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iPod nano

Technical details:

First generation -

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* Memory capacity - 1, 2 or 4 GB
* Dimensions - 89 Г— 40 Г— 7 mm
* Weight - 42 g
* Battery life - 14 hours
* Computer interface - USB
* Audio format - AAC, protected by AAC, MP3, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4), Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF
* Image format - JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD (Mac only), PNG
* Color solutions of the case - white, black
* At the moment it is very difficult to find this model, this model is very well distributed in the countries of the 3rd world
* Headphones: 3.5 mm, but it happens that headphones that require a more powerful system are suitable for this model.

Second generation -

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* Display - color TFT, 176 x 132 pixels
* Memory capacity - 2, 4 GB
* Dimensions - 88.9 Г— 40.6 Г— 6.6 mm
* Weight - 40 g
* Battery life - 24 hours
* Computer interface - USB
* Color solutions of the case - black, metallic, pink, green, blue, red
Third generation -

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* Display - color TFT, 2 inches, 320 x 240 pixels
* Management - touch circle
* Memory capacity - 4 or 8 GB
* Audio format - MP3, AAC
* Dimensions - 69.8 Г— 52.3 Г— 6.5 mm
* Weight - 49.2 g
* Battery life - 24 hours of audio, 5 hours of video
* Computer interface - USB
* Body colors - metallic, blue, red, green, black, pink
Fourth generation -
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* Display - 320 x 240 pixels
* Memory capacity - 4, 8 or 16 GB
* Dimensions - 90.7 Г— 38.7 Г— 6.2 mm
* Weight - 36.8 g
* Battery life - 24 hours of audio, 4 hours of video
* Computer interface - USB
* The color of the case - metallic, black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red (sold only in the Apple Store), purple.
* Availability of accelerometer

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expensive nano 4th generation. He took with it. accidentally picked the lock screen, maintain the reset code. and now how to get out of this lock without knowing the code? hostess also does not remember what code is put. how to get out of this?

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Irina-a It may help:
To unlock access to the iPod's screen is enough to delete a file on the disk iPods \ iPod_Control \ Device \ _unlocked.
Sometimes after removal of the files you need to restart the iPod.
* IPod Reloaded - Hold the "Menu" button and the center button for 6-8 seconds.

To see this folder, you need to view hidden folders on the computer.

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thank you) I found earlier in another source. I have a file called _locked and simply renamed _unlocked. itself is all gone) once again thank you for your feedback.

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and which frequency range gives the player nano 6, which headphones under it is better to take, if you write that review complete better to throw at once?

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question yet) nano 4th Generation. Lock button rides. when translating into the locking position, it switches on and off. unit holds only in the position - the middle. ie up to the end to bring a bit back to the middle, only blocks. how can I fix it? disassemble? what could be the problem?

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In the sixth to my iPod pedometer need additional sensors or not? And who knows how many mA / h battery in it?

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tiabait @ 01.10.2012, 14:30*
In the sixth to my iPod pedometer need additional sensors or not?

there is no need. It has a built-in accelerometer

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and about the lock button no one will say?

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Irina-a @ 01.10.2012, 20:54*
and about the lock button no one will say?

What exactly should I say?

Posted 10.10.2012, 8:46:

We will discuss the new iPod nano 7?

I thought about it, as I understand it, he is already on sale in the US for $ 150, to Russia, while not reached.

Like the fact that you can watch the video, but have not yet understood whether Kabul to TV-out and whether it will work at all. I need for the machine + video output. In the sixth generation, it was not.
In the sixth, the power of sound, was so-so, that any change in the seventh?

already available on the CU:
but the price is large, given that it ft.

And I do not understand why it is called 8g, rather than 7g.
7g or has already been, and I missed it?

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I wanted to ask: Curator, on the fourth there is nothing? A sixth where?

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maybe that's why:

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Recently received a nano 2g (!)
Cool thing!

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In what generation ipod nano is the best sound? Or is it the same everywhere? And is there a difference in sound between nano / classic / touch?

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maxon0391 @ 12.11.2012, 2:02*
In what generation ipod nano is the best sound? Or is it the same everywhere? And is there a difference in sound between nano / classic / touch?

The ipod classic ipod video and sound of course better, and even better quality in players from cowon (it is if you're not a fan of apples), more attractive sound Hifiman, but that's another story.

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Unsubscribe owners Ipod nano 7g on the quality of the sound and equalizer settings, just know Monster Beats Solo HD and would like to listen to Dubstep)

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If talking about nano rose 7 I will tell. I'm lucky enough to own this device and would like to write the pros and cons.
1) Very good sound in the headphones that were included and it is very well sit in your ears.
2) Thin and lightweight body
3) excellent screen
4) Easy "rocker"
5) Apple and beautiful design.
6) 16g memory
7) ITunes
1) no sd card slot (though this is not critical.)
2) it is difficult to create playlists.
P.S. The unit cost of deliveryPindo... Oh America in 5500 rubles

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Pomogite.U my ipod nano 3g is connected to a computer and the charge goes in tuna net.I it so I can not sinhronizirovat.kak me byt.esli can be lichku.spasibo.

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STALKER B Minecrafte,
I'd like to get for 5500 nano 7G)

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Get the answer in HP

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What is better playing iPod nano 5g or 6g?

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