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Cyder | [IPhone] [iPad] Assistant Cydia for Big Brother

Rep: (546)
Cyder II
Version: 0.1 RC2

Attached Image
Attached Image

Program author -> maelstrom2001 (BlindGuardian), do not forget to improve the reputation.

The program will be useful for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch owners with Cydia installed and those who do not have Wi-Fi.
On the tab "Packages / Packages" represented everything that can find and install using Cydia / Cyder, plus one utility - a package can be downloaded on the computer, and then copy to your device for installation.

Instructions for use:
FromErikpshat -> We read

System requirements:
iTunes, Quicktime

Repositories for Cydia

Download: Attached fileCyder2_0.1_RC2.zip (795.99 KB)

List of changes
Cyder II 0.1 RC2
For testing RC1 thankguran58 and Xamil!
- lot
Added by:
- Work through a proxy
- Support AppCake
- loading the list of installed applications
- injecting dependencies
- handler references to the repository
- add sources in Cydia
A little bit more. The mechanism of old and new users can use old manual. Virtually all transferred to the context menu, press down the right mouse button.
AutoInstall folder and Upload (AppCake) are not generated automatically, create them manually if necessary.
User dependencies - maintained 1 level dependencies. Recursively depending can be added to the panel manually downloads.
List of installed programs in the form of a text file stored in the folder with the program. It is used in packet filtering, as well as helping to quickly restore the old set at remaking device.
And yes, if you unexpectedly fell off the base, simply close the application and delete base.db of the program folder

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Rep: (24)
-Leska, afc2add stands on the phone / tablet?

Rep: (26)
No, it and I want to install.

Rep: (24)
So it is great to put out cydia. You can of course download to your computer, then on the phone, and set the throw of iFile

Rep: (26)
to download, but no waffles.
/ Var / root / Media / Cydia / AutoInstall - here you need to throw tweak, but the road ends at the Media folder, but there are tweaks, Lockdown Pro and LocallAPStore.

Rep: (119)

Rep: (26)
Created, now I can not find a tweak in iFile, he does not see it.

Rep: (0)
Please tell me what to do? Cyder startup writes:
The entry point to sqlite3_wal_checkpoint procedure is not found in the DLL SQLite3.dll library.

And bodies can not see ((

What's wrong?
Thank you in advance.

Rep: (1697)
Copy from C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Apple Application Support ->CFNetwork.dll , SQLite3.dll in a folder with Cyder

Rep: (4)
T0ugh , The error stopped showing but the phone does not see.

Rep: (2)
Who was an error retrieving the repository from the phone, or at different accesses to the phone at the bottom says "error", try removing afc2add tweak, tweak further establish Apple File Conduit "2" from the repositories Cydia / Telesphoreo ->http://apt.saurik.com

I now have IOS 7.1.2

Rep: (0)
Now I have a caveat, wifi unworkable made Jail (ios7.1.2), I want to put ifile, that something poudalyat (CDMA 4S handset) to net earned, but tweaks are not put (((in ifunbox shows how jailed. who can suggest workarounds?

Rep: (32)
So much for any typing errors "Could not load iTunesMobileDevice.dll, check your iTunes installation", decided to transfer to the * .dll C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Apple \ Apple Application Support in the directory Cyder II. Also set QuickTime Player and apple file conduit 2. I only transfer * .dll was sufficient and installation apple file conduit 2). iTunes installed the latest.

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Rep: (1476)
Corrected files more mistakes should not knock.
Unzip can be in any place, not necessarily at Apple.
For installed iTunes, and QuickTime required.

Attached files

Attached fileCyder2.zip(2.48 MB)

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Reason for editing: For the most inattentive in bold.

Rep: (4)
* Roman Horulsky,
Shakes, not all tweaks (.deb), it is not clear why. Those who do not dangle a exclamation mark.
I'm about it
Attached Image

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* vip76rus,
Download the same files only with another repository.
This is (usually paid from repo) :)

Rep: (4)
* directorgeneral,
Duck me which of these should be. The normal version and tweaks meyan bought nekotoyre with bigbosa

Rep: (229)
vip76rus @ 14.10.2014, 10:23*
Those who do not dangle a exclamation mark.

You click on the tweaks, where an exclamation mark, right-click and select "Refresh "In the Russian version in English would be" Refresh "It would seem.
Then keep an eye on the lower left corner of the program, there should be an error message. And we see that there is writing on the shelves a bit and see;)

Post has been editedErikpshat - 14.10.14, 10:13

Rep: (0)
* vip76rus,
Well, you do not understand that there is a check (check account and UDID), and cyder can not provide these details (where he get it?)! Accordingly, an error appears that the file can be downloaded only after verification, Cyder sees the error and marks the file with an exclamation mark.

Also, there are times when he repo deb tupit and can not be downloaded because of a timeout interval. In this case, similarly Cyder deb exclamation marks.

Taking all the above into account:
- Download or deb-s from other repositories
- either to set the desired your packages via Cydia, and then prog AppToDeb (see the repositories Cydia.) To remodel these tweaks installed in deb-s (if you need a backup).
You can also get through the deb-s of the set of tweaksiLEX

Post has been editeddirectorgeneral - 14.10.14, 10:24

Rep: (4)
* directorgeneral,
OU say with paid repo BipBoss clear, and with Insaneliy and Xarold. There's nothing attached to the tweaks, checked with the phone shakes.

Rep: (0)
* vip76rus,
I'm not a mind reader, I can not see what you've got there from the repo:

ErikPshat @ 14.10.2014, 10:59*
Then keep an eye on the lower left corner of the program, there should be an error message. And we see that there is writing a bit and see on the shelves

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