Independent upgrade and update laptop / netbook | General principles for the replacement and selection of components. Software and tips.

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Self upgrade and update laptop / netbook

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Sooner or later, any owner of the device "fallen off" a certain amount for their "unique laptop" understands that it is time to change somethingI propose to consider the general principles for different brands and models for the selection of components for the replacement, the necessary software to upgrade the BIOS (utilities), and other useful programs like - SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business 2009.
I would like to get the most complete development of this topic on this wonderful forum. Also, it would be nice to make sayblack list of unscrupulous service centers which are engaged in the "repair" of these devices, I have a certain experience in communicating with such "certified" centers, where for a good amount your laptop will "cripple" rather than carry out competent repair work.

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A month ago, I switched from a stationary computer to a laptop. after the banal overclocking and increasing the RAM, I found the same laptop in my computer, like mine, with only JK letters instead of F. The difference was in the availability of a discrete video card. Now here's the question - is it possible to somehow attach a discrete key to my laptop? the models are almost the same. By the way, I found some empty pci-e slot at 16 in everest and became even more interested. or have other connectors for video?

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valahin @ 19.5.10, 15:58*
Is it possible to attach a discrete file to my laptop?

It is impossible. In the mini-PCI-e book:

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pasha_550, that is, on asus k42JK mother is different?

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Probably yes. Or the same, but with a decoupled GPU chip.

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Mini PCI-E

"Mini PCI Express is a PCI Express bus format for portable devices.

For this connector standard, a mass of peripheral devices is available:

* Wifi card
* WiMax cards
* GSM modems
* GPS receivers
* SSD Drives - Uses non-standard pinout of Mini PCI-E connector (SSD Mini PCI Express)
* PCIe Г— 1
* USB 2.0
* SMBus
* Conclusions for indicator LEDs
* Conclusions connecting SIM cards (for GSM WCDMA)
* Has reserved contacts (for future devices)
* Power 1.5 V and 3.3 V "
I read this on Wikipedia. yes, fu on me, but still - PCIe x 1 isn’t that a vidyu connector? By the way, I could not resist and disassembled the laptop - so, there is some kind of scarf on mini psi. from her wires go to Monique, most likely to the camera. there is enough space for at least one more CD, maybe there is a chance, eh?

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Here are the antennas http //

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valahin, do not confuse pci-e with mini pci-e
correctly it is called mxm

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If I have an a-date firm for 2GB in the laptop, it will be normal if I stick another 2GB stick but Kingston or Silicone turn or something else? ...

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This is what it says.Kingston.

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pasha_550 @ 10/08/2011, 01:59*
That's what Kingston says about it.

Well, in the sense of normally 2 operatives will work from different manufacturers?
and which company is better to buy RAM ..

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Re_MiXeR @ 10/08/2011, 08:51*
different manufacturers

Will be. At 99.9%.

Re_MiXeR @ 10/08/2011, 08:51*
what company is better to buy RAM

I buy either Kingston or Samsung.

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Good day.
So I had a hard desire to "upgrade" my little friend.
I have a laptop HP G62 Notebook PC. I have 2 memory bars, one 2GB SODIMM Elpida 1067 MHz, the second 1GB SODIMM Ramaxel Technology 1067 MHz. And now I wanted, that the smaller one is replaced by 2GB. advise on what you can change, and where to get it.
Of course, there is a desire to change the video card too, but the question is, is it possible? and if so, which one to change my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470.

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Sogimas @ 04/09/2013, 21:25*
advise on what you can change, and where to get it.

For example,such. G62 a lot, chose at random, find your beech in "Search for memory modules". Where - in the nearest store.

Sogimas @ 04/09/2013, 21:25*
Of course, there is a desire to change the video card too, but the question is, is it possible?

Perhaps, but only with the motherboard - the video is soldered on it. Judging by the manual, the best available option is HD5470 / 1 G discrete system board with HDMI card reader.

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pasha_550 Thank. And mother probably will cost much?
And another question, if I put not 1066Mg and 1333Mg, nothing terrible will happen, the mother will pull?

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Sogimas @ 04/09/2013, 10:21*
And mother probably will cost much?

New - a little more than 5 tr .: or restored cheaper.

Sogimas @ 04/09/2013, 10:21*
nothing will be wrong

Kingston recommends. ) And in the manual - only 1066 MHz. But, most likely, 1333 MHz will work.

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If my laptop has a dual core Intel Core i5-3210M processor, can I change it to a quad core Intel i7-3632QM? The TDP is the same for both (35W), but for i7, the core is larger (it is longer). Whether there will be problems because of a heat removal platform on a radiator?

Naturally there are no problems with the socket. Electrically, the processor is suitable, it will work according to the idea (if there are no problems at the BIOS level).

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change it to a quad core intel i7-3632QM

HereJapanese man selling beech after upgrade:
в†’ the CPU Core i7-3632QM в†’ the CPU Core i5-3210M

Hereman changed on I7 2630QM.

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pasha_550 , well. To install the I7-2630QM, the Dobar CO, but ... This processor has a TDP 45W. And Core i7-3632qm has the same TDP as the standard I5-3210M. You can replace without any problems, I think ... that it is confirmed to the lot at the auction by reference. Even if we take into account the fact that real consumption of I7 will be noticeably higher due to 2 additional nuclei and larger than the kernel - it is confident that the temperature will be within the normal range, for with a regular I5, it holds around 55 during everyday work. Thank you!

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I put it on the Asus U24A i7-3632QM ... The temperature is normal) The performance of the 11.6 inch laptop is now impressive

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11.6 inch laptop performance is now impressive

And I am pleased with the core duo performance at 12 "m ....))

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