISH COATS - "Lazy."
18. Stuffed Pepper.в„–1
19. Stuffed Pepper.в„–2
20. Baked duck with apples and oranges.
21. Poppy cake.
22. Cheesecake.
23. Cheese curds.
24. Georgian lobio.
25. Salad "Happy New Year!"
26. Berry pie.
27. Solyanka meat team.
28. Wings in orange sauce.
29. Mushroom soup.
30. Toasts with tomatoes (Bruschetta).
31. Salad "Monomakh".
32. Lamb rack.
33. Pumpkin, baked with honey.
34. Vanilla creme brulee.
35. Milk Mousse.
36. Baked ham.
37. Roast beef.
38. Homemade bread.
39. Homemade mayonnaise.
40. Caramel sauce.
41. Dough for ravioli / dumplings / pasties.
42. Dough for pies / donuts / donuts.
43. Boiled bacon.
44. Homemade Cheese Cake.
45. Chicken with mini potatoes.
46. ​​Chicken with pumpkin and oranges.
47. Chicken in white wine.
48. Chicken in curry.
49. Bread "Apulsky".
50. "Chicken for a walk."
51. "Stew for a walk."
52. "Fish for a short walk."
53. Baguette "French".
54. Rabbit in sour cream sauce.
55. Mayonnaise-based sauce.
56. Tomato-based sauces.
57. Sweet Thai Sauce.
58. Morning stir.
59. Steamed oatmeal.
60. Latki.
61. Potato piglets.
62. Cream soup with salmon.
63. Boiled caviar.
64. Chanah.
65. Red porridge.
66. Tilbushka.
67. Onion crunches.
68. Liver cake.
69. Brew lazy a la stew.
70. Potato gratin.
71. Buckwheat casserole.
72. Caesar salad with chicken.
73. Lazy soufflГ©.
74. Crumbly buckwheat porridge.
75. Buckwheat porridge.
76. Stuffed crab sticks.
77. Welsh pudding.
78. Country-style chicken.
79. Pork with pepper.
80. Skewers on aerogrill.
81. Cake "Napoleon".
82. Salad with grapes and sausage cheese.
83. Salad with squid and Chinese cabbage.
84. Dough for pancakes.
85. Marinade for barbecue.
86. Another marinade for kebabs.
87. Spicy kefir soup.
88. Fish baked in salt number 2.
89. Skewers of vegetables and pork.
90. Meat in a pot.
91. Hedgehogs meat.
92. Ginger Ale.

Recipe Publishing Template:
Names of dishes - highlight the "bold tag."
1. ....
2. ....
Description of the cooking process.
Photo dishes (if of course there is).
An example of the publication of the dish.

The next topic led me to create this club! I do not believe that I am alone here! Cooks come forward now! Come to my club! Here you can talk about anything, anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I, though not a cook, but to the envy of everyone, lay out my own baked fish:

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LdrLo @ 6.9.09, 23:53*
but the envy of all, lay out personally baked fish:

Was it tasty?
Samik, I can of course also lay out something, if you don't mind: blush:

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Helen, of course. I look at the cooks, we do not have a lot, I will dwell alone here ...

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: blush: hand-made, by itself .... do not kick much ...

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Treat with a slice: blush:

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Genotsvali @ 7.9.09, 18:20*
A bit

dy cut off;)

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I bought a blender, I make milkshakes and I’m not sure how I can use it, tell me pliz: sveta:

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Genotsvali cream soup and cream soup such as onion soup .... Delicious .....

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Here I think to prepare an alcoholic cocktail, there is champagne and vodka in the cold-drink room, who did? and then I mix the Burda, it will be a pity: (

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MissAlenka, yeah, very much.
The recipe is ingeniously simple:

We take a fish 1-2 kg (salmon-sturgeon - of these). Ingredients take "by eye".
We clean from a peel (I bought without intestines and without a head)
Making cuts on barrels
we put the fish on the foil
we sprinkle with seasonings and salt (more precisely - we rub seasonings on top and inside the fish).I take the seasonings at the market at the LKN - very tasty, which I do not know. Suitable seasonings from standard-bulk "for fish dishes" - bags
squeeze juice from half a lemon on top and inside
inside the fish put pieces of lemon and dill
wrap the foil tightly and give the fish in these seasonings to lie down for half an hour (although you can immediately send to the oven)
pickled fish and wrapped in foil for 15 minutes, put in a preheated oven.
We take out, open the foil (carefully, hot), and put the minutes for 15-25 minutes (depending on the size of the fish) in the oven(This item can be skipped. Then you will have a fish just stew and without a crust)
We get the fish, cut and bastard.

Enjoy your meal!

Genotsvali @ 7.9.09, 17:32*
Bought a blender,

You can in the blender to detail the ice, for example, for mojito

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Fish baked in leek.
We will need:
1. Whole fish, weighing up to 500 grams. (sea bass, dorado, mackerel)
2. Leek
3. Salt, pepper
4. Garlic
5. Fresh thyme or bay leaf
6. Olive oil or vegetable
Fish giblets, clean, leave the head. Leek (strip long) throw in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. In the belly of the prepared fish we place the head of garlic (crush the hand on the table), a sprig of thyme or a leaf of bay leaf, salt, pepper and top and inside. We turn the fish onions leek from tail to head (head left). Put on parchment, oiled and bake at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

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alro @ 7.9.09, 23:52*
And Lucci, Slushey, drink wine, yes!

Thank you of course: D, but I’m already tired of a simple version of drinking vodka (as on vacation: russian :), I don’t drink wine since 2000 (no, neither good nor bad).
So you should probably go buy a brandy, try one cocktail;)

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Genotsvali @ 8.9.09, 15:01*
try one cocktail

give two cocktail recipes:

1) Screwdriver :): brandy + cherry juice (proportions - to taste)

2) Alarm clock: cognac (50 g) + brewed coffee (100g) + cola (100g) = delicious hot cocktail

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Genotsvali @ 7.9.09, 17:32*
I'll never know how else to use it

sam1984 @ 7.9.09, 17:43*
cream soup and cream soup

Sweet Potato Soup, Pumpkin Soup ...
In theory, it is already boiled soft in a puree, but it is advisable to skip through a blender.

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and you can probably just make puree: blush:

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The topic appeared curator -sam1984

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So, I will be noted. At our forum it is not the only branch in which recipes for very wonderful dishes are published. It makes sense to make a reference in the heading, say, to a very, very informative from the point of view of cooking, a sprig - "The club of meat lovers" ... :)

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And I’m going to study for the current chef: sveta: I don’t have any special skills yet, but I hope to gain some, but I know for sure that I will not be hungry :-D. Here is my signature dish (on the curse wrote on it):
Poultry meat without skin and bones cut into pieces and passed through a grinder, connected to the soaked in milk wheat bread, again passed through the wringer, the mass is connected with the softened butter, seasoned with salt, pepper. The mass was stirred, emboss, portionwise. On wetted towel from chicken cutlet mass laid cakes 1cm thick, the middle of each rozkladuyut minced with a towel give them a crescent shape (to make it less trouble can form patties). Formed article dipped in breadcrumbs mixed with grated cheese, fried in oil for 3-4 xB. Before the formation of well-toasted crust removed, provide stekti fat. The fried product is placed on the pan and brought to readiness in the oven at a temperature of 250C for 4-5 min.
Preparation of the filling: browned onions are combined with sliced ​​omelette and fried mushrooms, seasoned with pepper and mixed with salt.

If you are interested in anyone, write in the tag - I will give the rules for the bookmark of prod. : victory:

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e-mailfox, and if inside each such product (namely, in the center of the design, rather than stir), place fine-cut herbs (parsley, cilantro, dill, green onion) mixed with ordinary butter ... Mmmmm ... There will be something: rolleyes:
P.S. instead of butter you can put a piece of soft lard.

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Hello everyone) Even though I do not cook, but cooking really love) Then I lay out photos of their creations: D

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