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Help in finding programs for Android OS
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General information for beginners and regular participants of the topic.
  1. This topic is designed to search for applications, to discuss them or ask questions about the functionality should be in the relevant forum topics, or through personal correspondence QMS.
  2. Without warning, posts that:
    • don't match requirements of the rules "your recommendation should contain a link with the full name of the recommended application"
    • do not contain the name and version number of the .apk-file of the application posted on request, the topic of which does not exist on the forum
    • contain posted .apk files of existing applications on the forum
Required Information for those who are looking for and helps you find the application.
  1. Before asking a question, use the search on the forum and topic. Check out the content below the reloadable spoilers.Answers to the most popular searchesandUseful posts topics. Look inTheme archive. It is likely that the answer to your question already exists.
  2. If you still want to leave a request, write specifically on the subject of your question, avoid philosophy and lyrical digressions. When making a post, use the standard black font, do not abuse the use of smiles, if necessary, use the tag "OFF TOPIC". Try to write correctly. Your request should be clearly stated and understood by everyone.
  3. Formulate a search query for the Android OS application as follows:
    • write which application you are looking for
    • briefly describe the main desired features
    • specify the model and type of your device, the version of Android OS
    • do not forget to report the presence / absence of root-rights
  4. When you are looking for an analogue of any Android OS application, or an analogue from another operating system, formulate your request according to this scheme:
    • write its full name and give it a link (on the forum topic, if one exists, or a link to a third-party resource, if there is no topic on the forum)
    • briefly describe the main functions available
    • specify the model and type of your device, the version of Android OS
    • do not forget to report the presence / absence of root-rights
  5. If you have already tried similar programs when you searched for any application yourself, but did not arrange the functionality, be sure to specify the name of these applications in the request - this will help you quickly and more accurately find the option that suits you. If you give links to them, do not hide them under neutral names like "this program", "this application here", "tried it". Do not cause inconvenience to others, respect someone else's time, please!
  6. Placing pictures in the message, do not forget to remove them under the spoiler. Uncleared spoiler images increase traffic consumption. Do not forget that not everyone has unlimited.
  7. If you do not have access to Google Play Market or the application is not available for download in your country, and you need to download it from the market, and not from another source, and put the .apk file here, indicate this, write the name of the application and give it to his link.
  8. Do not try to raise your question by asking it in one form or another repeatedly - this is prohibited by the general forum If the topic users know the solution, they will answer your request.
Required Information for those who are helping in the search application.
  1. Try to offer applications in which the availability and operability of the requested functions are checked either by you personally, or in the recommended application topic there is information that the necessary functionality really exists and works. If you are not completely sure about something, do not forget to mention this in your answer.
  2. Be sure to, in abbreviated form, quote the essence of the question in order to simplify the understanding of your answer by other users and reduce the number of identical requests.
  3. A prerequisite - your recommendation should contain a link with the full name of the recommended application. No need to hide the link with the recommendation under the spoiler!
  4. Do not hide under the neutral names such as "here", "tyts", "download", "here" in the link your recommendation or direct download any files. Users should see exactly what you are offering them.
  5. It is allowed to provide links to the Google Play Market, as well as, links to third-party sources that you trust, if the .apk file of the application (or its desired version) is missing
  6. In case your link leads to any third-party resource other than the Google Play Market, do not forget to briefly mention this in your reply.
  7. If you have a choice, to which source to give a link - Google Play Market, of course, the priority of the! Do not forget that not everyone has access to the app store from Google.
  8. When you upload an .apk file of an application, the topic (or the desired version) of which is not on the forum, be sure to specify the name and version number of the application. Do not hide the download link under the spoiler!
  9. No need to upload .apk files already existing in the application forum. If the application is available on our resource, leave a link to its topic.
  10. You are responsible for those links and .apk-files of applications that you offer to users!
  11. Placing in the answer pictures, do not forget to remove them under the spoiler. Uncleared spoiler images increase traffic consumption. Do not forget that not everyone has unlimited.
  12. If, besides the links, you want to leave your personal comments - write correctly and to the point, do not deviate from the topic. If necessary, use the tag "OFF TOPIC".
  13. Please carefully review the recommendations of other users and, if possible, try not to duplicate them when responding to requests.
Searches unanswered.
Attached ImageThis spoiler contains links to unanswered search requests. If you have not received an answer to the questionfor 5 or more days then you can turn to QMS By sending a link to the post with a question. After which it will be placed under this spoiler and your request certainly not lost. The link will be removed from the spoiler after your treatment in QMS topic curator ( you must specify the nickname and post number ).
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Answers to the most popular searches.
❗️This spoiler contains frequently repeated answers to the most popular searches for a topic. Any user can take part in forming the base of answers.We kindly request - to form a selection of frequent recommendations by searching for them only on our topic. . Once you build up your list of applications, containing references to the relevant forum topics, send it to the curator QMS . Your list will be placed under this spoiler. If you have any comments to the already published links or suggestions related to the addition of missing applications, please provide Curators in QMS .

Auto clickers:
Autoclicker | Automatic Clicker

Automator - perform actions on the events:
Tasker | Automateit | В® MacroDroid | В® Automate | Automagic

Alternative supermarkets applications:
APKPure App | Yalp Store | 1Mobile Market | Aptoide | Blackmart | App & | F-Droid | Amazon Appstore

Radar and video recorders:
Arrow - warning radar | Smart Driver - Antiradar and DVR | VideoReg | DailyRoads Voyager | RoadAR - DVR | CamOnRoad | Speed ​​camera radar | MapcamDroid | Megacombine - Add-on for DVRs

Audio Players:
Poweramp | JetAudio | Stellio Player | AIMP for Android | Astro player | Bsplayer | Samsung Music | Music Folder Player | Neutron Music Player | PlayerPro Music Player

audio editor:
Doninn Audio Editor | Voice pro | WavePad Master's Edition | Lexis Audio Editor | Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter PRO | Music tag editor

Blocking calls and SMS - the black list:
В® Root Call SMS Manager | В® Root Call Blocker | Call blocking | Blacklist + | Black list | Annoying call blocker | Blacklist (Blacklist) | Call and Message Filter (aFirewall)

Ad blocking:
Adguard | В® AdAway | В® AdFree Android | Adblock plus | Webguard | В® MinMinGuard (module Xposed)

Notebooks and notes:
Wiznote | Evernote | Colornote | GNotes | Google keep | Omni notes | Diaro | Notebook | Mobisle notes | Simple notepad | Business notes

Firewalls - restricting access of applications on the Internet:
В® Android Firewall | В® AFWall + | В® FireWall Plus | NoRoot Data Firewall | NoRoot Firewall | Mobiwol: Firewall (without root) | NetGuard (without root)

UC Browser | Google chrome | Dolphin Browser | Firefox | Opera Browser | Habit Browser | Boat browser | Puffin web browser | Via browser | CM Browser | Quark Browser | Xbrowser | Brave | browser Vivaldi

Alarm Clock Xtreme | Gentle Alarm | Caynax Alarm Clock | Timely alarm clock | DVBeep | AlarmDroid Clock | doubleTwist Alarm Clock | My alarm clock | KitKat Clock | Clock Smartisan | Alarm clock | Morning Routine - Alarm Clock | Simple Alarm Clock | Alarm Clock Pro | KitKat Clock +

Clipper - Clipboard Manager | Clipboard manager | Native clipboard | Clipboard pro | Clipboard | Clip Stack Clipboard Manager | Clipper Floating Clipboard PRO | aNdClip

Video players:
MX Player | VLC for Android | KMPlayer | Mololi player | Wiseplay | Bsplayer | Total Media Player

Video Editor:
PowerDirector - Video Editor | Kinemaster | AndroVid Pro Video Editor | VivaVideo | VidTrim - Video Editor | VideoShow | Media studio | CuteCut - Video Editor

Recovery of deleted files:
В® DiskDigger | В® GT Recovery | В® Undeleter

Voice Recorders:
Hi-Q MP3 Recorder | Recforge | Smart Voice Recorder | Easy voice recorder | Sound & Voice Recorder - ASR | SPY recorder

Home Bookkeeping:
Cost accounting in Excel | Budget Blitz | Family budget | Zen mani | Monefy - cost accounting | My budget book | Moneywiz | AndroMoney

Record video from the screen:
В® SCR Screen Recorder | AZ Screen Recorder No Root | Quick - Record video from the screen. | No Root Screen Recorder | Mobizen Screen Recorder

Recording telephone conversations:
ACR call recording | Callrecorder | Call Recording | Auto call recorder | CallRec - Call | Callx Call Recording | Total Recall Call Recorder

Protection from viruses, malware and spyware:
Dr.Web | Kaspersky Internet Security | Mobile Security & Antivirus | Comodo Mobile Security | 360 Security - Antivirus Boost | Mobile AntiVirus Security | TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

Password protection / unlock app:
App Lock (Smart App Protector) | AppLock (E-lock) | Smart AppLock Pro 2 | Lockdown | App Lock

Business calendar | aCalendar | Google Calendar | Calendar Widget | Annual calendar | Month: calendar widget | Calendar and notes | Calendar + | Simple Calendar

Gboard - Google Keyboard | SwiftKey Keyboard | GO Keyboard | Hacker's Keyboard | TouchPal Keyboard | Jbak keyboard | Jbak2 keyboard | Fleksy keyboard | A.I.type Keyboard | Multiling O Keyboard + emoji

Nova Launcher | Apex launcher | Go Launcher EX | Google Pixel Launcher | CM Launcher 3D | neXt Launcher 3D | Holo launcher | Car launcher | Mi launcher | Launcher 8 | Total launcher | Launcher ++

Market Google Play, and Google Play services:
The Google Play Store ( | Services Google Play ( | Services Google Play (GP)

Mobile offices:
OfficeSuite 8 + PDF HD | WPS Office + PDF | Docs To Go - Free Office Suite | Polaris Office | Hancom Office | Office Documents Viewer

Mobile Printers:
PrinterShare | PrintHand Mobile Print | Print Hammermill | Printbot | HP ePrint

Bypass blocked access to online resources:
Hotspot shield vpn | VPN Master | Opera VPN | VPN speed | Touch VPN | Openvpn | Hideman VPN | USA VPN | Speed ​​vpn

Online TV:
Bizon tv | Lime HD TV | Peers tv | Lanet TV (Ukr TV) | SPB TV | SPB TV Russia | Crystal tv | Online TV | Eye tv | ViNTERA TV

Online movies and TV shows:
HD videobox | SeasonHit | Terrarium tv | VideoMix | Lazymedia | Zona | HDSerials | HD Cinema | Kinoid | Online Cinema | Futuron | VOD World | HDRezka Client | Our film

Changeling drain "dialers":
True Phone - Dialer & Contacts | PixelPhone - Dialer & Contacts | RocketDial - Dialer & Contacts | ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts | DW Contacts & Phone | iCall screen Pro - Dialer

Mail clients:
Aquamail | | Gmail | K-9 Mail | ProfiMail Go | myMail | Maildroid

Weather forecast (with a clock on the widget, and without them):
eWeather HD | Weather bz | Transparent clock & weather | Android Weather & Clock Widget | My Weather | Accuweather | Weather underground | Weatherpro | Weather live | Gismeteo | Meteogram Weather Forecast

Playing audiobooks:
Smart AudioBook Player | Listen Audiobook Player | Simple audiobook player | Voice Audiobook Player

View and download from YouTube:
Og youtube | Tubemate | Videoder | FREEdi Downloader | YouTube downloader | SnapTube | Vidmate | Newpipe

Parental control:
Parental control | Kids Place - With Child Lock | Paranoia - Parental Control | Time Control Locking | Child App Protector | Kinder timer | Family Locator - Phone Tracker | Where are my children?

Document Scanners:
CamScanner | OCR Instantly Pro | Scanbot - PDF Scanner | ABBYY TextGrabber (OCR) + Translator | OCR Text Scanner | Droid Scan (OCR)

music downloads: | VKmuser | Moosic

Dictionaries and Translators:
GoldenDict | Google translate | ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries | Yandex translator | Contextual translator | Translate Translate.Ru | Microsoft Translator | Screentranslator | Reverso Translation Dictionary | Ectaco Universal Translator

SMS messaging services:
GO SMS Pro | Handcent Next SMS | YAATA SMS | QKSMS Messenger | Textra SMS | Pansi SMS | EvolveSMS | Clever SMS

Taking screenshots
В® ScreenShot | В® Screenshot Easy | В® EZ Screenshot | Screenshot touch | Screenshot Ultimate | Screenit - Screenshot App | Stitch & Share: big screenshot | Ashampoo snap | Screenshot Crop & Share

Text editors:
Jota + (Text Editor) | Quickedit | 920 Text Editor | NotePad ++ New | DroidEdit | Text editor

BitTorrent clients:
tTorrent | ВµTorrent | Zeta torrent | Flud | Bittorrent | aTorrent

Remote device management:
В® RemoDroid | Teamviewer | Airdroid

Startup Manager:
В® Autostarts | В® Autorun Manager | Р’В® My Android Tools | В® Greenify | AutoStart (No root) | Startup Manager (No root)

Profile Management:
Llama - Location Profiles | Profile Scheduler | Sound profile | Phoneweaver | Talking ring

Tools for batteries:
BetterBatteryStats | GSam Battery Monitor | AccuBattery | DU Battery Booster | Battery Alert 40-80 Pro | NovaTester

File Manager:
ES File Explorer File Manager | X-plore File Manager | В® Root Explorer File Manager | Total Commander for Android | Solid Explorer File Manager | В® MT Manager | MiXplorer

Photo and video shooting:
Snap Camera HDR | Google camera | Camera FV-5 | Cinema FV-5 | A better camera | LG camera | Open camera | Camera pro | Camera MX

Photo Editor:
Photo Studio | Photo editor | PicsArt - Photo Studio | Pixellab | Photo Editor by Aviary | Snapseed | Adobe Photoshop Express | TouchRetouch | Autodesk pixlr | Resize Me! | Photo EXIF ​​Editor

System cleaning of debris and cache files:
В® SD Maid | CCleaner | Clean master | 1Tap Cleaner | App Cache Cleaner

Reading of books:
AlReader | Cool reader | FBReader | Moon + Reader | Librera pro | PocketBook Reader | EBookDroid

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Dear users,
already many times in the topic itself, as well as in the header, there were requests for posts with answers to search queries.
Many of you answer this way - with full, not hidden behind "here", "here", "click me", etc., with links to the program topic on our forum or, in the absence of a topic from us, with links to Market with the name of the program; with the names of files and their versions, if we have no theme and the file itself is laid out ...

Thank you so much to all of you: thank_you:

But, unfortunately, there are those who think that "it will come down anyway" ...
But this is essentially the appearance of help ...
Therefore, please take into account the following:

Without warning, posts that:
- do not meet the requirements of the rules of design "your recommendation should contain a link with the full name of the recommended application"
- do not contain the name and version number of the .apk-file of the application posted on request, the topic of which does not exist on the forum
- contain posted .apk-files of existing applications on the forum

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Savark2008 @ 12.02.2018, 08:22*

It does not work, the necessary application still knocks out from the background, is there an analogue?

Rep: (89)
Hello, do not tell me if there is software to reduce the viewing angle?
Ruth has it.

Rep: (83)
* romzes96 Hello, look at this (link to the Play Market) -
Privacy Filter Pro - guard from prying eyes .

Rep: (-28)
keicy @ 12.02.18, 11:48*
finger across the screen.

Mihail22897 @ 12.02.18, 11:49*
Swipe - hold your finger across the screen)

On the media player, your finger on the screen will not catch. This is not a tablet. In short, the right and left buttons of the joystick are what you mean. But this is scrolling. And in the middle of the movie right away (as in a computer with a mouse) I can't get there?

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Beep at 50 seconds to a minute
Hello everyone help find or who can do.
On old cell phones (example) there was an application that made a sound every 50 seconds during a conversation, which meant that a minute would soon pass.
I was looking for this on android did not find (foundan articleAs in the settings of the handset, set the timer), but the problem is that there is a 4.4 Android and I have 6.0 and it’s stupid not to go into the settings)) so you need a separate application.

Rep: (340)
* SHYLLER6, Look in the settings of the dialer "minute signal".
Attached Image

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Friends tell me a good battery calibration application. : thank_you:

Rep: (1974)
* Fantomas_2016
Fantomas_2016 @ 12.02.18, 12:29*
battery calibration application

В® Battery Calibration. But. IMHO, all this pampering.

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* Fantomas_2016
В® Battery Calibration
This program performs a calibration by deleting the system file batterystats.bin.

Only here this file during normal operation of Android clears automatically when you charge your device up to 100%.

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Hello, help me find the trackpad emulation on Android, not half the screen !!!!!

Rep: (0)
Tell me if there is a program on android to download files from the DepFile hosting. Half a year ago I could download files there, but now when I download it, I write this.

, Error:

You are trying to download from another IP address.

Maybe you use a VPN, Proxy or a ToR network.
Only PREMIUM users can download from different IP addresses. ,

If I disable vpn, then the same.

Rep: (915)
Duma (@ 12.02.2018, 12:39*
Hello, help me find the trackpad emulation on Android, not half the screen !!!!!

May you usePartial screen

Rep: (3884)
HAYtower @ 12.02.18, 13:32*
May you use
This program will only help to avoid arbitrary touches, and the user, as it were, does not complain about it, he needs a trackpad that would allow him to perform actions on the damaged part of the screen.
Another question is what might be the user asking to add a trackpad function to his program, to apply, the program would become more universal.

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Rep: (3884)
Duma (@ 12.02.18, 12:39*
Hello, help me find the trackpad emulation on Android, not half the screen!

This program is found in the Market search.[Root] On-screen Pointer Pro

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Hello to all.
Now the head hurts over such a problem: there are 3D vertical stereo pairs on torrents, large files.
How to watch them in VR-BOX?
Files are not written to the memory card. OTG cable and flash drive - helped, 3D VR Player shows a normally horizontal stereo pair. But not for long, about 20 minutes. Then stops. when rewinding - an error.
I am looking for a way to run a movie on my computer and watch it on my smartphone. Already prompted - Stereoscopic Player can show a vertical stereo pair as horizontal. But not for long - asks for money. Trinus VR also asks for money.
mirror op also asks for money.
Trinus VR is still very shaking the mouse, I still do not know where to turn it off in the settings.
Prompt to download programs that will not ask for money, and show a vertical stereo pair as a horizontal stereo pair on a computer with broadcast to a smartphone. Thank.

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Rep: (926)
* DLVillis , that way 3D VR Virtual Reality Devices - General Topic
All the main find in the cap.

Rep: (5)
Help me find a program like Photoshop.
My regards :)

Rep: (3884)
DirkavZope @ 12.02.18, 14:46*
Help me find a program like Photoshop.
Photoshop =Help in finding programs for Android OS
Popular photo editors =Help in finding programs for Android OS (Post _faber_ # 2472314)

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