Setting up networks, Internet access and network equipment

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Setting up networks, Internet access and network equipment

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I have a dynamic IP, is it possible to make it unchanged?
    You can try to use the services of dynamic DNS; at the same time, the IP will still change, but you can get to the server using its name. There are many such services in the network. In most cases, the basic solution is free.
Is there any big and smart network directory? How to distribute the Internet from the netbook on the tablet?

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Such a problem! I want to start the server KS 1.6.
But constantly after turning off and starting the Internet, the ip changes. Are there any programs that make ip unchangeable?

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Zhuzik ,
un changes on the side of the provider
and tv it does not affect

usually permanent un costs 3-4 $ per month (average)

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You can try to use the dynamic DNS service, for example:at the same time, the IP will still change, but you can get to the server using its name.
In a network there are a lot of services. In most cases, the basic solution is free.

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Urk , that is, it will be possible not to write ip, but simply to write the name of the server?

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By the way, at the same time on your computer will run a service telling the server what your IP is.

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Urk , but you can not poke a finger at the program, otherwise I think what’s wrong in the search engines will enter?

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check in
Software for the update of your IP on their server:

check in
IP Update Software

If something knock on Asya. I do not promise to respond quickly, but effectively. :)

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In the next laptop purchases, respectively, I want to make a Wi-Fi network.
I will turn off the BB, so a router is needed so that the Internet is available.

My internet connection is ADSL. Telephone cable, RJ-11, if not mistaken.
The modem is currently connected via USB.
There is also a network card.

So what I want: buy a router.
In order for it to have Wi-Fi, a connector for a telephone cable (RJ-11), a DSL modem (to throw out the old d-link), well, that’s all. As I understand it, there is an RJ-45 everywhere, well, I will connect a router to the BB via it.

What do you advise? What models are optimal? What models are extremely undesirable?

I will be glad to any advice.

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I have no complaints about the length of the dsl500 + des1005s + dwl-g730 home. at work dsl504 + dwl2001ap

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D-Link DSL-G604T.

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vitaliy4 , quite an old model.
Although I have all the functions I need, I read his review on, thanks.

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And who will say anything about the ADSL2 + Zyxel Prestige P-660HTW Modem?

I tuned in to him, thanks n0v0

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I'm at home I use D-Link DSL-G604T. Frankly, very satisfied. This is an ADSL-modem and Wi-Fi / Ethernet router in one. It costs me quite a modest $ 80. With it combines the WLAN stationary home PC, your laptop, and Dell X51v. And, of course, all three devices safely eat the Internet on Wi-Fi, and totally independent, ie, for example, is sufficient to enable the router (and not to include any of the big blind), and you can freely use the Internet to your PDA. Very comfortably.

Mofas, 05/17/07 7:35:16 PM
very old model.

This is yes. But, on the other hand, the latest firmware was released at the end of March of this year. WPA2 added in particular. So it is outdated except that it only supports the IEEE 802.11g standard (speed limited to 54 Mbps). Yes, and errors from the firmware by this time almost all cleaned. At least, all the functions I need work exactly the way you expect them to.

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Mofas , maybe old, but stable. A computer is connected to it via cable, two laptops, PDAs and psp via wi-fi. Everything is working. What else do you need? Plus the price is more than affordable.
P.S. about zyxel'a. When I took myself d-link thought to take a zyxel like that. I talked with the sellers - in principle, you will not get anything extraordinary, except for the label, of course. ;)

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I’m running out of traffic, but my friend’s network has 80 GB, so I’m done so that I can use its traffic ... Tell me, please, how to do it.

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set a local proxy server and enter access permission in the settings., as a proxy, for example, User-Gate
Through standard tools most likely will not work, if the computer is not in the domain.

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I mean, not in the domain?
And I need eMule to work.
Which proxy is better: usergate or wingate? Or some other?

PS: it is necessary urgently, because soon I am leaving for the summer in another city where there is no Internet, and you need to download a lot of files from Ineta, and the traffic and money is over. Maybe someone will knock me on ICQ and explain? 261651981 With me +1 reputation. Or at least +5.

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friend's Windows ?? maybe it is better to raise the gateway from a friend?

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Yes. XP, like me.
I do not know, maybe better. I do not understand myself.

Damn, help set up usergate and emule.

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A proxy for such a business is not a good solution. It is better to raise nat .. unfortunately I do not know how you are connected to the Internet on the network .. do you have access via vpn ??

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