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SBSettings | [IPhone] Quick access to frequently used settings

Rep: (546)
Version 6.0.5-1

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Description: a system program with which you can turn off the Internet, Wi-Fi, etc.
To open the program, you need to drag your finger across the upper status bar.

Tweak requires iOS 4.x - iOS 6.x

Download: version 6.0.5-1

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me through it comfortably loose operatives to watch, as well as to kill the hidden problem) so that the need for it is not eliminated before the end of

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tell me how to find sbsettings or something like that for ios 3.1.3 deb in full format Inet clambered already and only have to 4osi

Rep: (435)
* postalik, there .ipa
but at work
accomplish your goal, if you want to

Rep: (1)
certainly necessary, thanks for the response

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Attached fileSBSettings3.0.4.ipa(254.86 KB)

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patvora @ 27.10.16, 17:49*
SBSettings3.0.4.ipa (254,86 KB)

do not tell me, I have established, but can not run. where to look for him, the icon does not appear, the settings are not present, the shutter does not fall ......

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* eckstate,
To open the program, you need to drag your finger across the upper status bar.

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ios 10.2 compatible?

Rep: (132)
* sidjohn
The header is written ios 4-6, no.

Rep: (40)
For some reason it does not hide the icon "Music". All selected icons through "Hide icons" have disappeared, and "Music" stubbornly persists, though also chosen to hide in SBSettings settings. Because of what it could be?

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