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iFile | [IPhone] [iPad] A file manager for devices with jailbreak-th

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Version 2.2.0-1
Last update of the game in the header:23.03.2015

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Short description:
File manager for devices with jailbreak

Jailbreak opens full access to the file system of the iPhone, and allows the user to do whatever the heart desires with any files. But this opportunity alone is not enough, because you need a handy tool for working with files. There are a large number of file managers to access iPhone content from a computer, but there are not so many programs that would run from the iPhone itself. And hardly any of them can be compared in functionality with iFile.

iFile - This is an actively developing project from Cydia. In the very first versions, it was not much different from all similar programs, but over time, the developer managed to stuff almost everything into the program that a user could think of and even something that did not come there right away. From this, the size of the program has grown significantly, although it had practically no effect on its speed and stability.

iFile as a file manager
As you might guess, this is the main purpose of the program. iFile can:
* copy and move any files and folders
* rename files and folders
* create shortcuts (aliases)
* create new folders and files
* change the attributes of files and folders (owner, group, permissions, date of change)
The most pleasant thing is that it is possible to work with several objects at once: when you click on the "Edit" button, circles to the left of each file and each folder show its selection (just like during mass processing of SMS, mail or photos).
Notice that when you switch to mass selection mode, the contents of the bottom panel of the iFile changes. The button with a plus is responsible for creating objects, the basket is for deleting, the rightmost button is for copying and moving. To change the properties are blue arrows to the right of each object.
This does not end the useful skills of iFile as a file manager. Buttons with a vise and with an envelope are designed for archiving and mailing. Yes, iFile really can archive any files in zip format. The built-in archiver is organized elementary: it will ask you only the name of the new archive.
The button with the envelope starts Mail, in which a new letter will be immediately created with the selected file as an attachment.
In addition, iFile has built-in search in the iPhone file system. The search string in any window will appear if you scroll upwards.
Walking through the folders of the iPhone, you will probably notice a couple of irreplaceable chips iFile. Firstly, in the program folder instead of the ugly alphanumeric identifiers, it immediately shows the name of the program itself. The situation with the iTunes music folder is the same: you will see not the encrypted file names, but the normal names of the songs.

iFile as a viewer
The second iFile is even more impressive. The program can open almost everything that you can throw on your iPhone. Here is a list of supported formats:
* text: txt, doc, docx, rtf, pdf
* scripts and configuration files: c, cfg, cnf, conf, cpp, css, h, j, java, js, list, log, m, nib, php, plist, script, sh, strings, xib, xml
* Spreadsheets: xls, xlsx, numbers
* presentations: ppt, pptx, key
* archives: zip, 7z, deb, rar, tar, gz, bz2, tgz
* web pages: htm, html
* audio: aac, aiff, aif, aifc, amr, alac, caf, m4a, m4r, mp2, mp3, mpga, pcm, snd, wav, wma
* video: mov, mp4, mpv, m4v, 3gp
* graphics: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tiff, tif, bmp
When iFile is not sure about the type of file being opened, it will show the "open with" window, where the user can choose what to open with this type of file.

iFile as editor
Editing lends itself to txt files, configuration files, and even html web pages. To edit such files, you need to click the "Edit" button inside the viewer. By the way, the button with a magnifying glass is able to search for the desired fragment in the text. The result found is immediately highlighted.

iFile as web server
iFile would be an inferior file manager if it didn’t support uploading files from outside. For this is the function of the web server. To enable it, connect your iPhone and computer to the same wireless network and in iFile, click on the AirPort icon in the bottom panel. iFile will write what exactly you need to enter in the browser line on the computer to access the iPhone files. Above, magnificence is quite flexibly adjusted - click on the button with the gear and see for yourself.

WebDAV Connector
connect to Yandex.Disk
1. Open the registered iFile
2. Press the lower right button (two squares)
3. Choose "Secure webdav-server"
4. In the server address, specify without quotes andhttps: //"webdav.yandex.ru"
5. Do not touch the port (by default 443)
6. Shift the "Authorization" slider
7. We bring your login on Yandex (without @ yandex.ru) and password
8. Do not touch the path
9. Click "Connect"
10. If the connection is successful and you are at the root of your Yandex disk, you need to create a bookmark on it so that you do not reconnect every time. For this:
- On the iPad, click "sidebar" - "change" - "+" - In the title we write, for example, Yandex Disk, and below you should have the following:https: // your[email protected]: 443 / - click "create".
- On the iPhone, press the "bookmarks" button ("book", middle button below) - "+" and further as indicated above.



Attention!In iOS8, the paths to files / program folders from the AppStore have changed!

The applications themselves:/ var / mobile / Containers / Bundle / Application /
Saved application files are on the way:/ var / mobile / Containers / Data / Application /

version 2.2.0
Archived versions

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when you install a program a lot of dependencies, ie apart from iFile put more un-zip, mail attachment, and much more. Because of this, and does not run the file in some. And I do not understand what is bad in the off version, to be sure, sometimes to click "Later" button. Functional limitations and srka no work since.

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berk_bear @ 3.9.09, 10:31*
And what version? Are there any problems with opening some files? (people complained about the "cracked" version 1.0.1)

Version 1.0.1-1 Cracked. Like this works without problems, no problems found. All he wanted to do all the work.

Rep: (1223)
JurijG, I forgot to clarify some of the repository. I can confirm the good work iFile Cracked v1.0.1-1 package from the repository repo.sinfuliphone.com

Rep: (51)
crick @ 10.9.09, 13:54*
I can confirm the good work iFile Cracked v1.0.1-1 package from the repository repo.sinfuliphone.com

Tested. Everything is fine! (I think it is necessary to specify this in the repo hat;))

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Thanks to the repository (I think it should be in the set) -Is the impression as if the swings from the moon)).
iFile- set
but mySms (3.0) 1.0.4-write error
SwirlyMMS-try-works (for MTS Siberia-only settings are not correct)

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Best of cydia.alpden.com to install, and more useful is repo ...

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Of course, there is, but in 3-0 Alpden-repo mistakes when writing, and have their version is not always the last !!

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Prompt, in what place to put this broken deb-file?
In the folder I see 2 iFile file without an extension and iFile iFile_
Inside the archive there iFile_1.0.1-1_new_wortel.deb
where to put it? or rename, and then where to put?

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Shpunt73, FAQ Installation * .deb

Rep: (9)
Thank you! all OK. iFile registered. :)

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is about to be released version 1.1.0, adding a lot of tasty, including and search folders / files / text, .i.td.
Can anyone help with the translation, I would appreciate ....

At least the list of changes:
1.1.0-1 - Feature and Bugfix Release
iFile is now only compatible with 3.0. All legacy code for 2.x compatibility has been removed.
Changed registration to also happen when leaving Registration Status view in iFile's Preferences.
The com.saurik.mamu (mailto: attachment =) package dependency got removed.
Some of the functionality listed for this release will be available only for registered users:
File name search.
External viewer support.
Playlist playing in new Audio Player.
Display of song title instead of file name for audio files.
Display of thumbnails instead of default icons for images.
Text editor search functionality.
Added Dutch and Slovak localization.
File browser
Added file name search capability. The search can be performed in current directory only or in the whole directory hierarchy starting at the current directory. The search string is case and diacritic insensitive. Searches in Edit mode of the File Browser allow deletion, copying, cutting and zipping of the found and then selected files. Search results show date and size for current directory and path for other directories. Via iFile's preferences the user can choose if the search string should be of
Simple format: search text contained in filename, e.g. "Test",
Wildcard format, e.g. "* Test *",
Regular Expression format, e.g. ". * Test. *".
Changed deselection behavior of browser when navigating upwards in hierarchy: Now the according directory gets deselected after navigating up. This makes it easier to understand where you came from.
Added support to display of AppStore application name instead of cryptic folder name for directories in ~ mobile / Applications. Under the application name the real directory name gets displayed.
Copy, cut and paste has been migrated to use the iPhoneOS 'global clipboard. This has the side effect that the file paths (and also file URL's) of copied files will be available also in other applications. File content is not copied to the clipboard.
An audio file's song title can be shown instead of the file name. This can be enabled / disabled via iFile's preferences.
For images iFile can show an image thumbnail instead of the default image. This option can be enabled / disabled via iFile's preferences. Image thumbnails are only created for images smaller than 1MB.
Attributes Editor
Added support to change permissions and ownership hierarchically for a directory.
It applies user and group to all directories and files in the hierarchy.
For directories permissions will be set identically as for the top directory.
For files permissions get set only in respect to read and write as set on top directory. If a file was already executable, it remains executable. Sticky bits get set as on the top level directory.
Added button in case of image files to add the file to iPhone's camera roll (also possible from Image Viewer).
Added button in case of video files to add the file to iPhone's camera roll (only available on iPhoneOS 3.1).
Fixed crash in case of files / folders with owner or group set to an ID not existing in the user / group database of iPhoneOS.
File Types
Added pps as supported file format.
Added mime-type video / x-flv to open OpenStreamer (external).
Compressed File Handling
Fixed multiple issues in conjunction with compressed files.
Compressed files can now be created and extracted in any folder and not only ones owned by user mobile.
Extraction of tar.gz, tar.Z and tar.bz2 did not work at all in the past. This is fixed now.
Deletion of files from a compressed file is supported only for zip.
Symbolic Link Creation
Symbolic link creation has been made much easier now:
Select the files you want to link to in File Browser in Edit mode.
Press the action button and choose "Copy / Link".
Go to the directory where you want the symbolic links to be created.
Press the action button again and choose "Symbolic Link".
Audio player
A completely new designed audio player resembling the built-in audio player.
Support for playing files from an m3u playlist, all files in a directory or all files found with iFile's file search interface.
Supports repeat of whole playlists or a single song.
Supports shuffle play of playlists.
Audio file tags are supported for mp3 and m4a files and get displayed.
Cover art is supported as embedded cover art in m4a files or as folder.jpg or cover.jpg in same directory.
Support for previous song, next song, fast forward and rewind.
Shows current time and remaining time of song.
Image viewer
The image viewer has now an additional toolbar button to store an image to the camera roll.
PDF Viewer
Rewrote whole handling of drawing so that much higher zoom scales are possible.
Double tap now zooms in by factor 2 or - if already zoomed in - zooms out to page width.
Single tap shows and hides navigation bar and status bar.
When going to another page the viewer will scroll to the upper left corner.
Web Viewer
Corrected problem that for local in-page links the navigation bar got updated and showed only "Loading ...".
Text Editor / Property List Editor
The text editor and the property list editor have been separated. This way it is easily possible to directly edit files in plist format which have another extension via Open with ...
Added button to toolbar to hide / show navigation bar and status bar.
Added text search button and functionality. The search wraps around at end of the file. If the search string gets found the editor scrolls to it. Highlighting of the found text is not possible.
Added possibility to hide the keyboard in editing mode (Done button).
Debian Package Installer
iFile can now install Debian packages in addition to unpacking their content.
External Viewers
iFile supports now external viewers defined by the themes. This works by specifying an application ID and an applications custom scheme for a given mime-type. iFile will then open a file by passing its path that external viewer using the custom URL scheme.
New option for showing song title instead of file name for audio files (mp3 and m4a).
New option for showing image thumbnails instead of file icons.

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1.1.0 released

Rep: (88)
No registration is required!
For usatanovki:
1. remove the old version
2. delete a fileeu.heinelt.ifile.plist of / private / var / mobile / Library / Preferences
3. Then put the new version!

Infa a neighboring site.

One of guga2005

FAQ Installation * .deb files

Attached files

Attached fileifile_1.1.0_1.zip(1.79 MB)

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But I bought the program from. I do not think that $ 2 - it's a lot for such a useful program.

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That's when she will run as root privileges, then you can buy. In the meantime, I have refused to move some files, say, rights are not enough.

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IRI @ 28.10.09, 2:12*
That's when she will run as root privileges, then you can buy. In the meantime, I have refused to move some files, say, rights are not enough.

never such did not notice .... always all the rules

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Annalogichno not want to work with as root! Regardless of the version and repository!

Rep: (41)
It can not set any dependencies? Try to set the official version, not kryaknut, if there is such. I have everything works fine.

Rep: (44)
I'll try, when the official version will be free =) In the meantime, console me enough, and who can not master the chmod, he himself is to blame.

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