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HTC Sync (PC) | Contact sync program

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HTC Sync

Last update of the program in the header:13.10.2013

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Short description:
Synchronization Manager for HTC smartphones on Android OS.

Sync manager forHTC smartphones on Android OS . Synchronizes Windows and Outlook Contacts

If the program refuses to start, try:

Check that this is the problem.
1. We start HTS Sync with hands from Start-up - if it writes that the application is configured incorrectly and reinstallation will save you - they lie impudently and the reinstallation will not help, it looks like our case.
2. Downloading thisMicrosoft Visual C ++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package.and run - if it gives something like Installation is prohibited by politicians and so on - this is exactly our case. If installed, try launching HTC Sync again.

Actually the decision.
1. We are looking for the msicuu2.exe program (on the Microsoft website) in the internet. Install it (not afraid that there is something about the office is written).
2. Run it (in the Start - Windwos Installer Clean Up) and look for the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 Redistributable Package in the list (maybe there will be two, pay attention 2005, maybe 2008 more - don’t touch it), remove it and second if there is (once again I will pay attention - those in which 2005).
3. Run the previously downloaded Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package. It should be established now without swearing.
4. We try to launch HTC Sync, if it starts up - we start to rejoice, but if not, we swear loudly and write to me, if possible, I will try to model it.

It’s included in the HTC Sync distribution - Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package, but because of a conflict, don’t understand what (it seems with another version of itself) doesn’t want to be installed, which makes HTC Sync impossible to launch

Homepage: www.htc.com

Installing drivers in Vista, Windows 7 : HTC Sync (PC) (Post # 3709842)
Installing drivers in Windows 8, 8.1 : HTC Sync (PC) (Post # 26417035)

Version: For All HTC Android Phones http://www.htc.com/ru/…/htc-sync-manager.aspx

old versions
Version: 3.0.5555 http://www.htc.com/www/SupportViewNews.asp...amp;news_id=923 (for HTC Flyer) .
Version: 3.0.5517 http://www.htc.com/www/SupportViewNews.asp...amp;news_id=918 (for HTC Aria, Desire HD, Desire S, Desire Z, Gratia, Hero, Incredible S, Legend, Magic, Smart, Tattoo, Wildfire) .
Version: 3.0.5511 http://www.htc.com/au/SupportDownload.aspx...&dl_id=1073
Version 2.0.33: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/525044/HTCSync_2.0.33.exe

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Rep: (1095)
Wessko @ 7.8.09, 2:07*
Jin where have you been before with this program? laugh.gif
By the way, it’s more convenient to synchronize through Google services anyway

Yes, I had it for a long time, just someone didn’t particularly ask, it’s more convenient for Google’s services, but if you already have contacts in the auto-glitch then it’s difficult to pull them onto the phone on another !!

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Rep: (1095)
Elmo @ 18.8.09, 14:42*
I put the program I connect HTC Magic and the result is zero, no synchronization is nothing, how can I make friends with the computer and HTC: - \ Thanks in advance if you specify an error ..

And the case of the phone is not carrier ??? 32V?

Rep: (4)
thought of camera? with a sim card or something? then no, I inserted it :-)

Rep: (1095)
Camera operators are devices created for operators, such as Vodafon, Tim, Rogers, etc., etc.
Anyway, this program can be used only on devices with a 32A card (HTC Brand)

Posted 08/18/2009 10:14 PM:

Or maybe he just in your flash drive mode?
Try to demolish firewood!

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Rep: (2)
there is a similar problem ... the computer sees something that does not see .. sometimes swears that it is not possible to identify the device, etc.
I found out that this is how it works on a working computer .. apparently I don’t want to be friends with USB
sometimes it seems to recognize everything, but you start working and fall off ...
all deletions and reinstallations did not help: (

Rep: (35)
Moecus @ 19.8.09, 17:17*
the computer that sees that does not see. sometimes swears that it is not possible to identify devices, etc.
I found out that this is how it works on a working computer .. apparently I don’t want to be friends with USB
sometimes it seems to recognize everything, but you start working and fall off ...
all deletions and reinstallations did not help

But did not try to change the USB cable? I had a similar problem with USB-2.0, until I changed the cable, I couldn't understand what the problem was ...

Rep: (2)
Dmitry167 , tried - did not help
I connect to the computer - the device sees - I try to write the current cho, let's say - it immediately falls off

Rep: (1095)
Moecus @ 3.9.09, 12:55*
Dmitry167, tried - did not help
I connect to the computer - the device sees - I try to write the current cho, let's say - it immediately falls off

Try to download it not from our site but from HTC.com, judging by the size they are the same, but you can try it as for each device they go separately

Rep: (7)
Well, in general, there is also a problem: the program is installed, started, Windows recognizes everything, synchronization starts, the program writes “analysis is running” in the window, and everything does not go further, although they say on the PC and on the phone that everything works. I waited an hour, no shifts, everything stands on "an analysis is being performed", where should the dog be looked for?
And I tried to do both at home PC and at work, the result is the same ...

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Rep: (31)
And I have a question for all. For me, she performs all her functions, but I have noticed the oddity in her work, or rather even in the monitor. When the device is not connected, all the time the mouse cursor after some time interval, seconds 5-10 shows activity, well, as if something in the background is running and an hourglass appears, a glimpse and the computer began to slow down, and after some time stronger: (Is it just me or everyone?

Rep: (1)
I have a question:
Worth Office Outlook 2007
In the Contacts section, 808 contacts that I downloaded from my HTC TOUCH
I need to somehow transfer them to the HTC HERO

I installed HTC HERO Sync, everything was connected, but my 247 contacts in HERO remained unchanged and nothing was transferred to it.
I also could not export contacts from Outlook.

Tell me pliz how to do it, well, or if it’s already condemned here (I didn’t find it) give the link pliz.

Thanks in advance.

Rep: (1095)
What actions do you perform when synchronizing ??

Rep: (83)
and how to make the name go first and then the name?
in Outlook I have Ivanov, Ivan, and vice versa in Ivan, Ivan, Ivanov.

Rep: (0)
On Win7, the prog device does not see (and vice versa). On the laptop with XP everything works fine ... I need a driver, so I understand where to get it?

Rep: (1095)
Firewood is installed with the program.

Rep: (0)
I forgot to say, at the time of installation, the driver writes that they were not found in the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ HTC \ HTC Drivers \ Drivers folder as it is. If necessary, I can scroll a moment.

Rep: (1095)
Reinstall the program

Rep: (0)
When installing writes
Attached Image

Reinstalling does not help: sveta:

Rep: (11)
n1on, I mnu the same thing ((

Rep: (244)
JBear13 , HTC Hero - Firmware (Post # 3252583) read, I wrote there how to deal with it.

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