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Ubuntu and Debian based Linux

Discussion of problems related to Debian, Ubuntu and their derivatives

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in the topic.MAN for Ubuntu Linux . If MAN does not contain the answer to your question, feel free to ask it in the current topic.

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Actual release: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)
Previous release: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)

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Opening speech:

Lately,Ubuntu , very, very actively attracts new users under its banner. There are many newbies among them, for whom Ubuntu the first OS. But for the most part - it's users with solid experience and, of course, all of them from among Windows fans (sometimes with the experience for about 2 decades), who are dissatisfied with the policy of the operating system from Comrade. William (Bill) Gates. Judge for yourself - the last successful operating system - Windows NT 4.0. Relatively comfortable it was possible to work under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but Vista ... Vista - have the upper hand over the running of perversion. It is understood even the comrade. Gates! This version of Windows - more like a market booth (IMHO the course), but, at the same time, it is necessary for more and pay (buy yourself a headache - called)! I will be objective - much better things with Windows Seven. Really successful version to get, but ... But it oh how far in terms of stability to the standard version of the OS - a full-fledged Posix Systems - Windows NT 4.0.

It is these factors, well, and a healthy interest in all unknown, perhaps, that become the main reasons for migration toUbuntu linux . And add here also stability, convenience, security without dancing with a tambourine and headache (viral and network), the benevolence of the Russian-speaking community of Ubuntu in relation to newcomers / migrants with other operating systems, and, of course, - full free operating system! This is a fairy tale, isn't it?

Initially, it may seem that Linux is a lot harder than Windows, but far from it! Just look at the distributionUbuntu (Kubuntu....) and you immediately realize that the devil is not so terrible - how he is painted. Just one day of work is enough Ubuntu and you don't want anything else, this is your OS that you have been looking for And it is no longer so important that during development there will be questions (a sea of ​​questions), there will be some difficulties in setting up (and the reason for that is the windup approach to solving the simplest tasks!), But this will only delay, I promise! And in a month - the word Windows will become a curse for you: smile_good.gif (a joke, of course, but as they say, in every joke ...) discard all fears, set a new OS and plunge into another, new world! And I propose this topic as a source of basic knowledge onUbuntu . It is clear that thematic resources cover this topic most fully, but they still need to be found. And here - you can share your experience / ask a question (even the most Dummy) about pitfalls during Windows migration> Ubuntu , on setting up hardware and software ...




Useful links:
Official siteUbuntu Linux Ubuntu Home Page
Ubuntu ISO distros on the official websiteDownload Ubuntu
Order installation CDis free Requesting an Ubuntu CD
Russian-speaking community of Ubuntu LinuxUbuntu in Russian
Ubuntu Resource for BeginnersUbuntology

Something about Wine and Cedega (alternative WinAPI implementations for the * nix environment):
MAN by WINE / Cedega posted on Linux.Forum
MAN by WINE @ Etersoft from the company Etersoft

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MegaSlonik, You can try running Windows applications under Wine. Reviews about their launch can be read on the site .
And Photoshop can be replaced by GIMP. True, not easy to get used to.

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Little Red Riding Hoodis it ubuntu? I now think to put it myself, I need games and the Internet, and another adobe reader. C using the program wine, you can run all Windows applications? And how to start / install programs in ubuntu, as in Windows or do you need dancing with a tambourine? I'm not a prog, you just need a replacement for Windows, but if everything is hard there will have to go to win 7 probably.

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I put myself last Ubuntu. Yes! This is practically what we need! It works even smoother Vindozy. It seems that I have added an additional gig of RAM (now 2). The system already has 90% of what had to be done through tweaks (for fine tuning) and
Installing various applications (including temperature, weather outside the window ...).

Winda has remained on the machine, but this is not my Windows (mine is archived on several DVD9), which served me faithfully from the last century (migrating from machine to car through ghost), but Vista's zero installation. I installed it just in case (all of a sudden it will not go under Ubuntu in the emulator), but also for children, so that they can do their homework on computer science (and, unfortunately, they are taught vindose in kindergartens and schools).

For all novice users (even full zeros in computers) I recommend readingUbuntology - everything is chewed here from the very beginning, i.e. from the preset process!

firemountain Little Red Riding Hood - RedHat is also a kind of Linux. I like it less.

As for the installation of software, then, as it turned out, it is enough to read what is written on the resource 1 timeUbuntology and the questions disappear, it becomes immediately clear that the system is much easier to handle than the modern Vindoza 7 (not to mention Vista). Including the installation of software, which is installed (from the network) with a simple mouse click in the list.

As for the games - until I say, I did not check. But I looked at the Vine's platinum rating by games - everything is there that young people are getting into these days.

In short - the conclusions you make when you put and ride the system. I after 1 day - like pig pig viska. This is what I was looking for from the last century :)

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MegaSlonik, I understand you have on your computer and Windows, and ubunt? I need Internet explorer for school, will it go through wine? Can you check please?

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Actually, who does not want to reinstall Windows, but I want to poke the ubuntu, you can put VirtualBox in more detail here

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MegaSlonik @ 28.4.09, 16:24*
I after 1 day - like pig pig viska.

Yeah, a familiar situation. This is only the first time on Ubuntu. Try better Linux Mint. It is much simpler and less buggy.

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firemountain uh ... I just haven’t been using IE for about 10 years, probably (I’m removing it. There are lumps - without which Windows doesn’t work). I'll try to download the distribution and look. But I recommend you Opera, well, or, Fiery Fox, at worst.

And yet ... Windy rearrange - not necessary. I rearranged it only because I had a monster hung with add-ons, updates .... And so - if there is a gig of 20 free space on any of the sections, then it can be patched out by patisnmadzhik, or if you install ubunt, you can create and format sections / home under Ext3 and Swap and install the system. So on one computer and get along two systems.

bol123 , watched. Did not like. Unfortunately. Of all * nix, I still liked SCO. But it is not for home.

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Ubuntu 9.04 (latest version)

This is sort of a test release. Just with test releases and begin newcomers! }-)

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frag @ 29.4.09, 7:38*
This is sort of a test release.

This is the final release, available from April 23rd. And in fact, very good, faster than interpid turned out, definitely.

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frag, This is a file. Very stable and smart. I can not say about the previous versions and builds of Ubunt, but it's a pleasure to compare with Windows.

It has always been a mystery to me - what does Winda do with a stone in standby mode? Why is he so hot? Why does she constantly pick up the RAM, and then suddenly releases it?

5 minutes after loading the car:
NT 4 - 52 В° C
2000 - 52 В° РЎ
XP - 55 В° C
Vista - 64 В° C

Ubuntu 9.04 - 46 В° C

The tests were carried out on the same machine. All installations are bare. For Windows, the utility MBM5 was used. Under Ubuntu, a built-in applet was used. The ambient temperature in all conditions is similar - 25 В° C. Temperature inside the system unit 40 В° РЎ

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Winda sits and quietly defragmenting does

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Jiwan if. all the time it unloads into the swap part of the lib, the state of the desktop, then loads it back. It is possible to treat only with tvikalkami - if there is a lot of RAM, then it is possible to prohibit the reset in the swap (always keep in the RAM) and increase the cache to 16 megov icons. Well, make the swap itself fixed and blow it up in advance to the RAM * 1.5 (I did * 2). Only then it can be made to calm down and achieve in the standby mode 1-2% of the load of the prots, 1% of the kernel and almost no rustling hard.

In Ubunt, to pervert - without the need. He put it and immediately lives and treats the gland sparingly.

Interesting is another. The Windows task started under Wayne (a normal performance test) yielded 7% more indicators than under Windows itself. This is not funny at all!

Posted on 04/29/2009 10:48 AM:

firemountain downloaded IE7 distribution. Under Vain is coming. Although ... It is better to put the Opera under Ubuntu and not destroy the brain.

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MegaSlonik, Thanks, yes, I use opera. But for school you need internet explorer. Just one site is only for him)

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And MS office with vaynom well friends? How are you doing when setting up firewood for a video card?
Oh, my poor hard ... put when the time is. :)

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MegaSlonik @ 28.4.09, 21:46*
create and format sections / and / home under Ext3

I, having updated to 9.04, converted / to ext4. Honestly, it works a bit faster than ext3.
frag @ 29.4.09, 13:30*
And MS office with vaynom well friends?

I do not think. There is OpenOffice. And its use is a matter of habit.
With video drivers everything is very simple: they are built into the system, like almost all drivers. What do you mean by setting?

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There is OpenOffice. And its use is a matter of habit.

IMHO this is a big crap: beee:
In any case, the formatting of Word documents is very mediocre. And working with presentations would be better if I didn’t see it at all. Of course, there will be some arguments that Microsoft does not have to fully support the Microsoft software formats, but I’m confused from this office if I need to make presentations at least once every two weeks?<_<Need MS office. :(
What do you mean by setting?

He asked whether it would be necessary to manually load the packages. : blush:
Put on download, but put it not soon.

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frag, OpenOffice, saving the document in the Office format, then opens it correctly. And by opening the doc with the same Word, we see formatting problems. So this Word cannot normally open the document. : to_clue:
But seriously, I agree that such a problem is present. I don’t say anything about creating presentations - I don’t use it. And what's the difficulty?
frag @ 29.4.09, 14:28*
He asked whether it would be necessary to manually load the packages.

Downloading packages manually is not as difficult as you think: put a check mark, press the desired button, the packages downloaded and installed themselves.
Probably, you meant manual compilation of the program. So, I, using Linux for more than a year, faced with the need to compile something just a few times. And then these were cases of my heightened interest in highly specialized programs that are not in the form of packages.
And so the repositories (catalogs of programs, or rather packages) are updated quite often, and they have almost everything that the soul wishes.

Posted on 04/29/2009, 17:59:

When I switched to Linux, I also had a bunch of questions. And the lack of answers to them constantly pushed me away from installing Linux. It is necessary to take and put it, and to solve questions as they appear.

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paladin7 @ 29.4.09, 18:57*
frag, OpenOffice, saving the document in the Office format, then opens it correctly. And by opening the doc with the same Word, we see formatting problems. So this Word cannot normally open the document.

I haven't been using Word for a couple of years now. If you need it for home use, then OpenOffice is more than enough.

Below today read online:

"Microsoft has released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Office 2007, PCWorld reports. It allows you to work with Portable Document Format (PDF) and Open Document Format (ODF) documents.

After installing SP2, Microsoft Office Suite users can save documents not only in previously available formats, but also in PDF and ODF. This does not require the installation of additional plug-ins.

In addition, Office 2007 SP2 improves the performance and stability of Outlook. Also improved service for building charts and graphs of Excel.

The appearance in Office 2007 SP2 of support for PDF and ODF formats became known in May 2008. At the same time it was reported that Microsoft will not update the Office Open XML format already implemented in the office suite.

The Office Open XML format, supported by Office 2007, does not comply with the accepted ISO / IEC 29500 specification. The new version of Office Open XML format will appear only in the next generation of Microsoft office software. "

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I don’t say anything about creating presentations - I don’t use it. And what's the difficulty?

Serious distortions with the display of the animation, inhibition when it is played, incorrect placement in the presentation of objects. For example, a presentation in the Open office of a presentation on trigonometry (both in Windows and Linux) caused a cruel mess of jerky moving lines that were not clear where. Prog stupid even when playing your own animation. :(
In the end, Microsoft's office is much more familiar. So, nobody tried?
Downloading packages manually is not as difficult as you think: put a check mark, press the desired button, the packages downloaded and installed themselves.

Yep But I didn’t be able to connect something on ubunt. : blush: Here, on Mandriva, everything worked easily.

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