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BlackBerry 8800 - Discussion

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DiscussionBlackberry 8800
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Probably the latest firmware for the 8800 from the T-Mobile operator, here is the link to its website to the firmware download page,8800M_PBr4 [2] .5.0_rel313_PL2.7.0.110_A4.5.0.188.exeI put it on my own, Russian, I did not notice any special improvements and deterioration.

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Something on this link I have loaded the 294th parshivka :(
8800M_PBr4 [1] .5.0_rel294_PL2.7.0.105_A4.5.0.174.exe

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Aleha By the way, the link has changed, now I will remember from which region I was shaking it, I did not remember: D
But then, flooded it on the people, here is the linkhttp://narod.ru/disk/38581396001/8800M_PBr..._O2_UK.exe.html

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And if you pour this firmware on a device locked in a beeline, then somehow you need to unblock it?

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Avick, Unlocking and flashing is a different action; information on how to flash a phone can be found here. FAQ on BlackBerry OS (Post # 11868156) how to unlock here FAQ on the BlackBerry OS (Post # 11720156)

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And where to look for software ....

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Can anyone have the last flash for this device? I can not find in the open spaces)

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I found the firmware, now I'm interested in the work of gps without bis & bes, is this really possible? put the same yandex cards? And will it show the position simply from the gps settings menu without the connected services from rim? (he himself is from Minsk, therefore there is simply no possibility to connect them)

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put the same yandex cards?

Yandex card application is only for android

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* 4sfastball
4sfastball @ 09/21/2014, 20:05*
Yandex card application is only for android

umm, I'm afraid to even imagine what thenThis is =](please do not delete, not advertising) ..: sveta:

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* barsuk_aav,

This is in Java incomprehensible beta

non-native application

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Hello. Can someone tell me what to do. The device 8800. Unlocked, works with any SIM cards. Yesterday I pulled out a SIM card, inserted it back, on the display - jum error 102 reset
Without a sim card I turn on - the same inscription. What to do? Help!

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Can I ask you to throw the last one?)

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Good day to all! Does anyone have a hybrid firmware for our device. All links do not plow. Thank you in advance.

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