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Android OS on x86

This topic discusses issues common to all Androids on the x86 platform, specifically the porting projectAndroid x86, as well as his brothers, who do not have separate discussion topics in our forum.
Android to virtual machine | SiteandForumproject x86 |Intel's Android


Questions concerningonlyof projectsPhoenix os, Remix OS x86andBliss-x86are discussed in their topics.
You are solely responsible for the performance of your devices. Try asking the following when asking a question.information.

    Hardware list - list of compatible equipment
      If you did not find the version for your computer / laptop (hardware modification) in the header or in the compatibility sheet, then you should try different versions and choose the optimal one by experience.

  • Graphic acceleration works fine on AMD and Intel video adapters (except for GMA 500, GMA 600, GMA 3600, GMA 3650, since they are based on PowerVR).
    NVidia graphics supported sinceAndroid x86 4.4-R3; new generation begins to be maintained after the next one.
  • Tablet support situation, Critical commentabout sound.
  • Chips that implement both WiFi and Bluetooth work worse than individual ones.
Install and Download
GRUB loader - features
GRUB (English GRand Unified Bootloader) is the operating system bootloader from the GNU project. GRUB allows the user to have several installed operating systems and when turning on the computer to choose one of them to boot.
Used in Android-x86 images for computers with old BIOS.
It stores its settings in the menu.lst file, which can be edited, for example, with the Windows Notepad. Usually this file is located on the section with Android, but from under the Android itself it is not visible. Typical content:
default = 0
timeout = 6
splashimage = / grub / android-x86.xpm.gz
root (hd0,4)

title Android-x86 5.1-rc1
kernel /android-5.1-rc1/kernel quiet root = / dev / ram0 androidboot.hardware = android_x86 SRC = / android-5.1-rc1
initrd /android-5.1-rc1/initrd.img

title Android-x86 5.1-rc1 (Debug mode)
kernel /android-5.1-rc1/kernel root = / dev / ram0 androidboot.hardware = android_x86 DEBUG = 2 SRC = / android-5.1-rc1
initrd /android-5.1-rc1/initrd.img

title Android-x86 5.1-rc1 (Debug nomodeset)
kernel /android-5.1-rc1/kernel nomodeset root = / dev / ram0 androidboot.hardware = android_x86 DEBUG = 2 SRC = / android-5.1-rc1
initrd /android-5.1-rc1/initrd.img

title windows
rootnoverify (hd0,1)
chainloader +1

Here, the default indicates the number of the item that will be selected automatically after the timeout seconds expire. root and rootnoverify indicate from which disk, and from which partition to load the selected operating system. As in the case of default, the numbering starts from zero. The boot parameters are written at the end of the line that starts with the word kernel. These parameters can affect many aspects of the work of Android with iron. For example, set up work with an external monitor.

GRUB 2 is the next version of GRUB. Developers wrote GRUB 2 from scratch to achieve portability and modularity.
Used in Android-x86 images for computers with the new UEFI-BIOS.
It can store its settings in the file grub.cfg or menu.lst. Usually this file lies on a separate EFI system partition (ESP). Typical content:
set timeout = 60
set gfxmode = 1024x768
terminal_output gfxterm

menuentry 'Android-x86 VER Live' --class android-x86 {
search --file --no-floppy --set = root /system.sfs
linuxefi / kernel CMDLINE quiet DATA =
initrdefi /initrd.img

menuentry 'Android-x86 VER DEBUG mode' --class android-x86 {
search --file --no-floppy --set = root /system.sfs
linuxefi / kernel CMDLINE DATA = DEBUG = 2
initrdefi /initrd.img

menuentry 'Android-x86 VER Installation' --class android-x86 {
search --file --no-floppy --set = root /system.sfs
linuxefi / kernel CMDLINE DEBUG = INSTALL = 1
initrdefi /initrd.img

menuentry 'Windows' {
search --file --no-floppy --set = root /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
chainloader ($ {root}) / EFI / Microsoft / Boot / bootmgfw.efi
Firmware catalog
Below are links to download firmware.
2.2 Froyo
LIVE CD with installer, iso image for:
4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
4.4 Kitkat
Android x86 4.4 KitKat:Android IA 4.4.2 R1 from Intel(They work only on the specified CPU and GP from Intel, they require UEFI, without a pre-installed Play Store)
5.1 Lollipop
Android x86 5.1 Lollipop:CyanogenMod 12.1 Android 5.1 Lollipop
6.0 Marshmallow
Android x86 6.0 Marshmallow:CyanogenMod 13 Android 6.0.1 MM
7.1 Nougat
8.1 Oreo
9.0.0 Pie

Large archive firmware on
Screen and sound
Data and drives
Software and tweaks system

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Reason for editing: How to install 4.4 r5 on the Eee PC

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There is a project for porting Android OS to x86 processors -


This is a LiveCD, that is, you burn the image to a CD, then start the system directly from it. Here are a couple of screenshots from there.

Attached Image
Attached Image

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But why do you need it?

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At least one more opportunity to touch the OS, and not just through the emulsion or the port on the device. Actually, this is exactly how the project is positioned.

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Just some interesting people wanted to put Android on EeePC as their main axis: D

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~ roma ~,
Well, this project goes like a LiveCD, that is, not like the main OS.

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Well now, because Linux kernel, it will start and port it to microwaves: D

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and who got it to run?, launched the disk on vmware, I log into the network, but I can't download, I need a memory card. in the "phone".
here is an image worth trying by yourself ____ is some kind of game, downloaded from _____

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update to version 0.3

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It does not load, the picture-logo and everything .... waited 15 minutes, nothing, rebooted, by selecting different permissions - the same thing
apparently athlon 64 x2 fundamentally does not meet the requirement of "x86"

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Guys ... and who launched it? And another question But with usb run? ibo iso image 100 for 200 ...

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Another more lively project.

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You can also use the built-in windows capabilities, and not download the left-hand program.
copy / b liveandroidv0.2.iso.001 + liveandroidv0.2.iso.002 liveandroidv0.2.iso

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Great project -
Launched on eeePC T91 - works fine, touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, all ACPI sneakers (backlight, sound, wireless networks on). All applications downloaded from this forum are installed (not all but much).

is there a more appropriate topic for discussion here or are these 13 messages all that is on the form?

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Crazand @ 11.7.09, 20:51*
Well now, because Linux kernel, it will be started and port it to microwebs biggrin2.gif

you laugh, but it is already there

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really neighing over the microwave! : rofl:

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Yesterday I drove Acer aspire One D250 with XP pre-installed and Android. For android created a separate section on the screw 1.5 gigabytes busy 2.5 free. By downloading the dual boot with the choice of OS.

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too android on him neutered, it would be possible to put third-party at a price he would not have, by the way did not measure how much this machine works under android

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leonidy-85, quite right, the market is not there. Here also I think it is necessary. Merged image of 500 meters + 10 meters of Windows application android manager (such as dual boot reboot setting).

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partyman @ 13.4.10, 7:02*
there is no market

if I'm not mistaken, you can put the market on version 1.x
partyman @ 13.4.10, 7:02*
Here also I think it is necessary

For example, I need it for acer one with touchscreen without keyboard and mouse. I dug inet in search of a suitable axis - I did not find anything good, so I stopped on the android, I would have enough of its functionality with a margin if it works as it should. I looked at the x86 porting projects, the result didn’t work at all, if only because it was terribly slowing down vidyuha, even typing hard, not to mention scrolling and watching video

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as well as the android with the network settings? vpn seen and not seen ipv4

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