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Cyder | [IPhone] [iPad] Assistant Cydia for Big Brother

Rep: (547)
Cyder II
Version: 0.1 RC2

Attached Image
Attached Image

Program author -> maelstrom2001 (BlindGuardian), do not forget to improve the reputation.

The program will be useful for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch owners with Cydia installed and those who do not have Wi-Fi.
On the tab "Packages / Packages" represented everything that can find and install using Cydia / Cyder, plus one utility - a package can be downloaded on the computer, and then copy to your device for installation.

Instructions for use:
FromErikpshat -> We read

System requirements:
iTunes, Quicktime

Repositories for Cydia

Download: Attached fileCyder2_0.1_RC2.zip (795.99 KB)

List of changes
Cyder II 0.1 RC2
For testing RC1 thankguran58 and Xamil!
- lot
Added by:
- Work through a proxy
- Support AppCake
- loading the list of installed applications
- injecting dependencies
- handler references to the repository
- add sources in Cydia
A little bit more. The mechanism of old and new users can use old manual. Virtually all transferred to the context menu, press down the right mouse button.
AutoInstall folder and Upload (AppCake) are not generated automatically, create them manually if necessary.
User dependencies - maintained 1 level dependencies. Recursively depending can be added to the panel manually downloads.
List of installed programs in the form of a text file stored in the folder with the program. It is used in packet filtering, as well as helping to quickly restore the old set at remaking device.
And yes, if you unexpectedly fell off the base, simply close the application and delete base.db of the program folder

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Rep: (33)
Missed program postvil, launched, introduced UcWEB repository (the one in the relevant subject). The question is, what to me to miss the ucweb and then on yafon merge ???
Preferably on all counts .... Probyval nothing happened.

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I join the EFES. Explain how to use it ....

Rep: (76)
There are all kind of understood connect iphone, turn on a program, 3 tab Left click the icon iPhone->Comp, it merges all the repositories. then go to the Preview tab and update them (arrows circular), goes to the second tab, type in the search for what you need, tick the thing to say, click on the hard drive icon, it downloads, go to the 3 tab again, there exhale bend and click the arrow next to an auto-setup, and then press the icon Comp->iPhone, turn on the iphone (after all seeder copied) sidiyu, give it a boot cut down sidiyu, reboot, and then using the update sbsettings springboard, application icons appear. When adding a new repository better after writing / Packages as I yesterday he did not want to take the rap ripdevovsky without this line, ie see how to record existing turnips and pobrazu and likeness :)

Rep: (547)
EFES * [TT],
and Cydia th you is there?

Rep: (10)
And upgrades through it really do?

Rep: (76)
Yes, it's almost complete replacement of Cydia.

Rep: (10)
And how? I, frankly, have not found :(

Rep: (3)
program authormaelstrom2001 (BlindGuardian) was written in the time to program firmware 1.h.h quInstaller
install programs without Installer;) ... and for the WM platform to create a toy5Dice Laid on the forum ...
I think sometimes it is necessary to indicate the author of the program, the more such good and useful and! Free! ...
Thanks for the information / reminder about the authorship!
Added to the cap.

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Rep: (254)
Yes you are right country should know its heroes!

Rep: (153)
Version 0.078 tweaked to work with some of my repositories, in principle, if you have everything working, updated it makes no sense.
Well, here decided to fully devote WM - did not work))))
guran58 Thank you, my friend, and the project for WM is in full swing

Thanks to all users of your program!
Plus you reputation.


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sbsettings- is that ??

Rep: (186)
Babaev @ 13.5.09, 23:06*
sbsettings- is that ??

Irreplaceable program from Cydia.

Rep: (7)
It does not install on iPhone :(

I downloaded normally,

but it does not synchronize :(

Rep: (7)
2. Copy the package auto-install Cydia folder in the device. After rebooting, the package will be installed automatically.

Well it does not establish (

Rep: (547)
Strangely enough, but it does not work with you, why do I work and rest? :-)

Rep: (76)
I have very often a program is buggy and just can not stand the oak-Fail on iphone, sometimes even shakes anything, just click on reaguruet not, but after a reboot everything starts to work. Some time.

Rep: (7)
Yeshe Repositories there?
skinte plz ...

Rep: (547)
added a new version, you can download it in the header

Rep: (7)
Fixi what?

Rep: (254)
jasoor @ 17.5.2009, 11:47*
Yeshe Repositories there?
skinte plz ...

you vooootsyuda

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