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CashLog | accounting costs

Rep: (3546)
Version: 1.6.0

Last update of the program in the header:3.09.09

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The program is easy to use and very practical. Displays a list of your expenses. Each account you can define your own group. You can see the totals for each group for a certain time. You can uvidit history of spending in the last period.

Homepage: http://android.arnodenhond.com/cashlog
Cyrket: http://www.cyrket.com/package/arnodenhond.cashlog

Version 1.6.0 : http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/290463/arnodenhond.cashlog.apk

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Rep: (2)
I have not created a single account? or it is not the full version is laid out?

Rep: (1584)
Version 1.6.0 : Attached filearnodenhond.cashlog.apk (76.28 KB)

Rep: (2)
skvalex If downloaded free version of the Market, then it is the same canoe ...

Rep: (2)
in general, as I understand there is a paid version MoneyLog it all there .. and in this version is not present accounts and transactions can not be made on arrival .. only .. consumption that makes the application very little functional

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** Describe the actions that led to the error **

app.package = org.softeg.slartus.forpda
app.version =

Build.ID = IML74K
Build.DISPLAY = ZP200_120627_ICS
Build.PRODUCT = bird75_a_ics
Build.DEVICE = bird75_a_ics
Build.BOARD = bird75_a_ics
Build.MODEL = ZP200
Build.HARDWARE = ​​mt6575
Build.TYPE = user
Build.VERSION.INCREMENTAL = eng.andrew.1340803921
Build.VERSION.SDK = 15
[Org.softeg.slartus.forpda.Tabs.ThemesTab $ ShowLatestTask: onPostExecute: 419]: java.lang.NullPointerException

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