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iPod nano

Technical details:

First generation -

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* Memory capacity - 1, 2 or 4 GB
* Dimensions - 89 Г— 40 Г— 7 mm
* Weight - 42 g
* Battery life - 14 hours
* Computer interface - USB
* Audio format - AAC, protected by AAC, MP3, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4), Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF
* Image format - JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD (Mac only), PNG
* Color solutions of the case - white, black
* At the moment it is very difficult to find this model, this model is very well distributed in the countries of the 3rd world
* Headphones: 3.5 mm, but it happens that headphones that require a more powerful system are suitable for this model.

Second generation -

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* Display - color TFT, 176 x 132 pixels
* Memory capacity - 2, 4 GB
* Dimensions - 88.9 Г— 40.6 Г— 6.6 mm
* Weight - 40 g
* Battery life - 24 hours
* Computer interface - USB
* Color solutions of the case - black, metallic, pink, green, blue, red
Third generation -

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* Display - color TFT, 2 inches, 320 x 240 pixels
* Management - touch circle
* Memory capacity - 4 or 8 GB
* Audio format - MP3, AAC
* Dimensions - 69.8 Г— 52.3 Г— 6.5 mm
* Weight - 49.2 g
* Battery life - 24 hours of audio, 5 hours of video
* Computer interface - USB
* Body colors - metallic, blue, red, green, black, pink
Fourth generation -
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* Display - 320 x 240 pixels
* Memory capacity - 4, 8 or 16 GB
* Dimensions - 90.7 Г— 38.7 Г— 6.2 mm
* Weight - 36.8 g
* Battery life - 24 hours of audio, 4 hours of video
* Computer interface - USB
* The color of the case - metallic, black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red (sold only in the Apple Store), purple.
* Availability of accelerometer

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Need advice: there is a choice between 2 gen Nano and Nano 3rd gen. The difference in price - by 1.5 times.
I take for the younger brother, and that is the question. Tell me, is there a significant difference in the sound of a subject?
Just I wanted to ask whether there is a customizable EQ and Radio 1 and 2 of the body?
Thank you in advance.

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This problem has iPod nano 5g, stopped working switch back (rew?) Button for the tracks (fast) on her poke, sounds click and nothing happens, forward works as a button, and there was all after I slept on the dusty floor ); MB to prevent dust, how to clean the button or what to do?

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My 1g nano 2gb after rockbox firmware stopped sinhronizirovatsya with itunes. Restored by only 3-4 times (error flew some)
I do not recommend messing with the firmware

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I took proper subject 5G, so I think, we can not force him to shoot not only video, but also a photo?

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It is possible to buy Ipod 3g 8GB for 600grn. (2.214 rbl.). IPod 1 year after purchase. The players are not very whisking, that I want to ask you whether to take this pleerok?
The player taking the sport (riding a BMX). That's what I need from the player:
  • a small display to select a track
  • build quality
  • sound quality
  • So what would be a long time served

By the way here there are pictures of iPods:
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Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

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as you iRiver E30 8GB?

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Explay C360 8Gb
Now that I have advised

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I'll get it ...
can only be ordered with rozetka.com.ua player or the ipod, be advised that a) the capital up to 2000 rubles. (600grn.)

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iPods do not advise, first aytyuns, and secondly I had a second-generation nano, the sound is simply indecent quiet.
this one will be good for Sams reliability and sound quality, but 2GB is, in principle toleratedhttp://rozetka.com.ua/ru/products/details/...ex.html#tab=all
Well if you really 2GB Mammy, here's to 8GB with hard keys, but the sound and the quality of worsehttp://rozetka.com.ua/135149/p135149/

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Tell me, is there anywhere games on iPod nano 4G!

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If paid - in the appstore (FAQon them). Googling or iPod Click Wheel Games.

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Suddenly there was a desire to bring the library in order, in this regard, a number likely to banal questions. How to download album art, without registration in the store \ without credit? How to make so that in the cover flow display the artist, rather than albums? How to rename an album or a song to move to another? How, after all this library on the device to download the other OS?

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I have a question on a subject that many cover songs from - or from another song, or turn black; how to restore the cover songs? Heard in aytyunse have any function - remove the cover and put back by a tick, what everyone knows about it?

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I want to take 6G. Tell me, will come to him from charging Mailstouna Moto (5.1V, 850a)?

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Of course not, why are you

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satyph @ 01.07.2011, 05:24*
I want to take 6G. Tell me, will come to him from charging Mailstouna Moto (5.1V, 850a)?

KISLbIU @ 14.07.2011, 21:33*
Of course not, why are you

Why not? I charge its usual 6g yusb charger (1000mA current - 1 slot, 500 mA per slot - if the two slots at the same time) work in both modes
Oh, I forgot: napruga 5c

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And I thought about the power cord

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here's the problem: I have a ipod nano 4th Generation 16gb, when you turn on ipoda apple appears on the screen and nothing else happens. When you try to charge the device, a similar picture. When connected to a PC itunes does not detect the device. Help me please. Is it possible to fix at home? Or it is necessary to bear in the service center?

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Kopiruesh album title and artist in the search bar Google images, selects the square and large preserved. further trick)

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it is impossible to throw a video on iPod nano 4g!
vidosy in .mp4, but do not get them in any player to throw any library to add (((

tell me what to do, please !!!

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