Independent upgrade and update laptop / netbook | General principles for the replacement and selection of components. Software and tips.

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Self upgrade and update laptop / netbook

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Sooner or later, any owner of the device "fallen off" a certain amount for their "unique laptop" understands that it is time to change somethingI propose to consider the general principles for different brands and models for the selection of components for the replacement, the necessary software to upgrade the BIOS (utilities), and other useful programs like - SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business 2009.
I would like to get the most complete development of this topic on this wonderful forum. Also, it would be nice to make sayblack list of unscrupulous service centers which are engaged in the "repair" of these devices, I have a certain experience in communicating with such "certified" centers, where for a good amount your laptop will "cripple" rather than carry out competent repair work.

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pasha_550 , Core Duo is different.
By the way, as I understand it, the Core Duo line was almost stillborn? She quickly changed to Core 2 Duo

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AstraVE @ 04/18/2013, 11:12 PM*
By the way, as I understand it, the Core Duo line was almost stillborn? She quickly changed to Core 2 Duo

The performance gain of c2d, compared to the duo core even at a lower frequency, is only + 30%. Because he left his thoughts about the upgrade - for surfing the internet, torrents, video, an existing processor is enough. At the moment, the bottleneck in my beech is the disk subsystem.

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Good day guys!
I have a laptop
Asus K53SV
Intel Core i5-2410M, HM65
Intel HD3000 + NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (2Gb)
BIOS K53SV.320
What percent can be replaced, excluding the native ????

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I think you need to put a utility likeSIW, find out what kind of motherboard is installed in a beech, and then try to find the information on it.
IMHO, percent - not the weakest point in this beech, do not bother ...

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senyalutoi In theory - anyone with PPGA988 socket. I replaced my i5-3210m for four-core i7-3632QM. But you need to look at TDP (so as not to go beyond 35W, like a native processor). But if the cooling system "with a margin" - for example, if this laptop exists in version with i7-Qm - most likely the cooling system is designed for them, for I doubt that different from the same laptop is different. Then you can and four-core I7-2630QM. If the CO, let's say, is calculated only on 35W (like A 5) - you can try four-core i7 to put - the temperature in the work will be higher, but not the fact that it will be "beyond" if it has been "with a stock". The maximum that is from 35W from the second generation - i7-2640m, which does not particularly exceed your ay5. + 500-600 MHz, 1MB L3 and 100 MHz to HD 3000.
P.S. It was easier for me - ay5third generation has 35W TDP, then there is also an i7-QM with 35W. The second generation has all four cores - "still" 45W.

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And so the question is, is the hp g62 a25sr laptop, it is supposed to upgrade bluetooth with hp g62 a15er. Is it real? According to the seller, the connector is located near the touchpad (as if you don’t want to disassemble your own almost completely, so would you look), did anyone do it?

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I don’t want to disassemble my own almost completely.

HP G62 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide

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Thank. but not in Russian?

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At the expense of the modem, tired of fighting) I installed everything works, but the reception is so weak, sho pipets) Just close the lid and that's it, there is no reception! He brought the antenna out, the same canoe! There is no HSDPA beech antenna on sale yet, I won’t know what to do (Maybe someone will advise what shape to make the antenna to strengthen the reception, I measured this U-shaped and made the same strip length, nifiga (
By the way, the option where the antenna is glued to the barcode is not correct, there is no signal, it was glued to the side normally. The most interesting thing, before closing the case, the reception was much better than it was caused by nepoyma

DO NOT set the antennas correctly(can not be placed not in front, not after, not near the batteries)the network signal will be weak ...
You need surround antennas

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Help me choose a processor and RAM for the hp g7030er Intel Celeron 540 (1.86 GHz, 1024 MB (2 x 512 MB) DDR2), can I replace it with 2 core percent?

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HP G7000 Notebook PC and Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide
Part numbers of motherboards for Celeron, dc and c2d are different, it is possible to upgrade it is impossible. It remains only to try it yourself.
Memory - 2 slots, you can put two strips 1024MB (PC2-5300, 667-MHz, DDR2). Kingston offerssuchmodules.

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There is a laptop:
Toshiba satellite c650-18j
IntelВ® CeleronВ® Dual Core T3300
DDR-3 3Gb
Intel GMA 4500MHD

Is a strong upgrade possible and does it make sense? The goal is to achieve a performance increase of 15-20%

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Vertigo @ 11/08/2013, 10:51 PM*
The goal is to achieve a productivity increase of 15-20%

Replacing with c2d is + 30% performance.

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Thank. I found information that it was similar to my model but with i3. Does this mean I can also install i3?

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Vertigo @ 11/09/2013, 13:03*
I found information that it was similar to my model but with i3.

Doubtful information.
I do not see i3 processor compatible with GM45:
According to the documents of Toshiba, C650 / C655 was completed:
CPU is mobile Intel Core2 Duo, Dual Core or Celeron Processor:
Core2 Duo Processor (800MHz FSB)
- T6570 (2.10G) Hz
Pentium Processor (800MHz FSB)
- T4400 (2.20G) Hz
Celeron Processor (800MHz FSB)
- T3100 (1.90G) Hz
- 900 (2.20G) Hz

i3 was equipped with C650 / C655 on the HM55 chipset:
CPU is mobile Intel Arrandale Processor:
Intel Core i3 CPU (1066MHz FSB)
- Core i3-330M (2.13G) Hz
- Core i3-350M (2.26G) Hz
Intel Pentium CPU (1066MHz FSB)
- P6000 (1.86G) Hz

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Hello. I have a Dell Vostro 1015 laptop.

Intel Celeron Dual-Core T3500 2100 MHz (Socket P), external bus frequency 667 and 800 MHz.
IntelВ® GM45 System Chipset, 64-bit Data Bus,
the capacity of the DRAM bus is dual-channel 64-bit buses (2), the width of the processor address bus is 36 bits.
RAM 4GB (2 Г— 2GB) type of RAM DDR2 800 MHz, without ECC support.
Is it possible to replace this processor with a more powerful one (if so, which one)? Will there be a noticeable increase in performance?

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Good day.

I have a laptopSamsung NP-RV508-A01RU. I want to feed him new year's RAM - swapping still got (

Tell me, what will happen if I install the DDR3 1333MHz 4GB RAM bracket in a laptop with the DDR3 1066MHz 2GB bracket already on board? Will there be problems with the work of faster memory on the same motherboard with a slower one?


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S-trace @ 11.28.2013, 14:17*
Will there be problems with the work of faster memory on the same motherboard with a slower one?

There will be no problems.

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Hello. I have been using the acer aspire 5551 laptop for 3 years (without the "G" prefix). It has 2 GB of RAM. Actually the question: is it possible to replace these 2 GB with a 4 GB bar? Or can you just buy 2GB and use 2 strips of 2GB? Is it true that if you install 4 + 4 GB, for example, then no more than 4 GB will be available on my laptop?

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Kenny Best @ 12/05/2013, 13:48*
Or can you just buy 2GB and use 2 strips of 2GB?

This option.
If, essno, one bar is installed on 2GB, and not two one at a time ...)

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