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Are you satisfied with Winows 8?
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Windows 8 - the operating system, owned by the family of Windows NT, in the line next after Windows 7 and to Windows 8.1. Developed by Microsoft. Kernel version - 6.2. It went on sale October 26, 2012. As of July 2017, the share of the operating system Windows 8 among the world used to access the Internet is 9.6% and in third place after Windows 7. The server version is Windows Server 2012. 100 million licenses have been sold on July 2013 . Support for Windows 8 by Microsoft discontinued January 12, 2016.

Unlike Windows 7 and Windows Vista, there are no Starter, Ultimate, Home Premium and Home Basic editions. All versions have the ability to use language packs, which will allow to use several user interface languages. This feature was previously only available in Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise. However, in China, and in a small number of other emerging markets, Windows 8 edition will be offered without this feature.
Windows 8 has four basic editions:
  • Windows 8 Core (includes Windows 8 SL)
  • Windows 8 pro
  • Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Windows RT (for devices on ARM processors,not available on PC )
Windows 8 core
The basic edition of the system. Contains features aimed at the home market segment and contains all the major new features, including the Start Screen, Tiled Interface, Windows Store, IE 10, account integration, and more.
Windows 8 SL
Single Language or “For One Language” - a regional version of Windows 8 Core, which can only use one language pack. Do not worry, this does not mean that when you press Ctrl + Shift you will not change the language, or you can not add any other language to the language bar. Just when you install the system, only one system interface language will be available to you.
Windows 8 pro
Analogue of Windows 7 Ultimate. It is aimed at enthusiasts and business users; it includes all the capabilities of the system: a remote desktop server, domain entry, file system encryption, hypervisor, virtual disk, group policies. Windows Media Center may only be available for Windows 8 Pro, as a paid update.
Windows 8 Enterprise
Provides all the features of Windows 8 Pro, with additional features for IT organizations (see table below). This edition will be available only for Software Assurance (corporate contingent).
Windows RT
It will be available only pre-installed on ARM devices, tablet PCs. It will include a set of office applications optimized for the touch screen, support for encryption capabilities. Multiple business oriented features.

Upgrade from previous systems
Supports Windows 7 update.
Windows RT cannot be installed on the same hardware on which Windows 7 is installed. Windows RT is designed exclusively for ARM architecture.
In addition, the transition from Windows XP and Windows Vista is available on Windows 8 Pro ..
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Comparison of editions of Windows 8

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Country related requirements:
• ... N: for Europe, without IE and Windows Media Player. Contains links to software alternative to Internet Explorer.
•… K: for Korea. Contains links to software, alternative to Windows Live Messenger and Windows Media Player.
• ... KN: for Korea and Europe, without Windows Media Player and Windows Live Messenger.

A source
useful links

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About screenshots of 8-ki - here is an article from a video of a possible concept: and%20...//11028.html

It is already known that:
1) windows 8 will be made a new kernel written from scratch
2) windows 8 will not have a start menu; it will be replaced with a more convenient interactive control.
3) windows 8 will be widely used voice control
4) windows 8 interface will not have anything similar to wndows 7 and windows vista
5) windows 8 Internet access will be possible directly from the desktop
6) windows 8 will be able to instantly switch between systems
7) windows 8 will be very convenient folder management (there will be no tree form) something similar to the "switching between windows" in vista will also be very convenient voice control
9) windows 8 will not be the lower launch pad, all open windows will be free to move around the desktop, or fixed to any side of the screen

It feels like I've already seen it somewhere, but the figure was 1 lower ...: beee:
In general, IMHO, it’s time to divide the face and the core ...

Here it is better to look. Several news in the subject at once.

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In this topic, we will discuss everything related to Windows 8 for BB.

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exit when? in 2011?

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Sad theme looks. :) Riveted screenshots from the concept video.


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levchik-14 @ 26.8.2009, 4:26*
interface sharpened by the fingers: D

the screen will have to wipe often: lol:

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Small-scale promises increasingly resemble the election campaigns of our politicians.
On the other hand, the same clip is no longer an option} -)
But if in the new version of Windows they write "Removed" Blue screen of death "as unnecessary", then melkosoft will make a revolution: D

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Now, if in the new version of Windows they write "Removed" Blue screen of death "as unnecessary"

But since the time of XP, I have never seen it. o_o

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frag @ 26.8.09, 7:47*
But since the time of XP, I have never seen it.

Yes, I also do not remember: yes2:

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and I remember, but only on computers with broken iron (curved screws, memory, and even 1 chipset), or very rarely because of viriya. So the vents really stopped by themselves BSOD`it

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I looked at the concept, read the news and realized that there was nothing concretely new and useful except "ryushechek".
If you think about it, what exactly are the new versions of Windows carrying except beautiful ones?

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DJ_Diman @ 26.8.09, 9:36*
What specifically new carry in itself new versions of Windows except "beautiful"?

specific money to Microsoft :)

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By the way, judging by the screenshots, the interface is not very convenient, that you have to get used to it for sure.
I am sure that what we see now will not coincide with reality (we recall the early screenshots of Windows Vienna / 7).

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Let's hope that it doesn’t completely coincide with the release, I liked the current from there, we liked everything, the rest is a fruit of a sick fantasy = (terrible ... But always, first they drive, then everyone is satisfied ... =)) but I’m not a temper. Yes, and the promised innovations are somehow not in essence!

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But I still sit on XP :)

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I’ve misunderstood that article, what can I say, this is nonsense :) I don’t believe that in 1 release the MS will do so much, then absolutely the same crap was even when vin7 was in development, so this is all utter crap and you can’t believe it ...

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In my opinion, it was a bit early Temko about Windows 8 opened :) Another seventh did not come out :)
On one site (I don’t remember where already) they offered to become an official. Win 8 developer: lol: There was some kind of competition there))

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As I understand from the descriptions. The fact that the video - this is Windows from the experimental department. That is, it is not Win8. But Win8 can get some ideas from what is seen in the video. In my opinion, the ideas do not look so impossible, because it is not known how much work has already been done.

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DJ_Diman @ 26.8.09, 9:36*
If you think about it, what exactly are the new versions of Windows carrying except beautiful ones?

If we compare XP and whist, the differences are colossal from either side. Everything is very seriously reworked, from the memory manager to the driver model.

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but in general it seems to me that this is a fake, 7 more to the mind is unfinished and you are talking about the eight, I think that most of the promises will not be fulfilled.

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_Woland_ @ 26.8.09, 5:47*
Sad theme looks. smile_good.gif Riveted screenshots from the concept video.

do they remind me of the early vienna screenshots?<_<

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