Independent upgrade and update laptop / netbook | General principles for the replacement and selection of components. Software and tips.

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Self upgrade and update laptop / netbook

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Sooner or later, any owner of the device "fallen off" a certain amount for their "unique laptop" understands that it is time to change somethingI propose to consider the general principles for different brands and models for the selection of components for the replacement, the necessary software to upgrade the BIOS (utilities), and other useful programs like - SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business 2009.
I would like to get the most complete development of this topic on this wonderful forum. Also, it would be nice to make sayblack list of unscrupulous service centers which are engaged in the "repair" of these devices, I have a certain experience in communicating with such "certified" centers, where for a good amount your laptop will "cripple" rather than carry out competent repair work.

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I have a laptop: Acer Extensa 5220
I would like to clarify which processor can be shoved there.
Now there is Intel Celeron M 530, 2GB of RAM.
Another question: is it possible to change a sound card for example to a card with Beats Audio support and replace the speakers ???
Thank you in advance.

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2143 @ 30.04.2014, 00:01 *
I would like to clarify which processor can be shoved there.
Look in the search engine "acer extensa 5220 service guide", there will be such a sign:
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True, this family was released on several chipsets (or rather, the information inside this document varies) and it is not clear how they relate to each other ...
IMHO, it is better to go to the thread in the service and they will select the processor.
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Is it possible to change a sound card, for example, to a card with Beats Audio support and replace the speakers ???
Sound - only usb or in pc card slot.
Speakers - select in place (but it is unlikely to somehow affect the sound quality) or external, likesuch.

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I'm just freezing sound quality standard laptop speakers. Is it possible to independently replace them with alternative ones?

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People make sense when buying a laptop to change the screw on an SSD? how much does the speed of work increase? is it practical? What difficulties can you face?

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UPGRADE laptop or "pants turn ..."
Subject on overs:LAPTOP UPGRADE. I think that over 9 years on 300 pages everything has already been discussed.

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lenovo g550
windows 7 | 15 "| intel | 2 Gb
Motherboard kiwa7 la-5082p rev 2.0 2010 year
Hello everyone. Gave the laptop Lenovo G550, well, it does not work. As a result, it turned out that the video chip died, frying did not want. The owner said you will take myself. I decided to search on the expanses of Tyrnet Mother. On E-Bee and Ali express there are such motherboards, and it is not very expensive, but there are written on them ver 1.0 and year 2009. There were no information about their compatibility. Can anyone put? And another question is how big the likelihood in this case is fresh, more precisely, to say more modern? Can anyone come across? I will use to surf the Internet, movies, printing paper, games are not demanding on video or on minimal.

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Is it possible to change the video card to another model on this laptop? And in general, is it possible to change vidyuhi on laptops? HP Compaq nx 6310

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* Vokurt,
Yes, there will be no dances with a tambourine, with the SSD the system boots very quickly.
* Raider +,
No, the video cards in laptops are soldered and if you upgrade, then all this will fly a pretty penny.

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Hello! Tell me, is there any way to connect a second cooler in a laptop? As I understand it, you can’t connect in parallel to the main connector. And what other sources are there on the motherboard?
I’m thinking about an IDE connector for a drive — I don’t have one.

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Hello, in general, I have such a problem. I decided to update the BIOS of my Netbuka MSI Wind U 100 I made everything according to the instructions (I made a bootable flash drive with dosure and wolves Manager threw the spacing of the BIOS firmware archive loaded from the flash drive. Opened. Over the command line introduced the names of two destroyer files and the .10g file This file is the one that was in the archive) went to the installation everything is OK like everything installed without any of the Ineans rebooting the computer everything seems to be loaded by the wines 7 started and here I see a number of unpleasant but 1) do not pash All 3 Yusb Rosiema (there is even a hint of Yusb controller in the viewer) 2) somewhere it is also unknown wi-fi like it and there was no 3) BIOS itself remained unchanged only what the inscription of the text of the text is associated with the power outage and the error must have appeared. go away but nifiga did not succeed And Robychiy -_ - what to do the mind will not do (there is one idea but find the right manual I can't guys who will advise ????

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Lenovo V580A
Good day. Such a question: Is it possible to put a larger fan? Photos are attached.
P.S. Do not look at thermal grease, this is before replacing, already changed)): happy:
Windows 7 Ultimate | 15.6 "| Intel Core i5-3210M 2.5 GHz | 6Gb | Nvidia GeForce 640M 2 GB
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Eee PC Internal Upgradesin full detail. I understand that it is no longer relevant.

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Lenovo IdeaPad S110
Windows 7 Starter | 10.1 "| Intel Atom N2800 1.86GHz | 2Gb
Hello! There is a Lenovo IdeaPad S110 netbook. The base operating system is Windows 7 Starter. I decided to install Windows 8.1. As it turned out, it needs a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 for full-fledged work (namely, to run Metro applications). The standard resolution of the netbook matrix is ​​1024x600. I would like permission to increase.
On the Internet I found a bunch of information on this topic. People by editing the registry activated additional items in the "Screen Resolution" menu and it could be increased to 1152x864. But this method does not suit me - for some reason, after a reboot, the registry returns to its unchanged form.
I decided to find a screen of the same diagonal, but with a higher resolution. I think there is something on
A quite expected question arose: is such a replacement possible? The connector on the screen is the same - 40 pin, the shape of the bottom of the screen (the nut stands out from the bottom) - the same, the mounts in the same place, and the price is not very large.
If there are those people who succeeded in such a replacement, share it, did everything fit?

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* Amplifire27,
If everything matches then why not put it?
And it’s better to first look at before ordering abroad.

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* orentoxic,

look for a fee number

it is VERY dangerous to buy boards in China, out of 10 received boards, 8 had problems.

replace the video chip, it is not more expensive than the board assembly, but with a guarantee.

Yes, others will do, this series has fairly typical boards.

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Gentlemen, how to add a mini-pci e slot to the ASUS N73SV? There is only one, and hotstsa (necessary) the second.

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* Pasha311,
Mini PCI-e to USB Adapter( .

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Lenovo B560
Windows 7 | 15.6 "| i3 | 4GBGb
Perhaps, and whether it is worth replacing the video card on this laptop, which are compatible and how much it costs. And also what else can be improved in it?

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video (Reballing the video card is not possible),
further, on iron ->AIDA64

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I want to change percent on my laptop, asus x551c
at least 2000 MHz

Is it soldered there or will it be necessary to solder, which one can be soldered then, instead of the installed one, in order to do without replacing the cooling system?

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