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SBSettings | [IPhone] Quick access to frequently used settings

Rep: (547)
Version 6.0.5-1

Attached ImageAttached Image

Description: a system program with which you can turn off the Internet, Wi-Fi, etc.
To open the program, you need to drag your finger across the upper status bar.

Tweak requires iOS 4.x - iOS 6.x

Download: version 6.0.5-1

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Rep: (59)
Moscow Sokol @ 03.01.2014, 03:51*
Is there any information about that tweak will optimize the 7th axis or not?

In theory, he is not needed, the system of switches has changed to a more convenient, but for the conservatives will probably be updated :)

Rep: (18)
svitanak And do not tell me a simple tweak for iOS, with which you can hide unnecessary applications

Rep: (6)
Toggle iControl is not added, although in the settings it has and Reoping did (((((

Rep: (31)
To Moscow Sokol: The tweak is called poof, but not yet works very much on 7.x, but I use it for inappropriate.

Rep: (58)
Moscow Sokol,
took from repo cydia.vn for iOS6 plowing with a bang
SpringTomize3 for iOS7, not tested

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Rep: (27)
Maybe someone will share .deb file, otherwise I have 6 axis and does not pump from sitting due to updated under 7.

Rep: (3)
Good people, tell me, and on the seventh axis, SBSettings can be launched something
what would not get out of Safe Mode

Rep: (10)
I do not know who, anyone, who does not work with 7 axis, etc., and I have on the iPhone 3G (iOS 4.2.1) everything works with a bang!
I am so accustomed to SBS that now and I can't imagine some of how without it.

P.S. There were comments here about the fact that 7 axes SBS are already not needed that the control interface is changed, etc. I'm what, not so long ago, I came across the Custom firmware of the Whited00R, sharpened for registration under iOS7 and there was a tweak (most likely a tweak), which is exactly like on iOS7 added the bottom menu, which is called swipe on the screen from the bottom
Attached Image

Maybe someone knows how this tweak (or what is it at all) called?

Sorry, with such a question in this topic, but I don't even know where else to ask it?

Rep: (7)
iphone 5s
Does not work. As in general, both NcSettings and many other software will not plow

Rep: (10)
demonserg , most software is not yet adapted to 64x architecture of new processors

Rep: (7)
I would have done soon. :)
Body bought the spouse, but I would like to throw shortcuts on the table.

Rep: (38)
Tell me, to disable 3G (and leave only 2G) - Do you need to put AUTO 3G?
(This refers to the device with LTE, where the standard 3G switch has already disappeared).

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Rep: (0)
Please tell me how to add to SBSettings the ability to turn on Wi-Fi, airrest, etc.
Screenshots attached
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (27)
People, you can ask someone to post a deb file, but. Then I can't download from sedium, gives an error screenhttp://i58.fastpic.ru/...6BDF7D7E48280AA79B.jpgiPad4 iOS 6.1.2

Rep: (1726)
Attached filesbSettings_6.0.5-1.deb.(2.04 MB)

Rep: (27)
T0ugh Thank you for the files, but just for some reason it is not installed, it's not all the same (I tried in different orders, it puts 3 files (completing the installation with code 0) and here the SBSettings and SBSettings_Toggle_Pack_6.0-2 itself are not set and the installation with code 256 is not installed) . I put through ifile - installer, he writes, also as Cydia. Need the axis less than 4. Although it was normal before 6.1.2, it was normal, only a damn damn damn, and now I can't put ...
What could be the problem, and how to decide to decide anyone.

Rep: (1726)
You have conflicts in Cydia, delete Activator - update repository ->Changes ->Refresh ->Set updates, install SBSettings.

Rep: (7)
And the latest version is not placed on 5s

Rep: (1726)
Demonserg @ 03/02/2014, 18:26*
And the latest version is not placed on 5s

And should not, for iOS 6 and below.

Rep: (27)
You have conflicts in Cydia, delete Activator - update repository ->Changes ->Refresh ->Set updates, install SBSettings.

Activator and not so, deleted. The repositories are updated, but there is one repo that I deleted, and it is still hanging ... And the updates are not put, for some reason, 2 programs want to refresh, but pops up a mistakehttp://i58.fastpic.ru/...72124066dafa8260ae.jpgI do not know what to do ... please tell me.
Well, if not how it does not put, please tell the tweak to make a response. In NcSettings for some reason, not so, although when he was a google in options.

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