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Installing Windows Vista / Server 2008/7/8/10
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Why do I need to install Vista from a flash drive when there is a disk and drive?
Imagine that in a bag with your laptop or in a pocket there is a 32GB long flash drive 2 cm thick and 5 mm thick, with which you can not only reinstall Windows, but also install the necessary drivers and programs after you and you will understand everything. It is simply irreplaceable on business trips: do not carry a couple of dozen disks with you in case of a system crash.

What do you need?
1. USB flash drive with a capacity of 8 to 32GB (even 4GB approached me, since I have an OEM).
2. DVD distribution kit of Microsoft Windows Vista (any will approach, even Home Basic)

What to do?
1. open the console (START ->EXECUTE ->CMD) and write in it
2. recruit a command and get a list of disks
list disk
3. find a flash drive in the list (I have Disk 1) and select it with the command
select disk 1
4. further in turn we enter commands
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs = fat32
5. exit diskpart with the command
6. in the console, type the path to the file bootsect.exe, which is located on the disk with the Vista distribution, the name of this file, a space, / nt60, a space, a flash drive letter, a colon, should turn out like this (I have a drive: d :, and a flash drive - g :):
d: \ boot \ bootsect.exe / nt60 g:
6. rewrite all the contents (including hidden files) of the disk with the Vista distribution on the USB flash drive

And it's all?
Yes, just copy the drivers and programs you need into it. To boot from it, do not forget to give it priority in the BIOS.

: congratulate: Happy new year 2009! : party:

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I tried to use Ultraiso, I can not create a boot in the way you suggested. At first, I thought that the images were fascinated, I had already collected 4 pieces. but in the end, _ starts from a flash drive, and then it says: INF file txtsetup.sif is damaged or missing, state 18 ...
Is there a plan B? and if you have rechecked this method and everything is smooth with you, please describe in more detail please, probably I turned the wrong way ..
[I’ll say right away that it’s not a USB hub or flash .. test on 3 computers, 2 usb flesh and 2x SD ..]
Thank you: thank_you:

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I used using UltraISO dthcbb 9.3. **. I installed the 7th Windows version 7057 and LonerXP (March version. XP drove for the sake of trial that the method works. On the laptop, in principle, and so is the XP license). Before recording, formatted the flash drive in exFat (using the same UltraISO).
I described the sequence in principle above, but I will repeat it in stages.
In UltraISO opened the image of Windows, select the tabbootableand furtherwrite disk image. In the appeared window I selected a flash drive, formatted it inexFAT(in FAT during the recording, an error constantly crashed), set the recording method"USB-HDD +"and zhmaknula record. At the end, I put it in the laptop and installed it.
I want to clarify againThe flash drive is not bootable, butinstallation as if putting from a DVD / CD drive.

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Right here -Windows 7 (Post # 2693571) Ekaterina lg just gave an interesting reference: How to install Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 from a USB device .
The most valuable is where it says where to get the correct loader files.

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I do not know - there are too many unnecessary gestures in my opinion + the computer must be searched for with. In general, the time from the start of creating a flash drive to the loaded desktop took about 30 minutes in the way described above. Distribution 7-ki took without any excisions / additions from the craftsmen.

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Alexrepin77, Temka is really wonderful. I remember how we fought at the very beginning with installing OSes on our netbooks, how many problems there were ... They wrote instructions, etc. Now people have tried different options, more simple methods work. God help you !!! I myself will gladly use your information.

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Is it normal that the 7-ki image is being recorded on my flash drive for an hour and a half already?

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Abnormal. Try to temporarily chop off antivirus, chtoli ...

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Marvi @ 9.5.09, 15:25*
Try to temporarily chop off antivirus, chtoli ...

I don't have it. No antivirus, no firewalls, nothing ... C'mon ... 3 hours, but I recorded normally. Maybe a guano flash drive ...

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I ask for help! : sveta: I create an installation flash drive using UitraISO. And when I insert a USB flash drive into a netbook and start the installation, an INF error file pops up. The txtsetup.sif file is damaged or missing and requires a reboot. after which the same thing. what to do? Asus Eee PC 701 2g laptop. It was bought in oldie, without an operating system. but! for some reason, if there is a normal download pops up:
Microsoft®Windows 98
©Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1999
C: \>
but there is no wind itself. help pliz kettle: sveta:

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try to take another image of Windows and create from it

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thanks, all worked well. :) I just can not get enough of it.

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Can you tell me, ultraiso does not see my flash, what can I try?

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another version of Ultra iso or experiment with different types of flash formatting. I had such a problem with Kingston 4 gig - and did not understand what kind of dancing with a tambourine, she saw.

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is the latest version, it is unlikely that earlier versions will see a flash drive

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And you need to use a USB-drive (flash drive) or you can do with an SD memory card?

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it is possible and the card, the main thing that Ultra saw it and the laptop supports booting from the memory card.

Bov @ 25.6.09, 14:45*
there is the latest version

I would still try - I say that I tried different builds of iso and phyleu formatted differently.

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Alexrepin77 @ 25.4.09, 14:02*
On the flash drive, you can throw the software

And if I stupidly put the program (exe-file, it is there alone) in the install folder in ZverDVD (the image has already created), then so? Or is it necessary to stir up something else to add a prog?

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[quote name = 'MSD1990' date = '6.6.2009, 12:16' post = '283207 INF error file txtsetup.sif is corrupted or missing and requires a reboot
[/ quote]

I have the same story. The image created in the UltraISO. By the way, how to format a flash drive in exFAT? I have no such thing in UltraISO. Prog is the same. Flash drive - 8 gig transcend. What could be the reason? Vindovz himself, from which I make an image, a worker. From a disk put on two computers already.

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