Independent upgrade and update laptop / netbook | General principles for the replacement and selection of components. Software and tips.

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Self upgrade and update laptop / netbook

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Sooner or later, any owner of the device "fallen off" a certain amount for their "unique laptop" understands that it is time to change somethingI propose to consider the general principles for different brands and models for the selection of components for the replacement, the necessary software to upgrade the BIOS (utilities), and other useful programs like - SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business 2009.
I would like to get the most complete development of this topic on this wonderful forum. Also, it would be nice to make sayblack list of unscrupulous service centers which are engaged in the "repair" of these devices, I have a certain experience in communicating with such "certified" centers, where for a good amount your laptop will "cripple" rather than carry out competent repair work.

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at least fileAIDA64 * .txtI think many would answer in essence.

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Ser.tuner @ 10.17.2014, 17:25*
At least the AIDA64 * .txt file, I think many would answer essentially.

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* HavingingWorld,
he soldered there or have to solder,

: yes2:
which one can be soldered then, instead of the established one,
to do without replacing the cooling system?

as in the ASUS X552CL-Intel Pentium 2117U / TDP-17 W,(Intel Celeron 1037U)
at least 2000 MHz

current modernization of the cooling system,
in 1007U / TDP-17 W it is already improved,
U - TDP up to 10 watts.
at 2020M / TDP-35W.
x551ca thermal package is not designed for 35 W,
I would not dare to replace, but I will write ...
Intel Pentium 2020M

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Ser.tuner @ 10/18/2014, 08:45*
x551ca thermal package is not designed for 35 W

but how to improve the cooling, help the fan or copper tubes to wind, can there be a suitable 35 W system for this laptop?

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* HavingingWorld,
processor soldering, a serious process :)
solderingIRthe station is needed, with a large bottomIRheated.
maybe there is a suitable 35 watt system for this laptop?

photo would be, with dimensions.
figured that for what.

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Can i put intel pentium 4 prescott on iRu Intro 2115 COMBO? If not, will Northwood 3.4 work?

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* Slawa95,
Write here all the numbers (model code) from the heat sink of the processors that you want to put. Or take a high-quality photo so that these numbers and letters can be made out. Based on these data, it will be possible to see whether the new “stone” will be compatible or not.
But most likely not.

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Slawa95 @ 10.21.2014, 10:45*
Can i put intel pentium 4 prescott on iRu Intro 2115 COMBO? If not, will Northwood 3.4 work?

Theoretically, you can supply something, because this laptop was also available with a Pentium 4 processor already with 2.8 GHz ... And its "Native" Celeron is built just on the Northwood core
But, there are problems ... The main thing is - do you really have the opportunity to find a processor for this rarity? The SiS M650 + SiS 962 chipsets, if that ... but whether the processor was mobile or desktop (I remember the IRU dabbled in this, I don’t remember the model) - this is a question ... How is it cool enough ... My old , but still living with relatives of the IRU and so it is warming like a barbecue!
In any case, more information is needed, as said* tempico,
PS, how much RAM do you have on board? If it’s still “native” 256 MB, then even a “doubling” will give a tangible performance boost, at least the lag in XP will decrease.

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konvas, The cpu-z program writes that socket 478 is mpga. Now there is no way to disassemble the laptop, but I made a report in the AIDA 64 program. I am attaching the report to the message.

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Slawa95 @ 10.21.2014, 10:45*
put intel pentium 4 prescott? If not, will Northwood 3.4 work?
Google, as they say, to help.
Pentuim IV 2.4 Northwood SL6RZ
Heremany different.
CPU Intel P-IV 2.8Ghz, 512Kb, IntPGA (533MHz), Socket-478
ShlIntro 2115 = Wistron 1846L. You can try to search under Wistron.

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* tempico,
I’m thinking about which Pentium 4 to buy. Which one is the most advanced? I want to buy and deliver it.

Yes, another problem, the laptop turns off by itself. I changed the paste on the processor and cleaned the cooler.

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Comrades! consultation is required, because it is not particularly dragging, there is a laptop LS LS
LG motherboard
Intel i855GM \ GME Chipset
BIOS Phoenix MDEMSF 11

What percentage of the maximum possible can be corrected here? Now there is a Pentium M 735 1.7 GHz, and 1 GB of RAM, in general, is enough for its tasks (video, flashing phones, etc.), but HD video does not work in a fountain, but in a stream, from YouTube for example it goes with blunts. In general, tell me if the upgrade is possible, and whether it makes sense. Thank!

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Hi people. I have 2 laptops available. The first Samsung second Asus. Asus does not work bios crash probably it does not matter. I want to change the processors from asus to samsung.
Here are the specifications:


System Manufacturer: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
System Model: 355V4C / 355V4X / 355V5C / 355V5X / 356V4C / 356V4X / 356V5C / 356V5X / 3445VC / 3
Processor: AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon (tm) HD Graphics (2 CPUs), ~ 1.7GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 2668MB RAM
Page File: 3587MB used, 1746MB available


Intel Core i7 2630QM 2.0 GHz laptop processor; Turbo Boost 2.9 GHz
6 MB laptop processor L3 cache
Number of cores 4
Type of video Discrete
Notebook video GeForce GT 520M (64 bit) | magnifier icon MGPU specifications | magnifier icon MGPU rating
Laptop Video Memory 1024 MB

The question is, can i put i7 in samsung and will there be an effect from this? thank you in advance!

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Akahon @ 11/02/2014, 17:39*
is it possible

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misfortune happened, my beloved dell died :( most likely a kapets to the motherboard. I got an old lenovo in the bins here. And the idea to create Frankenstein came to me. I transplanted the percent, memory and other beloved offal into a terribly beaten case of the syncpad. My heart bothers me. namely i5 3210m instead of i3 2350m
here is a tablet gave me an intel,67355I didn’t find anything criminal, except for the nanoprocess. The sockets are the same, but the chipsets are of course different. Their interiors,64348
Actually, what do you say? to be or not to be?

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404 not found , there was a similar topic in my thoughts) As I understand it - the HM6x chipset works with i3-2xxx, and the 70th series chipset works with i5-3xxx) What I dig - the HM6x chipsets do not know what Ivy processors are and therefore will not work ... well ... shouldn't) Judging by the data from Intel.

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* AstraVE,
It's a shame, yes ... to have two half-bodies.
While I handed over the della to the service, I wait, there are few hopes, but what if ...
If the repair verdict is negative, we will try. The truth is still a problem. There is no battery in Lenovo (yes, I don’t need it), but the BIOS is old, and it doesn’t give a piece of iron to update without it. Chinese radishes. And there from the improvements
- Updated the CPU microcode.
- Update of CompuTrace ROM.

which might help transplantation

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404 not found , I personally doubt) Support for 3xxx processors is not stated in HM6x chipsets per se. at all)

But what are you losing? If they are already dead, why not give it a try? ;-)

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Guys, hello everyone!
There is a Samsung 355V5C laptop with an A6-4400M processor (There are variants of such a laptop with A8-4500M and A10-4600M processors)
I want to change the processor .. I understand that you can put the A10-4600M, but what if I put it a little better? Namely AMD A10-5750M, the socket is suitable, tdp too ..
Give advice .. Will it go?
And if it does, will it work in tandem with the HD7670M video card?

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I have an Acer Aspire 1410 laptop, and it became necessary to have a mini-pci-e connector.
In the notebook from the bottom there is a unscrewing cover, under it there is a compartment where the mini-pci-e connector is located with a small wi-fi card inserted into it.
There is also a place for another plug, there are contacts for its desoldering.
Question: will this mini-pci-e slot work if I solder the plug?

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