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Do you have dependent on the forum?
Do you have dependent on the forum?
appear [ 100 ] ** [62,11%]
did not appear [ 36 ] ** [22,36%]
Appeared and passed [ 25 ] ** [15,53%]
Total votes: 161

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tab, And you now present Claims for the picture?

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Appear [35]

When I went, it was 21: rolleyes:

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Since 2007, as Artemis appeared began to go here ... And so far every day I check the new posts ... last summer I even stripped))

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2 I do not know
[Dependence in the aggravation stage.]It's time to be treated

Not, uncle, think you don't needSpecially treated and forcibly falling.

Bring to the absurd craving for pockets, of course, no need, and so - normal we have a dependence, imno ...

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traction .......... thrust, traction - yes, it's better for the forum on the PDA, than to "classmates")))))))
Threat did not vote - for the real traction I only have a kebab with beer and then in reasonable conflicts)))

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For the real thrust I only have a kebab with beer and then in reasonable conflicts)))

: D
: good:

Normally, everything is here! : smoke:

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For sure ... It's time for me to be treated Drug!

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What are you doing here? I have a dependence on the pair of other forums, and then I was looking for some answer to the question, but did not hang.

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dim ^ n, I agree, but I can help

Posted on 18.10.2013, 21:53:

Selute You have not been drawn up ...: lol:

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Maybe I draw me. I would like to get off one of the stupid forum.
Fight fire with fire.

He stole me. Several years there. It is impossible - so long to hang on the forum. In the last year - just a catastrophe.

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There was a kind of dependence, although it was rather connected with the fact that there were many interesting people on the forum. Now ... like everywhere, in short. The only theme that I attend more or less regularly (1-2 times a week) is an autoclub, everything else has become uninteresting.

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Dependence is available, but there was a moment when 5 months did not come: yes2:

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There is dependency, but it is from ...

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ZUSICKS438 @ 10/20/2013, 21:22*
There was a kind of dependence, although it was rather connected with the fact that there were many interesting people on the forum. Now ... like everywhere, in short. .

Interesting people aaaauuuuu! : D.
Well, in reality, yes, Holivari dull, people know each other as irradiated. Although there are quite possible exacerbations, seasonal, the psychdispener gives the wards, before, of course, it is better.
I miss, waiting, I hope.

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While temporarily not engaged in its own Internet projects - a lot of free time on "Walking" on the Internet - onsavagemessiahzine.comI go every day to many times. More often than other favorite resources. In the summer somehow brought to visit, but in a month started again - as you know in the spring and autumn, the models of gadgets are updated, and a lot of things appear.
Thanks to news-makers for objective and interesting news.
The only thing I will say - before the forum was more atmospheric. For example, it is very infuriated laterally to fragmentation, for example, with firmware - earlier, somehow sat in one topic and more quickly helped, discussed. And now everything is divided by 4-5 topics.

I'm not talking about the fact that the application of Artem Mlinkinasavagemessiahzine.comIt is standing next to Google Play on the second slave of the smartphone, you know why ..))

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dependent ...: blush:

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Bald1984 @ 10/22/2013, 7:10*
dependent ...: blush:

We already have no choice :)

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There is always a choice and there are three of them.

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Ruslanbag43 @ 10/21/2013, 22:34*
Interesting people aaaauuuuu!

Yes, not the case, constructive in the "Trepal" conversations essentially disappeared. In 2006-2009, Windows Mobile is still the rules of the ball and the smartphone was not so much a fashionable toy as a working tool. And the contingent was still completely different. A rather large number of self-made and observations used to be in technical, and interesting people, well, in general, somehow had something to learn about technical topics to talk about.

Even the writing style of messages for those years is indigenously different if you see the archive. There was no trolls, lads, lurks and other fuffers. Even in 2009, when I came to the forum, not speaking about 2006, for example. There were few quality resources, WM developed quickly, the devices were constantly different and moved somewhere, people came and delayed (!) Not only for the sake of the trep, but also for the exchange of experience, for help.

Yes, and "Holivar" was not a way to spend time, but just a relaxed conversation, and people sticking out there without constantly, and so, came from time to time and wrote something truthful. Now more than half of the visitors "meat grinders" (on the hell at all created this section, I did not understand) act as "Baba Yagi against", and the feeling is that some sit constantly (they do not work, do not deal with their own business, Do not go to schools and institutions ... well, at least it turns out). That's why "people know each other as irradiated," there is no constructive, there is no need to go to new people. Although, of course, now some RORI will come and say that everything is fine there, and I, the old pepper, do not understand anything and do not need to write about it. Anyway.

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I do not know a single forum (large), wherever the regulars were not, trolls and just silence, not even between the trolls. I have too sharply the reaction to this from the excess session. From one forum I had to go because of this - so as not to be nervous, so on the other ... after some time, the same thing!

And the time to dose does not work, I have enough hour a day, which is tightened there, with emotions - in six months, for example. You need to be distracted somehow.

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