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Computer anti-virus protection

Catalog of antivirus solutions

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ESET Products

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Attached ImageThrough the use of the latest version of the ThreatSense® scan engine, the program demonstrates the scanning speed and accuracy inherent in ESET NOD32 antivirus software. The use of advanced technologies allows you to preemptively block the work of viruses, spyware, Trojans and adware, as well as worms and rootkits without reducing system performance, without causing irritation to the user while working or playing on the computer.
The long-term experience of specialists is reflected in the absolutely new architecture of the ESET NOD32 antivirus, which detects the maximum number of malicious programs with minimal system requirements.
The high-tech virus protection system cleans and removes most of the detected infections without user intervention.
Computer scan can be carried out in the background, imperceptible to the system and the user.
It is possible to scan incoming mail not only in Microsoft Outlook, but also in Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.
Direct access to the file system provides high speed and performance.
Block access to infected files.
Optimized for the requirements of Windows Security Center, including the version for Vista.


ESET Smart Security

Attached ImageProgram ESET Smart Security is the first representative of a new, fully integrated approach to computer security. By using the latest version of the ThreatSense® scanning core program demonstrates the speed and accuracy of scanning inherent antivirus ESET NOD32, in conjunction with a high level of technology and personal firewall protection module against spam. Thus, the product is an advanced warning system for attacks and protect your computer from malicious code. ESET Smart Security is not like a clumsy tangle of different products in one package, which is usually offered by other vendors. The system is the result of long efforts to develop maximum protection with minimum impact on system performance. Modern technology using artificial intelligence methods are able to proactively counter the spread kompyuternyhvirusov, spyware, trojans, worms, adware, software, rootkits and other attacks from the Internet at no extra load on the system and interruptions in the computer.


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Frequently asked questions about eset NOD32 and ESS

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Kaspersky products

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Attached ImageKaspersky Anti-Virus® protects your computer from malicious programs using traditional methods of protection against viruses and new proactive technologies. The product is fully compatible with other software to protect personal computers (for example, firewalls).
Main functions
  • Three levels of protection against known and new Internet threats: 1) checking against signature databases, 2) heuristic analyzer, 3) behavior blocker.
  • Protection against viruses, Trojans and worms.
  • Protection from spyware (spyware) and adware (adware) software.
  • Check files, mail and Internet traffic in real time.
  • Protection against viruses when working with ICQ and other IM-clients.
  • Protection against all types of keyloggers.
  • Detection of all types of rootkits.
  • Automatic database update.

Additional features
  • Cancel unwanted changes on your computer.
  • Antivirus self-defense against shutdown or shutdown.
  • Tools to create a rescue disk system.


Kaspersky Internet Security

Attached ImageKaspersky Internet Security is a universal information protection tool. The program provides not only anti-virus protection, but also protection against spam and network attacks. Also, program components allow you to protect your computer from unknown threats and Internet fraud, to control computer users' access to the Internet.
In Kaspersky Internet Security structure includes a component control programs, which together with Proactive Defense and Firewall which provides universal protection against any threats. The component logs the actions performed by applications in the system, and manages their activities based on how much you trust each of them. Component controls access to personal data of the user, to parameters and objects of the operating system, and prevents the execution of programs of dangerous actions in the system.
The new component IM Anti-Virus ensures the security of working with most programs for instant messaging. The component scans messages for malicious objects.
Implemented a mechanism for launching third-party programs in a protected virtual environment - a secure environment. Launching Internet browsers in a safe environment ensures the safety of browsing web resources, including protection against computer intrusion and protection of user data from unauthorized changes and deletions, as well as the ability to delete all objects accumulated during an Internet session: temporary files, cookies, history of web pages, etc.
Kaspersky Internet Security includes a link checking module that is managed by Web Anti-Virus. The module checks all links located on the web page for suspicious and phishing web addresses. The module is embedded in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers as a plug-in.
Access control to phishing websites and protection against phishing attacks is carried out by checking the links contained in messages and web pages, as well as when trying to access web sites, based on the phishing web addresses. Check for belonging to the database of phishing web addresses is available for Web Anti-Virus, IM Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam.
A new tool, vulnerability scan, has been added to the scan task list, which makes it easier to find and eliminate security threats and vulnerabilities in the applications installed on your computer and operating system settings.

  • Integrated protection against all Internet threats.
  • Comprehensive antivirus protection: 1) checking against signature databases, 2) heuristic analyzer, 3) behavior blocker.
  • Check files, mail and Internet traffic in real time
  • Personal firewall with IDS / IPS.
  • Preventing leaks of confidential information.
  • Parental control.
  • Protection from spam and phishing.
  • Automatic database update.

Main functions
  • Protection against viruses, Trojans and worms.
  • Protection from spyware (spyware) and adware (adware) software.
  • Protection against all types of keyloggers.
  • Detection of all types of rootkits.
  • Protection against viruses when working with ICQ and other IM-clients.
  • Cancel unwanted changes on your computer.
  • Tools to create a rescue disk system.


Attached Image

Main advantages
  • Protect your computer from modern Internet threats.
    Kaspersky CRYSTAL keeps your digital world crystal clear by blocking malware, unwanted content and spam. Special tools prevent the theft of your personal data when using Internet banking services and making purchases online.
  • The most comprehensive set of anti-virus features.
    Kaspersky CRYSTAL is a universal solution for comprehensive protection of home computers. You do not need to be an IT specialist to manage your home network security and protect it from malware.
  • Backup and encrypt important information.
    Using the convenient backup tools included in Kaspersky PURE, you can prevent the loss of documents, photos, favorite audio recordings and movies in the event of a computer breakdown or theft. Advanced data encryption technologies help prevent intruders from disclosing your confidential information.
  • Multi-level protection of personal data.
    Virtual keyboard and phishing protection technologies prevent the theft of usernames and passwords to online services. The built-in password management program generates secure, resistant to cracking passwords and automatically fills in registration and authorization forms on websites and applications.
  • Safe work on the Internet for the whole family.
    Using Kaspersky CRYSTAL, you can determine the time, duration and nature of each user of your home network. You can also block access to websites with inappropriate content and filter the data transmitted using instant messaging programs.
  • Centralized security management for multiple computers.
    Kaspersky CRYSTAL allows you to manage the protection system of your home network from any computer on which it is installed. You can scan objects, back up data, and track and limit the use of computers and the Internet by other users.

Main functions
  • Control center Kaspersky CRYSTAL allows you to accomplish tasks to protect multiple computers in your home network - perform anti-virus scanning, perform backup, regulate access to the Internet and programs using Parental Control, and much more.
  • ViaPassword Manager You can generate and securely store unique, secure passwords for online services and applications that require authorization. At the same time, you do not need to memorize or write down the login and password - Kaspersky CRYSTAL inserts data into the required fields automatically.
  • OpportunitiesParental control allow not only to restrict children's access to sites of dubious content, but also to regulate the time of using the Internet and a computer by a child, as well as to prevent the transfer of personal data to them through instant messaging programs (MSN, ICQ).
  • Kaspersky CRYSTAL contains a special tool to ensure that files are deleted from your computer. Unlike standard deletion methods that allow attackers to recover deleted files and access confidential information when using theIrreversible data deletion You can be sure that your information will not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Functionsbackup and restore data ensure the safety of your data even in the event of a computer breakdown or theft. Kaspersky PURE automatically creates backup copies of the data you specify according to the schedule you have installed — either locally or on the media you specify (external hard disk, FTP server, etc.).
  • Additional level of information security is provided by encryption , allowing you to create password-protected container files. Without knowledge of the password, access to the contents of the encrypted file is impossible.
  • In the event that you are not sure about the security of a program or website, you can run them in a special mode using the toolSafe environment . In this case, the launch takes place in an isolated virtual space, which allows you to protect your computer from possible harmful effects.

OS: XP SP2 and higher / Vista / 7

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about KIS / KAV 2010 (Version 9.0), Solving the Most Actual Problems

Update utility
The update utility is designed to download and save Kaspersky Lab databases and application updates to a separate directory.
Using it, you can download updates for selected Kaspersky Lab applications installed on your network or on your home computer. The utility has the ability to save downloaded databases and auto patches to a local folder, to a network directory that is connected as a disk to the file system of this computer, or to a flash drive.
All utility settings are specified in the configuration file. To configure and run the update utility that runs on the Windows operating system, you can use the graphical interface.
Utility updates and articles are provided in test mode!
Attention!Updating using a separate update utility is recommended only if the computers on which Kaspersky Lab applications are installed do not have access to the Internet. This method of obtaining databases cannot provide instant delivery of released updates and, as a result, keep applications up to date.

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Different utility for Kaspersky products:

Black and white list for Anti-Banner Kaspersky Internet Security

Skins that give without problems activate your favorite antivirus key!

For those who automatically scan for rootkits irritates or slows down the computer, it is possible to get rid of it.
Although it is undesirable.We do everything at our discretion.

FAQ on the destruction of viruses + useful links, tips

How to execute a script in AVZ and "fix" in HijackThis?

Deactivation service of ransomware-blockers

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Valerius Grim @ 29.8.09, 17:57*
Each user of the network sooner or later wonders about the safe access to this very network.

In whist or 7 designate the external network as "public". Actually, everything. Neither hackers nor viruses chipping at the network level are terrible. Better than 7, you can assign different rules to the 2 interfaces on it. All other antiviruses and firewalls do not protect against hackers and viruses, but from a fool working on this very computer.
/ me does not see any reason to install third-party antiviruses and firewalls on your computer. No sense, only computer resources are spent, cause disruptions and get on your nerves.
Remember. The very fact of launching malware, especially with administrator rights, means complete inefficiency of the network security system.
Although I confess honestly, I have a separate proxy, which filters all HTTP and FTP traffic on the subject of makaphei infection (and of cutting advertisements). Still, I'm a little old-fashioned, conservative person. True, in the last 2 months or so from the moment of its installation, she caught only eicar, which I put on my own hands on the download to check the efficiency of the antivirus.
In general, the main advice - kill XP, put 7, do not disable UAC and do not increase the rights of deliberately suspicious software. Everything.

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Valerius Gloomy,
why bother with the topic?

If on the topic - after all, we, ordinary users, already have enough headaches with the stability of the system, and then at every step they try to add this pain, offering for some reason to fool withantivirus theft or buying expensive licenses . What for? After all, for a simple user in this case there are normally working free alternatives ! For example, AVAST!

Put, registered and forgot. Works great on any OS from XP to Windows 7, provides more than a sufficient level of protection, does not require any additional manual configuration. Personally, I never missed anything.

P.S. I'm an advertiser: rofl: In general, the best antivirus is BRAIN. Otherwise nothing will help.

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In general, the main advice - kill XP, put 7, do not disable UAC and do not increase the rights of deliberately suspicious software. Everything.

so yes! But what with other people's flash driveskill?
Although I confess honestly, I have a separate proxy, which filters all HTTP and FTP traffic on the subject of makaphei infection (and of cutting advertisements).

You can ask where about the installation and configuration of the most conveniently painted? Purely for informational purposes? Not that advertising cuts my outpost, otherwise it’s a great evil. : sveta:

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frag @ 29.8.09, 22:16*
But what to kill with other flash drives?

Win7 doesn’t care deeply about autorun.inf on rewritable drives (less than a decade). There is also a wonderful tool Panda USB Vaccine - it will create an undetectable and unchangeable autorun.inf on a flash drive (no virus can register anything into it), and another button - wean the system to process this file where it is not necessary.
frag @ 29.8.09, 22:16*
You can ask where about the installation and configuration of the most conveniently painted?

I use Kerio Winroute. Where is it painted? I do not know. I worked with him for several years, because I know how flaky. You can search the ru-board, it seems there were a lot of materials. I personally use it as a stand-alone proxy, non-browser traffic does not go through it. It is possible to deliver as a frontend - it normally distributes the network to any number of machines.
Only one remark, by experience. Do not use it DNS forwarder, that is very unstable. It is best to raise the server on the DNS server by means of Windows.
And I note that Kerio is a corporate firewall, and you should not put it on a working computer.

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I use avast for a couple of months, beauty, and most importantly for free!

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frag @ 29.8.09, 22:09*
After all, for a simple user in this case, there are normally working free alternatives! For example, AVAST!

to each his own ... no need to deprive a person of the right to choose. I like ESET SS, and before that I always had NOD and wouldn’t trade it for anything: girl_tender:

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avast! 5.0 Home Edition (Russian version)

Attached ImageAvast Antivirus Professional - antivirus program. Features: resident and normal scanners, checking all incoming and outgoing mail, integration into the system, blocking potentially dangerous scripts on web pages, work from the command line, scheduler, the ability to auto-update via the Internet. Interface - the choice of two types: very simple and intuitive and advanced, you can use skins. There is also such an option as a specialized antivirus screensaver.
avast! 4 Professional Edition has incorporated all high-performance technologies to ensure one goal: to provide you with the highest level of protection against computer viruses. This product is the perfect solution for Windows-based workstations.


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Dr.Web Products

Dr.Web AntiVirus

Attached ImageDrWeb Anti-Virus for Windows provides reliable high-quality protection of your system and data, no matter what generation of Microsoft operating systems you use. The components of Dr.Web for Windows allow in real time to stop attempts to penetrate malware from any external sources.
Dr.Web Anti-virus can check the Windows all memory even on the infected computer and is able to stop the viral process. Unique heuristic technology used in antivirus of Dr.Web, can detect new viruses and update virus descriptions are not yet in the virus database. Dr.Web anti-virus has a heuristic analyzer that allows a high degree of probability to detect unknown viruses. Dr.Web anti-virus allows for automatic downloading from the Internet of new databases of viruses and automatic updates of the program. Dr.Web is not required for the operation of large system resources, showing the minimum requirements for hardware and software configuration of the computer.
Key features:
  • Detection and neutralization of viruses and malicious objects on hard drives, removable media and in RAM
  • Interception on the fly of all access to files on disks, floppy disks, CD / DVD / Blue-ray drives, Flash and smart cards
  • Protection against viruses using rootkit technologies
  • Detection and neutralization of viruses that exist in RAM and never occur as separate files
  • Protection against unknown threats using the non-signature search technology Origins.Tracing ™ and the intelligent heuristic analyzer Dr.Web
  • Identification of viruses in the archives of any degree of nesting
  • Checking files compressed by packers, including those not known, with the help of technologists FLY-CODE ™
  • Scanning incoming and outgoing correspondence for viruses using SMTP / POP3 / NNTP / IMAP protocols
  • Protection against mass mailings from the computer of messages by mail worms
  • On-demand scans \ individual PC check schedules
  • Automatic updates


Dr.Web Security Space
Attached Image
Dr.Web Security Space - best solution for comprehensive protection of PC from Internet threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms, hacking utilities, computer scams, spam, phishing messages, infected web pages and cyber criminality, directed against children. An important indicator of quality anti-virus program is not only its ability to detect viruses, but also to treat them; not just delete the infected files, together with important information for the user, but return them to the original "healthy" state.
Ability to work on already infected computer viruses, isolated and exceptional Dr.Web among all other similar programs. Intelligent spam filtering technology to Dr.Web Security Space, based on several thousands of rules, does not depend on the language of the written message. Dr.Web anti-spam technologies allow to reduce the risk of getting the right messages in 'Spam' to record in the industry minimum. The HTTP protocol is used for sending HTML-pages and their components (scripts, graphics, applets, etc.) browsers is one of the sources of viruses and malware on computers. SpIDer Gate module in real-time.
Key features:
  • Improved! Detection and neutralization of viruses and malicious objects on hard drives, removable media and in RAM
  • Interception on the fly of all accesses to files on disks, floppy disks, CD / DVD /
  • Blue-ray drives, Flash and smart cards
  • Improved! Protection against viruses using rootkit technologies
  • Improved! Detection and neutralization of viruses that exist in RAM and never occur as separate files
  • Improved! Protection against unknown threats using the non-signature search technology Origins Tracing and the intelligent heuristic analyzer Dr.Web
  • Improved! Detection of viruses in archives of any degree of nesting and in packaged objects
  • New! Checking files compressed by packers, including those not known, with the help of technologists FLY-CODE
  • Scanning incoming and outgoing correspondence for viruses using SMTP / POP3 / NNTP / IMAP protocols
  • Protection against mass mailings from the computer of messages by mail worms
  • Spam, phishing, pharming, scamming and technical spam filtering
  • New! Checking web pages in real time and guaranteed download only "pure" content from the Internet
  • New! Blocking phishing and other dangerous Internet resources
  • New! Blocking access to portable data storages, network devices, disk drives, as well as individual files and directories, which makes it impossible to delete or steal confidential information
  • New! Block sites by category
  • New! Protection against cyber crime against children
  • Protection against theft of passwords for online games, social networks, electronic money systems, credit cards
  • Protection against hitting botnets
  • On-demand scans \ individual PC check schedules
  • Automatic updates

Security Components:
  • Dr.Web High-Performance Scanner quickly checks the RAM, boot sectors, hard drives and removable media, finds and neutralizes viruses, Trojans and other types of malicious objects.
  • Dr.Web Shield included in the scanner allows you to detect viruses (rootkits) and stealth viruses hiding in the system.
  • File Monitor SpIDer Guard provides real-time protection and instant interception of all file accesses on disks, diskettes, CD-ROMs, Flash-cards and smart cards. This is an extremely effective, imperceptible for the user means of permanent monitoring of the health of a computer, which is highly resistant to the attempts of malicious programs to impede the functioning of SpIDer Guard or to stop its operation.
  • Dr.Web SelfPROtect self-defense module restricts access of malicious objects to the network, files and folders, some registry branches and removable media at the system driver level, protects against attempts of anti-virus programs to terminate Dr.Web operation.
  • SpIDer Mail, an anti-virus mail monitor, scans every message on the fly and delivers only clean emails to your email program. The antispam module built into it eliminates all unwanted correspondence and protects against cyber-fraud attacks.
  • SpIDer Gate Web Anti-Virus real-time filters HTTP-traffic for viruses, blocks phishing and other dangerous Internet sites.
  • Dr.Web Parental Controls protects your children from visiting unwanted, from your point of view, pages, protects you from contact with older people, fraudsters, perverts and other dangerous individuals


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And I use Avira AntiVir Premium all the time and I am very pleased.
tomorrow I can put it with the key

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For home and for myself, I found a solution — I use Mac for the web. I try not to go anywhere with the PC .. which of course has its drawbacks (recently I almost bought a netbook to replace the 12 "card, but then I remembered that I had to put an antivirus on it and thought about buying it immediately died). I put.
I hope I will not shy away from the topic of the branch, if I remove the spoiler on demand ..

at work is worth KIS7. not annoying. once a month I drop it on a trial version and continue to work (by the way, my office tried to buy Kaspersky by bank transfer, it turned out that the sellers do not provide the necessary documents and leave themselves taxes ... in general, our accounting department refused to work on their terms, and the sellers are rude they said "they don't like it - they are free .." to the market? :) and the director just basically seemed to take something from Casper).
the director himself has a doctor web and he (the director) regularly demolishes the system and re-installs the system (in the sense of not, of course). I am not an admin and I try not to go into these problems. I just don't let anyone at my computer and tune everything myself.
and once again my comrade dr web destroyed the sea (several dozen GB) of photos (jpeg), having decided that they were all infected, had to be restored. In general, I have rather negative experience with drweb.

Avast I have long been a couple of years ago, stood on the home pisyuk .. and frankly I had problems with it. Even Pomnitsa was some kind of utility to remove it (like Pts was not easy to remove it). in general, I don’t remember exactly the circumstances, but in the end he missed the virus in my system, and when trying to demolish it, after treatment with other utilities, he flunked the entire system.
in general, I am not happy ..

All this is written as a user user. personal and imho.

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+1 Avira free and a good firewall! On the "child" computer and spouse.
In general, I have been on the network with Linux for several months now, so I don’t remember about the virus ...

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I use two computers, on one there is an avast on the other there is nothing at all. neither there is not a single virus, I check sometimes.

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what you check for viruses
Z1ppo @ 30.8.09, 19:13*
on the other there is nothing at all
Scanner from a flash drive?

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Norton Products

Norton AntiVirus

Attached Image
Current protection
Provides up-to-date protection due to fast pulse updates with an interval from 5 to 15 minutes
Does not allow bots to take control of the computer
Recovery tool allows you to download and fix dangerously infected computers.
Performs the most complete and thorough scan
Protects against attacks from websites
Provides layered protection with the Norton ™ Protection System
Detects and automatically removes malware.
Automatically finds and removes spyware, viruses, trojan components, bots and Internet worms
Norton ™ On-going Protection technology provides continuous delivery of protection updates and new product features as they are released throughout the subscription period to protect your computer from new threats from the Internet. Norton ™ automatic renewal service provides real-time protection by automatically renewing your subscription to a product before it expires. its validity

Management that does not interfere with the user
Automatically scans for scan and update operations while your computer is idle
Providing information on the security status of all processes active on the computer
Silent mode, eliminating interruption during games or watching movies
Creating a wireless home network diagram

Amazing performance
Saves time and increases productivity by applying Norton ™ Insight technology
Fits in less than a minute and on average takes no more than 8 MB of memory.


Norton internet security
Attached Image
Norton Internet Security guarantees the necessary protection against viruses, hacking attempts and breaches of confidentiality. This modern, powerful and at the same time user-friendly package now includes anti-spam software that helps prevent unnecessary messages from entering the user's inbox.
The main features of the program:
• Starts the search for computer vulnerabilities with one click.
• Detects and removes dangerous spyware, keystroke tracking programs and other unwanted tracking software.
• Automatically filters out spam and dangerous phishing messages.
• Automatically removes viruses, worms and Trojan components.
• Automatically locks computers from which intrusion or theft of personal information was attempted.
• Disguises the computer, hiding it from hackers.
• Inspects email and instant message attachments for viruses.

Norton 2009 360

Attached Image
Software for computer security with advanced features. Norton 360 combines the functionality of Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus software with the addition of the possibility of creating backups of important data. The package includes: a full-fledged anti-virus (a virus scanner, antivirus monitor, e-mail scanning module), a firewall, a program to detect and remove spyware-modules, data backup module to encrypt the information module automatic defragmentation and hard drive cleaning, the authentication module websites and protection against phishing, customer support unit, update the system.

Core technology
Virus protection
Spyware Protection
Scan emails
Phishing Protection
Rootkit detection
Identity Protection
Website Authentication
Network monitoring
Firewall Protection
Automatic backup and restore
2 GB secure storage *
Computer performance tuning
Automatic update†
Built-in support
Additional anti-spam and parental controls
Main advantages
The PC security component provides protection against a wide range of computer threats — protects your computer and makes work on the Internet more secure.
Component Identity protection prevents identity theft in the network – protects against fraud and theft. Improvement
Automatic backup and restore prevents the loss of important files – allows you to protect photos, videos, music and other data. Improvement
Component PC tuneup maintains computer performance at the highest possible level — ensures efficient and uninterrupted computer operation.
Network Monitoring — Protects your home network.

Enhanced performance – Provides unparalleled protection without sacrificing computer performance: Quickly scan and check for viruses Requires less memory than competing products PC Security component, including leading virus and spyware protection technologies, and firewall
Identity Safe– Provides protection of confidential and identification data when working with online stores, electronic banks and other websites. New! Blocks fraudulent websites and authenticates trusted websites. Provides convenient and secure means of managing usernames and passwords. Phishing protection prevents theft of confidential data on the network by blocking fraudulent websites and authenticating trusted websites.
Backup and restore: Automatically backs up photos, music and documents. Supports new backup devices, including a Blu-ray disc, HD-DVD and iPod devices. Automatically finds and copies important files. Enabled 2 GB in secure network storage (with the possibility of acquiring additional memory) *
Network Monitoring: Shows the network map and all devices connected to it. Shows the status of Norton products on the network. Warns when connected to an unsecured wireless network.
Browser Protection – Protects against unauthorized download of malware from websites to your computer.
Simple computer and network protection — Norton 360 analyzes threats, scans and optimizes in the background without interfering with the user Automatically optimizes your computer for maximum performance Automatically removes unnecessary junk from the Internet and temporary files Helps improve Windows® performance by removing unnecessary registry files
One-click support – Get help from experts with one click — right from the Norton product: Quick access to support via email, live chat, or phone
Security Updates - Security updates and new product components are provided during the lifetime of technical support †
Ongoing Protection – Provides protection for your computer against the latest Internet threats by automatically extending technical support at a regular price (including taxes).
Additional Anti-Spam and Parental Controls — Allows you to download the anti-spam and parental controls contained in the Norton ™ Add-on Pack


Norton AntiVirus 2009Gaming edition
Attached Image
Symantec has announced the release of a specialized version of the anti-virus program Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition, addressed to gamers who spend most of their time playing with friends on the Internet and providing protection against viruses, spyware, network worms, trojans, keyloggers, bots and infected sites .
This edition of the popular anti-virus package is equipped with special modules that protect gamers' computers from specific types of attacks and malicious software codes distributed in modern multiplayer games.
In addition, according to the developers, Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition has lower requirements for computer system resources and uses 80% less memory compared to other antivirus programs. The application works completely autonomously, automatically updating the anti-virus database, scanning the system in the background and automatically deleting all the malicious codes found.
The existing system of balance settings allows users to choose the optimal ratio between performance and level of computer protection. Other features include Gamers Mode, which allows you to automatically stop downloading updates and block anti-virus messages during the game.

Program to remove the products Norton

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The people, but what about the "independent" testing firms?
For example
Updated monthly .... how relevant I do not know ...

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Free virus scanners

Dr.Web CureIt! ®
Attached Image
The new free anti-virus utility Dr.Web CureIt! Will help you to cure your computer from viruses penetrating into it. By downloading this utility based on Dr.Web scanner for Windows, you can quickly scan and, if viruses are detected, cure your computer without installing Dr.Web anti-virus on your computer.
Dr.Web CureIt! does not require installation.
This utility contains the latest set of virus database add-ons, updated one or two times per hour - no other antivirus company can offer you such a record-breaking update rate.
Utility CureIt! automatically determines the installed system language and configures the scanner interface to this language (or to English if the specified language is not supported by this utility).

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
Free Kaspersky Anti-Virus, built on the engine of original products from Kaspersky Lab. The program checks the system for malware: viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and adware, rootkits

Attention: There may be conflicts with already installed antivirus programs. Do everything at your own peril and risk!
P.S. Dr.Web CureIt! did not conflict with ESET Smart Security 4. With Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, which I have installed at the moment, the conflict is unambiguous. Comp hung up. The rest did not check, please unsubscribe about the results.

AVZ anti-virus utility
AVZ is a free, fast-running anti-virus utility that is a direct analogue of TrojanHunter and LavaSoft Ad-aware 6 programs. Includes AVZ itself and additional AVZGuard / AVZPM / BootCleaner utilities. The primary task of the program is to remove SpyWare spyware and trojans.

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