MoneyManager | The simplest maintenance funds.

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Version: 1.9.7

Last update of the program in the header:06.09.09

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The simplest management of funds under only one account. There are categories and the ability to view the balance in each category, or all together.


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It turned out to have a glitch with the creation of its category ...
promise soon version 2.0

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I do not use htc hero with rut 1.5 I use this program, but since this version is free, it has advertising that gprs traffic, help me buy a paid version - explain what and how to do for this if it is possible on a non-root phone.

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Pomagite get the pro version, ie If there is an opportunity to share, but if so it is a pity to give I'm ready to buy

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whether the purchase of this program is available in the Internet on their site that would download the apk file on the PC? and in general so maybe buy a program or just entering the market through the phone.

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MarioForza @ 29.4.10, 0:33*
it is with advertising that eats gprs traffic

the father of Russian democracy will saveAdfree android

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A good program to take into account)

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