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Cyder | [IPhone] [iPad] Assistant Cydia for Big Brother

Rep: (546)
Cyder II
Version: 0.1 RC2

Attached Image
Attached Image

Program author -> maelstrom2001 (BlindGuardian), do not forget to improve the reputation.

The program will be useful for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch owners with Cydia installed and those who do not have Wi-Fi.
On the tab "Packages / Packages" represented everything that can find and install using Cydia / Cyder, plus one utility - a package can be downloaded on the computer, and then copy to your device for installation.

Instructions for use:
FromErikpshat -> We read

System requirements:
iTunes, Quicktime

Repositories for Cydia

Download: Attached fileCyder2_0.1_RC2.zip (795.99 KB)

List of changes
Cyder II 0.1 RC2
For testing RC1 thankguran58 and Xamil!
- lot
Added by:
- Work through a proxy
- Support AppCake
- loading the list of installed applications
- injecting dependencies
- handler references to the repository
- add sources in Cydia
A little bit more. The mechanism of old and new users can use old manual. Virtually all transferred to the context menu, press down the right mouse button.
AutoInstall folder and Upload (AppCake) are not generated automatically, create them manually if necessary.
User dependencies - maintained 1 level dependencies. Recursively depending can be added to the panel manually downloads.
List of installed programs in the form of a text file stored in the folder with the program. It is used in packet filtering, as well as helping to quickly restore the old set at remaking device.
And yes, if you unexpectedly fell off the base, simply close the application and delete base.db of the program folder

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Rep: (26)
* vip76rus, Make repo reboot, a cap first screen in the header, and then swing tweaks.

Rep: (7)
It is interesting and no Cyder2 there is no alternative? What would a computer to look for tweaks. Cider2 sees no 64bit system as I understand, iPone6, 8.1, it is clear that he will see if harvested in 2009.

Rep: (0)
* Hitex777,
Attached Image
Attached Image

A downloaded deb files are stored in the folder \ Cyder2 \ archives
Further, one way to install these deb-s[FAQ] Installing * .deb and * .app

Hitex777 @ 06.11.2014, 10:02*
It is interesting and no Cyder2 there is no alternative?

Just remember, there was a function iniPhone PC Suite [PC]

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Rep: (913)
I can not add the repo Xarold. When updating constantly exclamation mark

Rep: (0)
** novichok2008 ** @ 29.11.2014, 16:04*
I can not add the repo Xarold. When updating constantly exclamation mark

* ** novichok2008 **,
There is such a parsley, it has been about a month or xarold, nor insanelyi not update!
Previously, these repositories are updated properly, is now in any.

Rep: (913)
* directorgeneral,
Too bad, because the patched. this program is quite bespolezna.Platnye tweaks to BigBossa download does not give without these repositories, and other repositories hacked tweaks appear very late submissions

Rep: (1)
Question: downloaded from the link above "Cyder". I launched, and it gives me this error. How to fix?


Rep: (229)
* Vadym87, I think you need to update SQLite3.dll in a folder with Tsiderom.
It needs to take away from the established QuickTime and iTunes. (System requirements: iTunes, QuickTime)

Rep: (80)
Che is not plow zagruzhdaet not anything even writes that the iphone found

Rep: (16)
Who has any problems with DLL files, at startup, from swing Cyder2THIS POST.

And be sure to take into account That the necessary installed iTunes and Quicktime

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Rep: (6)
The problem of such "could not load itunesmobiledevice.dll check your itunes installation"
Although all is in folders that do?

Rep: (0)
Cydia gives an error sub-process usr / libexec / cydia / cydo returned an error code 2 how to fix possible ??

Rep: (2)
I do nekropost.
And so, there softina + installed QT and iTunes.
Attached Image

Swears by the presence dll, which is copied to the folder, swears on.
Run as administrator, and a compatibility helps.

It is treated and what are the replacement program?

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Rep: (-1)
I drag the downloaded file to "cache Cydia" reboot your phone and tweak does not appear. What I do not so?
And yet, do not add some repository writes * 404 object not found *

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Rep: (1)
Installed a few times but never earned ...: beee:
When there is an error with sqlite replaced eplovskim mistakes issue ceased but functional at all did not work ...
Windwows 7 x64
iPhone 6s ios 9.0.2 jb

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Rep: (159)
I have some reason all empty. connected without error, he finds the body, but nothing downloads, source lists and packages are shown.

Rep: (0)
explain the problem:
downloaded. * dev, uploaded in File Manager and then in Cydia Cache,
I rebooted iPad3, but the tweak is not installed.
what's wrong?

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