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All newcomers are required to familiarize themselves with the section.Android - First Aid and topics Glossary , Terms and jargon .
Pay attention to topics:Android + PC = Internet , Tips to improve power saving devices on Android OS
To search for programs, useCatalog of Android OS programs

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This FAQ is located atDevFAQ.
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Although the FAQ is on devFAQ, it does not mean that it is abandoned. We are working on it.

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Dear users! This FAQ is located atDevFAQ - Android OS - FAQ. All updates and additions will be made at the new address.

Many thanks to the authors.Android OS - FAQ - mainbord ( thank! ), junoreaktor ( thank! ), _faber_ ( thank! ), Kaizer ( thank! ), dev1L_sm1Le ( thank! ), paladin7 ( thank! ), W.Master ( thank! ), 5 [Strogino] ( thank! ), Semyon ( thank! ), bald1984 ( thank! ) and many other users for their invaluable contribution to the creation of the largest knowledge base on mobile devices and operating systems.

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