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* Dimensions: 4.11 x 2.72 x 1.04 cm;
* Weight: 15.6 g .;
* Memory: 1 GB;
* Operating frequencies: from 20 Hz to 20 KHz;
* Supported formats: MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store, M4A, M4B, M4P), Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4), WAV and AIFF;
* Battery life: up to 12 hours;
* Full charge time: about 4 hours.

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Detailed description
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The built-in mount lets you wear iPod shuffle on clothing. Fasten it on a sleeve, sport shorts or jacket. No matter where you wear your iPod shuffle, it will always be a bright part of your style.

Control Panel: Attached Image
The central button is for playback and pause. Buttons around the center - to return to the previous song, go to the next or adjust the volume. Despite the lack of a key lock switch for all (hold) keys, you can lock (or vice versa, unlock) the control block by pressing and holding the central key for three seconds. After that, any keystroke of the control unit will be ignored, and the indicator will light up yellow.
Stirring switch- Attached ImageAttached Image
Change for the better. Mix the music by sliding the mixing switch. Put it back in place and listen to your playlists, workout music, and albums in the order in which you synced them to iTunes.

Battery charge indicator

* Green color- sufficient charge level (30-100%).
* Orange color- low charge level (10-30%).
* Red color- very low charge level (less than 10%).
* The indicator is not lit - the battery is completely discharged
* Flashing green, then twice orange for 10 seconds - ERROR. You need to restore iPod shuffle.Attached Image
When the player is in the dock, then the orange color of the indicator means charging, green - that the player is fully charged, and blinking orange - that the player cannot be switched off now, it is either synchronized or not removed from the system (in disk use mode).
While playing musicWhen you press any key, a green signal means playback, volume control, track change, or "rewind." Orange - lock the keyboard, reaching the volume limit. Alternately green and orange - the lack of compositions in the player. If the battery is nearly discharged, the shuffle signals as a constantly flashing red light.

Dock connector
Attached Image
iPod shuffle uses a mini-jack mini-sync connector for syncing, the player doesn't have any others. It is possible to use the player as a flash drive for transferring files, but it is unlikely that this opportunity will be of interest to a large number of users - 1 GB is not particularly suitable for these purposes.
* When the player is in the dock, the orange color of the indicator means charging, green means that the player is fully charged,and flashing orange - that the player can not be turned off now, it is either synchronized or not unmounted (in disk use mode).[/ color]

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I told him how to revive the Ipod Shuffle whose only light comes on for 5 seconds, we need the AC charger with USB, mains filter with the button, as the device is discharged in full and does not see the battery the charge is only these 5 seconds and then stops, that is, you put the device on the charging at least for a week, but zero sense as the charge goes until the lamp lights, so take the power extension cable to the button, nestles on the couch or on the job, insert the player into a power outlet, and a button with the extension enables and disables the filter, to revive the player takes from 30 minutes in this manner up to 2 hours, in the end it turns out that we are charging the player for 5 seconds, but many times then the player comes to life as soon as the grab at least some charge

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Well what happened in its own self-made lace Kogonia 3,5-usb? also through the entire tyrnet. I found pinout, but did not see his computer (all the matter in the scheme of which is to stick in the usb port?)

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Dear comrades! I wondered the same idea.
There is a Apple iPod shuffle 2nd Generation 1 gig. With iTunes swears "A common language does not find" synchro 30 songs end up on the player roofing 15 ... and the same kind of other problems.
I planned to sew him some sort of left the firmware (or samsungovskoy NEXTovskoy). 3nayu that when connecting to the Linux operating system, he sees all the "guts" of my Apple iPod shuffle. so I think that there is a real possibility of a little poshamanit and throw it to your music like an ordinary stick.

Who can say whether really do this ?? And in which direction to move better.
PS Thanks in advance!

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d06riy @ 26.02.2014, 20:51*
Who can say really be done?

Unfortunately, alternative firmware in the shuffle there, all through itunes

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And the creation itself at all possible?

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I think there would already have found a different craftsman, which would make the firmware without itunes

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I got my ipod shuffle (I xs a generation. 2 gig purchased in May 2013), I made through itunes reset and promptly inserted his music, listen to day, it is dead (as picked up not charge it simply, that died that quickly). then charge, then dug some settings in tuna and is now playing songs interrupted different songs cease singing in a different period of time, but see the player is not cut down, but just go out songs. Save, help!

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the problem was resolved in a strange way - I use razer electra and lace yuzayu with microphone if you use any other headphones that everything is a matter of course, need to order a spare set of strings)

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Hello everyone, I Ipod Shuffle 3g earphones Earpods new remote does not work. Sometimes it works srenyaya button and the sound is not. (It may be possible in the config somehow increase the volume of the player ??)

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Hello! Can you please tell how to reset the iPod 4th generation to factory settings through not aytyuns? I read how to do it, but how to understand, dropped or not?

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I remember, there was a feature on the 4th my iPod: When you click something player pronounces the battery charge percentage. Not Remind combination?
Hy ... and wrote .... thought, emerged from the depths of the subconscious ... Double-click on the Voice Over button

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Lord, I have a problem:
bought athisa stub. Complete course of normal ears EPL (as ayfone4, 4s) of the previous generation, with a pretty decent sound, given that I have no ears: D, but the gag is better?
So Shinhayzery CX300II it played such a flat sound that even my "hearing" in shock! While on the old phone teksete and sound completely different: volume, net. Connected to it standard so there is again good, more or less high-quality sound, connect Panasonic for 300 rubles, and again, a good sound.
What kind of "в„–;%:! O.O?!

Through tuna was played with an equalizer, I did not feel much of a difference
partially understood, it appears half podcasts was 128kb \ c:-D, but the sound is not the same fountain. Who are sending other tabs on them all hope

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Good day to all! I hope for your help, the people. Such a problem. There ipod shuffle 2nd Generation 1 Gb. It worked fine. Devaysu 3 years. Dock not charged from USB. Exercises held on the week with a load of 1 hour per day. About two weeks ago broke down the headphones and I did not touch iPods. Today I want to charge, since he is dead, but it was not there. not in what does not charge, and the computer does not recognize the device. There is an assumption that the charge attempted to use the charge of the phone (5 V, 0,7 A).

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Throw off ECW all keystrokes on ipod shuddle 4 2gb ... plz with plus me))

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If you play with the equalizer in iTunes, in synchronization with the shuffle 4th generation sound on it changing? And I do not feel the difference.
On a computer that sound good, but the player tops badly bullied.

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* d06riy,
I do not know you, it is important for now, but try to download iTools, the program has helped me, in almost the same situation

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Guys I have a ipod shuffle 2gb latter worked well, got completely connect on yusb to a computer for 3 seconds, the red light, and all zero response is not computer does not aytyuns it at all not detect nekak signal on a computer all the backlog, broken, leaving so on night, zero response prompt the player has broken cable or something?

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* hachukash1,
It was this also helped to connect the charger to the phone (to connect several times and leave to charge).
This is due to a complete discharge.

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Prompt good vacuum headphones for this player 4th generation?)
In the hands have headphones SONY MDR-EX37, but are they good for?

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Prompt please, Ipod 4g equalizer not? Where the sound (music) is better: a smartphone, for example, Sony, or you shuffle? Similar or questions about audio books, where it is better to be heard? The issue arose in connection with the fact that I want to listen to something, and the other on a walk.

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