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Solving problems with the "iron" PC

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To help you, follow these guidelines:
  1. Full and detailed description of the configuration of the computer (Spoiler see below.)
    What to report:
    • Motherboard model, revision, BIOS version
    • Model power supply or photo stickers from him, his age
    • Processor model
    • The model of RAM, if there are several strips - the model of each
    • Video card model, or link to it
    • Hard drive model \ s SSD
    • Presence / absence of overclocking of components
    • Operating system version

    It is also useful to specify:
    • Hard disk SMART status (how to make)
    • Component temperatures under load
    • If the computer beeps, tell exactly which ones

    The program to collect information about the system and "iron"
    How to gather information
    Power Supply Information still need to get the method of parsing the PC. Programs do not know how to determine the model of the power supply.
  2. Describe in detail the fault
  3. What started the problem (replacement of components, drops in the network, etc.)
  4. What they did on their own to solve the problem
  5. If a BSOD (Blue Screen), you must put the memory dump, or a log of his analysis
    That is, where to get and what to do with it:
    • The file with the extension * .DMP, lies in the folderC: \ Windows \ Minidump
    • If there are many files in a folder, then put some of the most recent
    • If there is no file, then check whether dumping is enabled in the system.
      1. Open the folder "This computer" or "My computer"and in the context menu select"Properties". A window will open."System"
      2. On the left side of the window "System" click on the link "Additional system parameters".
      3. In the window "System properties"tab"Additionally" in section "Boot and Restore"click on"Options".
      4. In the window "Boot and Restore"in block"Write debug information"select from the dropdown list"Small memory dump". (Step by step in pictures)
    • If the system does not boot, use any Live CD \ USB system, for exampleUbuntu, in order to pull the file out of the desired folder.

      Analysis of conveniently and accurately carry out the programMiniDumper. When you run it automatically checks the dump in the appropriate folder. For the analysis of another dump - simply drag and drop it on the program's executable file. The result is given immediately, patient awaiting results of analysis.

      PS: If the computer starts up and works stably with the Live CD \ USB system - this most often means that the problem is software, not hardware (with hardware)

  6. If the problem began after the assembly, disassembly or cleaning the computer, make high-quality photos innards PC from different angles and from the back panel connectors. This is necessary in order to detect errors in the assembly and connections, and suggest how to fix them
  7. If the problem is solved, thank the assistant, vote in the header.
Not to steps listed above to help solve the problem is impossible.

If the problems of the PC began immediately after assembling, cleaning or other manipulations with components, then before writing in the subject, spend the basic diagnostic algorithm described under the spoiler below
The primary analysis of the reasons for not including the PC
1. You've collected your PC, turn it on, and it shows no signs of life
  • Check whether the power supply is on
  • Check if the power is connected to the board (24 pin), processor (4 or 8 pin), video card (6 pin, 8 pin or a combination of them)
  • Check if the power button is connected to the motherboard, as well as its serviceability. Disable it and try to turn on the computer by closing the corresponding pins on the board with a screwdriver

2. You've collected your PC, turn it on, it turns on but nothing but a black screen does not show, or cyclically switched-off, jerk fans
  • Verify overall assembly accuracy and assembly compatibility
  • If the cabinet does not imply stamped seats under the motherboard (such), Then do not forget to check whether the screw under the motherboard racks on which it is screwed, there are no extra -like these ones
  • Check the correct connection of the monitor (in the presence of a discrete video card, the monitor should connect to it, and not to the motherboard).An important point regarding the monitor
  • Check if the power supply cable of the processor is not confused with the video card's wire, since they are very similar in appearance.Connectors on the power supply
  • Check if the memory is firmly inserted.
  • Hear that beeping speaker bios. If nothing peeps - check without memory (serviceable motherboard with a working processor is correctly connected power should squeak Accordingly must be connected speaker bios in accordance with a manual for the motherboard.)

3. If everything at first glance is correct
  • You need to completely disassemble the PC and assemble it without a case on the table — to eliminate the short circuit to the case
  • Check for mechanical damage, especially near the mounting holes on the boards, near the connectors, memory slots. If the PC is assembled from the CU components - check the motherboard and power supply for the presence ofswollen capacitors
  • Check in the minimum configuration (only the processor, one memory bar and a video card, if there is no embedded video)
  • If an Intel processor - remove the processor socket, and carefully inspect the processor on the board - there are no damaged legs (bent or broken), if thermal paste on the socket and \ or hit CPU contacts
  • If the AMD processor - check whether there are no broken or bent legs on the processor, whether thermal grease to the socket and \ or hit CPU contacts
  • Make sure the purchased hardware is compatible: see which BIOS version your board supports the installed processor, is the memory compatible, is the power supply healthy, is there enough power, is it good quality

If none of the above steps helped, you can continue the discussion in the topic by running other requirements
Topics on the choice of components

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Rep: (3615)
Deniska95Ax @ 01.22.21, 16:02*
Drivers on the processor are not put

The processor does not need drivers. Specify what exactly you do not put

Deniska95Ax @ 01.22.21, 16:02*
The programmer said that the processor is incorrectly chosen + mat.

Everything is chosen correct

Rep: (0)
I do not understand this, that is, this percent is completely compatible with this motherboard? Video cards in the assembly not only processor

Rep: (3615)
DENISKA95AX @ 22.01.21, 16:19*
That is, this percent is fully compatible with this motherboard.


DENISKA95AX @ 22.01.21, 16:19*
I do not understand

So then you install? Ask to install the system and the drivers of what he understands

Rep: (148)
* DenisKa95AX , Wsonic asked you, why do you think so? It would be not compatible, you would not have been able to collect it or it would not work at all

Posted on 22.01.2021, 17:22:

* WSonic I would not advise that, considering what the familiar programmers say) 0)): D: DRAG:
Let it be better for himself, this is more experience in the piggy bank)

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Rep: (3615)
CyberfenixPro @ 22.01.21, 16:21*
What do familiar programmers say

Programmers let them engage in their own case, and a computer set up the task of a PC master

Rep: (148)
* WSonic , I guess what you think differently, but I personally think that a person needs to be advised to understand everything yourself, because there is a lot of advantages:
1) Experience
2) money does not need to spend on leaving some wizard
3) Do not deceive myself for money)

Rep: (3615)
CyberfenixPro @ 22.01.21, 16:26*
It would be necessary to consult to understand myself

And if he will enhance the computer until it is possible to understand? Of course it is important to understand everything yourself, but it is better to do under the supervision of a person "in the topic"

Rep: (148)
* WSonic , For this purpose, we are here: rolleyes:, that and if the problem is programmed to cut hardware when installing Windows if it is not possible to climb anywhere :)

Rep: (0)
Thank you very much for the prompts will look for the problem.

Rep: (3615)
DENISKA95AX @ 22.01.21, 16:32*
Thank you very much for the prompts will look for the problem.

Wonderful man! We still did not tell you anything, where to look for something? So what?
At this stage, we did not even understand what the essence of your problem is :)

Rep: (0)
Attached Image
Well, in general, it gives an error, drivers are not installed

Rep: (3615)
DENISKA95AX @ 22.01.21, 16:53*
drivers are not installed

Where did the driver take? What operating system install?

Rep: (0)
Windows Operation 10 Corporate, but I don't know about the driver, I did not install

Rep: (148)
* DenisKa95AX , Put the driver to the chipset on the official AMD website, you can also find the drivers on the GPU, but because You may have problems with this:
What a coincidence, also link!
UPD: You can also through the update center Windows, he will find and put everything, but maybe old versions

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Rep: (3615)
Deniska95Ax @ 01.22.21, 17:02*
Not I installed

Programmer? : D.

Rep: (0)
Probably: rolleyes:

Rep: (148)
* DenisKa95AX , I hope not one of which some kind of head is not compatible ...
Posted by post above with all links, try, then unsubscribe

Rep: (0)
Thank you will try, accomplish myself!

Rep: (66)
Hello everyone, the problem is as follows:
I gathered the block itself, I worked for a couple of days and today here in the browser the screen, the computer is glowing, the cooler work, but nothing happens.
Then when turned on, it reached 1 time to the desktop and turned off again.
After that, the computer starts without squeaks but burns white indicator VGA on the motherboard, and nothing happens.
Windows does not load, the monitor goes into sleep mode, on another computer with the same video card and the monitor is all right.

AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT percent
ASUS TUF Gaming B550-Plus Motherland
Kingston Hyperx 2x16 GB Operations
Radeon RX 580 8 GB Video Card
Chieftec Proton BDF 750C Power Supply
Aardwolf Performa 10 x Proceed Cooling
Dell U2312 DVI Monitor

Connecting to a TV on HDMI
Running without a video card
The use of different combinations of planks and slots operatives
Running with another power supply
Running without SSD and with SATA Cable Disabled Data for HDD
Running without food Tower coolers (2 of them)
The firmware of the latest version of the BIOS via Flashback (after the firmware, the DRAM indicators, CPU, then reset again on the dram and CPU, and the VGA indicator is always on with white)
Waiting for half an hour after starting
Bios reset via closing for 10 seconds 2 contacts as well as pulling the battery for 10 minutes.

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Rep: (3615)
Bafteam @ 22.01.21, 17:43*
Running without a video card

There is no latch.

Bafteam @ 22.01.21, 17:43*
RX 580 8 GB Video Card

Busty? It would be necessary to check

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