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Cyder | [IPhone] [iPad] Assistant Cydia for Big Brother

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Cyder II
Version: 0.1 RC2

Attached Image
Attached Image

Program author -> maelstrom2001 (BlindGuardian), do not forget to improve the reputation.

The program will be useful for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch owners with Cydia installed and those who do not have Wi-Fi.
On the tab "Packages / Packages" represented everything that can find and install using Cydia / Cyder, plus one utility - a package can be downloaded on the computer, and then copy to your device for installation.

Instructions for use:
FromErikpshat -> We read

System requirements:
iTunes, Quicktime

Repositories for Cydia

Download: Attached fileCyder2_0.1_RC2.zip (795.99 KB)

List of changes
Cyder II 0.1 RC2
For testing RC1 thankguran58 and Xamil!
- lot
Added by:
- Work through a proxy
- Support AppCake
- loading the list of installed applications
- injecting dependencies
- handler references to the repository
- add sources in Cydia
A little bit more. The mechanism of old and new users can use old manual. Virtually all transferred to the context menu, press down the right mouse button.
AutoInstall folder and Upload (AppCake) are not generated automatically, create them manually if necessary.
User dependencies - maintained 1 level dependencies. Recursively depending can be added to the panel manually downloads.
List of installed programs in the form of a text file stored in the folder with the program. It is used in packet filtering, as well as helping to quickly restore the old set at remaking device.
And yes, if you unexpectedly fell off the base, simply close the application and delete base.db of the program folder

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I do not turn on CYDER some file removed? Help pliiiz: Beee:

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If you have any problems when you start a program, connecting to the device, simply transfer the program distribution (not folder Cyder2, namely its contents) to the folder
C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Apple Application Support

with administrator rights andwithout consent to replace . Then I recommend throwing a shortcut to start the desktop. Helps in 99% of cases :)

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How to write the bigboss repository correctly, not as I can not add to this program. Don't Found

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Copy the package in the CYDIA auto installation folder in the device. After rebooting the packet will be installed automatically. Where to get this package that copies in Side ???

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Below the text of the Batnik, which, if you run from the Cyder folder, there will be no problems with libraries, no matter what a tuna version is. At the same time, only 2 files are enough - "cyder2.exe" and "t-pot.dll", and the batch file itself.

@echo off

SET REGSTR = REG QUERY "HKLM \ Software \ Apple Inc. \ Apple Application Support" / V Installdir

For / f "tokens = 1 * DELIMS = _" %% 1 IN ('% REGSTR% ^ | Findstr / i "Installdir") do for / f "tokens = 1 *" %% 3 in ("%% ~ 2 ") Do Set Path = %% 4

Start Cyder2.exe.

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Does not see Ideevay !! What to do ????

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solid brake

Rep: (1)
When started, it writes that a DLL file is not found, then simply does not find the phone. What's the matter?

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Nifiga does not plow, running started when synchronization writes the eror file and everything is not copied here and the list from iPhone ((

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Malchugan @ 01/13/2013, 17:44*
only 2 files are enough - "cyder2.exe" and "t-pot.dll", and the batch file itself

Checked works.

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buzya88 @ 02.02.2012, 18:48*
SQLITE3.DLL must be replaced with a folder with Cyder, take from Program Files \ COMMON Files \ Apple \ Apple Application Support

Thanks. Earned))

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Win 7 x64. The last tuna. There is no such folder.

Found. Here she: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ COMMON FILES \ Apple \ Apple Application Support

It worked.

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More screenshots for caps ...

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture

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The guys from the mistakes got rid of .. but Inefone never sees ... I don't know what to do ... I launched with Iytyuns and without ..

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In the sense of? That is, no prog errors (Cyder2) does not give, but simply does not connect with the iPhone?
Try to perform my instructions ...

Cyder II Version 0.1 RC2

В© 2009 Blind Guardian

Attached Image

Year of issue: 2009
Version: II VERSION 0.1 RC2
Developer: Blind Guardian
Platform: Windows
System requirements: iTunes , Quicktime
Interface language: Russian

Attached Image

What is Cyder II ?
A wonderful program with which you can perform the following actions directly on the computer:
  • Add and edit a list of repository sources, receive from IDEVICE and send back.
  • Download DEB packages from Cydia directly to a computer, with dependent packages or separately.
  • Receive from Cydia a list of all available packages on your list of repository.
  • Make a quick search for the required package on the filter, by repository, by category, novelty.
  • Send downloaded packages on the IDEVICE to the Cydia Cache folder for auto install or in Autoinstall or in the AppCake program folder (IPA only) to install from this program.
  • Control through the file manager.
  • Ability to use proxy.

What such are important reasons to pay attention to this program?
  1. The program will be useful for the owners of the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad with the Cydia installed, because It is capable of saving WiFi / EDGE / GPRS / 3G / 4G traffic spent on installing and updating new Cydia applications. Each of us was stuck and flopped many times, and it became lost all the programs recorded on the device from Sadi and, with the exception of some lucky people who have a WiFi, constantly had to spend money on traffic. Cyder allows you to avoid it. All you want from you is to start it on a computer connected to the Internet, select a repository, application, copy it to the IDEVICE and install.

  2. As you know, software packages can be found and download from Cydia. But after installing a package and exit from Cydia, the * .deb installation packages disappear without a trace.
    How can you like them? The answer is simple - use the programCyder II And download packages directly from Cydia repository to your computer. Then you can do anything with them, for example, unzip, make a translation and collect back. Then install on the device using the same Cyder II or via i-FUNBOX, or send to a friend or lay out and collect me.

    Saying that the packages after jumping with the idevice cannot be rescued, I certainly rushed a little, because There is such an opportunity. The fact is that when Cydia is launched and you downloaded something and installed, while you did not get out of Cydia, package* .deb You can easily poke, going to the folder / Var / Cache / APT / Archives / Using any file manager for IDEvice, for example, via i-FunBox, ITools, or even through our favorite Cyder II from the File Manager tab. After closing Cydia, then its cache is cleaned with all downloaded packages.

Instructions for use:

You must be installed on your computer 2 programs:iTunes and Quicktime
  1. Download and unzip the archive with the program: Attached fileCyder2-0.1-Rc2.zip. (6.93 MB)

  2. Connect your IDEVICE to the computer.

  3. Run the program by clicking on the file "Cyder2.exe. ". Go to the first tab" Sources ". It has absolutely empty.

  4. To start working with the program, you need to add sources of repositories to it. To do this, click Up the first button "Get sources from Cydia "And wait until the program receives a repository from your IDEVICE. At the same time, it immediately receives a list of available packages from the Internet from Cydia repository servers obtained from IDEVICE.
    Also, you can take a repository list prepared by me:Attached fileSources_cyder.zip.(9.01 MB)
    Cointer archive to unpack the folder with the program.

    Attached Image

  5. Also, you yourself can add (delete, edit) your repositories directly in the program. Just click in the list area with the right mouse button and select "Add", then enter the address of the required repository.

    For example, you can see a list of interesting repositories here.
    Cydia repository list for iOS

    In the applicationCydia There is a tab Sources where there are already pre-installed repositories, as well as you can add the available repo addresses - these are sources of user repositories (developers) that are postponed there their modes, patches, games and packages for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

    Attached Image

    The procedure for installing a new "repository":

    1. RunCydia , in the menu below go to the tab " Sources "
    2. There at the top right click the button "Edit ", Near the already installed repositories, red minuses will appear by clicking on which you can remove unnecessary repository.
    3. Then on the left at the top click the "add" button to add a new repository.
    4. In the address input window that opens, write the address of the repository and click "Add Source. "
    5. If the repo was seen in the distribution of illegal content, then in the junction of the additional window with a warning press "Add Anyway. "
    6. After successfully installing the repository, click on the right up button "Done "And we go to the added repo.

    Popular repositories for Cydia (in addition to available in Cydia):

    1. Appaddict.org: http://appaddict.org/repo/
    2. Biteyourapple Repo: http://repo.biteyourapple.net/
    3. BL00DRA1N REPO: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/Bl00dra1n - We write carefully, in the name of the BL00DRA1N there are 2 zero and one unit.
    4. I0S.US Repo: http://i0s.us/repo/ - We write carefully, in the name I0s.us is written not o, and 0 (zero)
    5. ILEX REPO: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/ilex
    6. Jailbreakfast Repo: http://jailbreakfast.myrepospace.com/
    7. PurpleSn0W for iPhone 3G / 3GS in Cydia: http://apt.geohot.com/
    8. SAM TO UNLOCK Your iPhone http://repo.bingner.com (Details)
    9. Sinful iPhone Repo: http://sinfuliphonerepo.com/ - Pure repository hacked applications.
    10. Smolk Repo: http://smolk.myrepospace.com/
    11. Theme IT App: http://www.themeitepp.com/repo/
    12. Ultrasn0w for iPhone 3G / 3GS in Cydia http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com/

    Top 15 Cydia Repository:

    General list of famous repositories for Cydia:



















    After adding a manually repository, right-click and select "Refresh "To update packages from the Internet for the newly added source.

  6. Now go to the next tab "Packages ". There you will see available packages in the repositories that you had on your list on the IDEVICE or which you yourself have added. There you can sort the packages by the source name of the repository, by category, novelty or updates, choosing the necessary action from the list drops from above Or immediately by the name of the package through the search filter.

  7. Selecting the desired package, you can place it in the download list by clicking on it right-click and selecting "Download with dependencies " or " Download only this package ". The fact is that some packages only work with other packages and depend on their presence - hence the meaning of such functions in download and, accordingly, in the installation.

    Attached Image

  8. Next, selecting the necessary pacts, go to the next tab "Downloads "Here you can already download everything here by clicking at the very top of the triangle (start). Or, holding the Ctrl key, select the mouse with a few you need and pressing the right button, select" Download Selected ".

    Attached Image

  9. Go to "File manager ", Select the destination window on the right, and on the left downloaded packages you want to send to the IDEVICE to install.
    • You can send packages to "Cash Cydia", from where the package is rebooting the package itself.
    • You can send packets to the "Cydia Autoinstall" folder (required Installouus).
    • You can also send packets (IPA only) to the AppCake program folder (the installed version is not lower than 3.8 AppCake programs), then from the AppCake program, make a package setting.

    Attached Image

  10. On the next tab "Settings "You can customize downloading through proxy and other parameters that do not touch.
    That's actually on this and that's it. Use on health!

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Erikpshat @ 03/25/2013, 20:27*
In the sense of? That is, no prog errors (Cyder2) does not give, but simply does not connect with the iPhone?

Well, yes ... I climbed the EPL folder, Comon Files, everyone is hurt, but in the bottom it writes = new iPhone \ iPad
Now I will read your instruction

Rep: (108)
Erikpshat, thanks to the buddy ... Quick Time was not installed ... Now I defined the gadget ...

Rep: (230)
Master7902 @ 03/25/2013, 22:36*
I threw into an EPL folder, Comon Files, everyone is hurt

Um, why did you throw a program back there: rofl: she should work from any folder on the computer.
And then, I'm in the archive, in the folder with Cyder2, already threw the necessary libraries. There and the milledT-Pot.dll. So that Russian characters perceive normally and in prog some tweaks, such as the AppCake folder.

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So I did according to the instructions to your post ... I have a sider from the cap ... And he launched with errors yet I did not throw there .... Now you downloaded yours.

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