Independent upgrade and update laptop / netbook | General principles for the replacement and selection of components. Software and tips.

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Self upgrade and update laptop / netbook

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Sooner or later, any owner of the device "fallen off" a certain amount for their "unique laptop" understands that it is time to change somethingI propose to consider the general principles for different brands and models for the selection of components for the replacement, the necessary software to upgrade the BIOS (utilities), and other useful programs like - SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business 2009.
I would like to get the most complete development of this topic on this wonderful forum. Also, it would be nice to make sayblack list of unscrupulous service centers which are engaged in the "repair" of these devices, I have a certain experience in communicating with such "certified" centers, where for a good amount your laptop will "cripple" rather than carry out competent repair work.

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* DevidLans, Thank! : thank_you:

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Hello, I want to put a SSD disk in an old samsung NP-R560 laptop.
Please tell me if the 240GB SSD Kingston A400 is suitable and is it possible to put it on the DVD disk place, or only to the HDD place?

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Staskosino @ 11/17/20, 3:32*
Will 240GB SSD Kingston A400 suitable
It is suitable, but it is better to take SmartBuy Splash 256GB
Staskosino @ 11/17/20, 3:32*
Put it on a DVD disk place, or only in place HDD?
In place HDD, and HDD instead of DVD

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Hello, guys. There is a laptop Sony VAIO PCG-71912V. Please tell me which processor can be stuck instead of Pentium B950. Thank you

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* bob stoune), According to the scheme beech The Sandy Bridge family processors are supported. Theoretically can be changed for something from of this If the manufacturer in Bivis prescribed these processes.

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Kapitannemo777 @ 02.06.18, 16:07*
As promised about the results. Maybe someone, as they say, will help.

Let me remind you about replacing the processor on the laptop Packardbell TV11HC
Changed regular i3-3110m on i7-3612qm
Chipset HM77

In general, everything started.
Immediately showed 4 nuclei, but after the reboot, all 8 were determined.
The hitch was with a turbobust. At first, the frequency was not raised above 2100.
Rummaged in the internet. Helped the Council to reset the BIOS settings.
Found here
Entered F2. Then press F9. A sign appears with a proposal to download the initial settings. Confirmed. Next, F10-out with preservation and TurboBoSt earned! The frequency began to rise to 3100.

Hi, I would like to know how in general the laptop eventually worked, did not overheat? Did the visible speed gain appear? Will it work out at the same time to install 16 GB of RAM, instead of 8 officially supported? I want to try to replace on my Lenovo E330

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Advise WiFi M2 5Ghz Module in Lenovo G50-45 AMD A8 6410 Laptop
Price = Quality
6 unnecessary
Intel 3165NGW will work normally?

WiFi is constantly falling off since the purchase of a laptop
As it turned out, the Windows economy turned off. Changed the settings, installed the drivers manually, 95% it became less likely.
But I want the Internet to quickly.

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* Ivan123pda can be replaced, but it may have to do a mac address and a lot more than what the game is not worth it for me, because it may not even start

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Ivan123pda @ 11/11/20, 20:43*
Advise WiFi M2 5Ghz Module in Lenovo G50-45 AMD A8 6410 Laptop

The main problem is a list of permitted equipment, or whitelist. He will be sewn in BIOS.
You can remove it, of course. We read bios, preferably on the programmer, modify, fill with the programmer back.

Or go onLenovo siteAnd explore the list of this permitted equipment.
Judging by the fact that the Lenovo website indicates "BluetoothВ® 4.0, 802.11 b / g / n and 802.11 A / C", compatible models for 5GHz should be suitable.

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The Lenovo G710 apparatus on Core i5.
I want to replace the HDD on SSD, + 2 to 4 or 2 to 8 RAM, instead of a regular 4GB with one shield. What to take instead of mine?: M471B5173QH0-YKO 1.5V

Will this suit? R538G1601S2S-U.

What kind of consoor can / better change my i3? Is there such an opportunity without soldering?

Where to get the original battery? In an authorized SC do not want to sell. They just want to pick it up for 1.5H to replace it.

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CmfKamikaze @ 11/20/20, 14:20*
Is there such an opportunity without soldering?

rollerFrom YouTube about this laptop, suggests that the Partsdirect may offer Lenovo batteries for 2500r. Proceedors in this line were installed and Intel Core i7 4702mq. The RAM does not happen too much, and 2 * 8GB with Alik to settle in 4-5 thousand. (for 5 this is a pair of sasmung modules)

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* DmitryK90210 Well, here is available in the DNS memory, which was described in the past post. Will go? * DmitryK90210 , * DmitryK90210 ,
Is it suitable? R538G1601S2S-U.

I also have 1.5V in my memory. Can I bet 1.35?

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CmfKamikaze @ 11/20/20, 16:29*
I also have 1.5V in my memory. Can I bet 1.35?

If you believe the specifications - then may:
DDR3L-1333, DDR3L-1600, LPDDR3-1333, LPDDR3-1600)

For the memory of R538G1601S2S-U I will not say, I must start, but suddenly what incompatibility.

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Ivan123pda @ 11/11/20, 19:43*
I would like to know how in general the laptop eventually after that

Hey. I remember somewhat, then the increase was. All earned everything. 16 GB did not put the RAM, did not have time. I have sold that laptop.
It turned up HP ZBook15 G1, with a good FHD IPS screen. He also changed the percent on I7 and instilled SSD, the WiFi module was changed to WiFi 6. Now pulls up to 800 Mbps by air. Beast car :)

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Tell me, whether to change the Wi Fi adapter in the HP DV6 2121ER laptop, so that I would catch the 5 Hz network?
Now installed BCM94312HMG
What to buy?

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* K10081980, First you should flash BIOS without the so-called. Waitlista, and then you can put any 5-gigahertz module. In the list of supported equipment, this beech does not have such modules.

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Thank you o.o.
I'm afraid then you need to leave this idea: D

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* K10081980, Alternatively, you can use a USB whistle 5 GHz.

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I ask for help in question: There is a samsung NP300E5C-A03 laptop. Replaced the percents in it on i5 3340m - wound up, works, but after about half an hour - the hour of work is simply turned off.
By sites, the maximum equipment of this laptop is meant with the processor - I5-3210M. Accordingly, I understand correctly - what kind of 5 3340m is possible not enough nutrition or something else for normal operation? BIOS is not able to update the latest version due to the dead battery, it seeks a minimum of ankb by 30% charged, and it does not happen more than 0%). Maybe who has a version of bios modifiable with the battery checking disabled by this function?

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* ! _Andrey_ !,
You are not alone. The problem is old. And as far as I remember, no one has figured out software or hardware.
Read if interesting for examplehere
There are also many articles on this topic in the network and here on the forum in the Samsung branch there is also a lot of information.

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