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* Dimensions: 4.11 x 2.72 x 1.04 cm;
* Weight: 15.6 g .;
* Memory: 1 GB;
* Operating frequencies: from 20 Hz to 20 KHz;
* Supported formats: MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store, M4A, M4B, M4P), Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4), WAV and AIFF;
* Battery life: up to 12 hours;
* Full charge time: about 4 hours.

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Detailed description
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The built-in mount lets you wear iPod shuffle on clothing. Fasten it on a sleeve, sport shorts or jacket. No matter where you wear your iPod shuffle, it will always be a bright part of your style.

Control Panel: Attached Image
The central button is for playback and pause. Buttons around the center - to return to the previous song, go to the next or adjust the volume. Despite the lack of a key lock switch for all (hold) keys, you can lock (or vice versa, unlock) the control block by pressing and holding the central key for three seconds. After that, any keystroke of the control unit will be ignored, and the indicator will light up yellow.
Stirring switch- Attached ImageAttached Image
Change for the better. Mix the music by sliding the mixing switch. Put it back in place and listen to your playlists, workout music, and albums in the order in which you synced them to iTunes.

Battery charge indicator

* Green color- sufficient charge level (30-100%).
* Orange color- low charge level (10-30%).
* Red color- very low charge level (less than 10%).
* The indicator is not lit - the battery is completely discharged
* Flashing green, then twice orange for 10 seconds - ERROR. You need to restore iPod shuffle.Attached Image
When the player is in the dock, then the orange color of the indicator means charging, green - that the player is fully charged, and blinking orange - that the player cannot be switched off now, it is either synchronized or not removed from the system (in disk use mode).
While playing musicWhen you press any key, a green signal means playback, volume control, track change, or "rewind." Orange - lock the keyboard, reaching the volume limit. Alternately green and orange - the lack of compositions in the player. If the battery is nearly discharged, the shuffle signals as a constantly flashing red light.

Dock connector
Attached Image
iPod shuffle uses a mini-jack mini-sync connector for syncing, the player doesn't have any others. It is possible to use the player as a flash drive for transferring files, but it is unlikely that this opportunity will be of interest to a large number of users - 1 GB is not particularly suitable for these purposes.
* When the player is in the dock, the orange color of the indicator means charging, green means that the player is fully charged,and flashing orange - that the player can not be turned off now, it is either synchronized or not unmounted (in disk use mode).[/ color]

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Good day, tell me how to make a USB cable for this device with your own hands.

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Hello. But can you tell me whether it’s possible to turn off auto-repeat in the playlist, or even do auto-pause after each track? Roughly speaking, so that he shuts up after a lost track, and not lose the next one? On phones, this moment was decided by creating a playlist for one song, but this beast doesn’t know how? We want to use it as a device for backing tracks, and we really need an autopause. The Internet is silent on this subject.

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Who synchronizes music with what? I have 2 laptops, and sometimes I add from them, but here aytyuns grinds everything. What are the analogues?
I used iMazing, but now I do not want it, it says it is formatted in a MacOS player.
What else can you do?

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For convenient music transfer on iPad without iTunes I use Waltr2

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Who knows if you can make 3.5 and USB charging for iPod Shuffle? What and how to connect contacts? Explain nuu))
I do not sell such charging, so collective farms

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* Bibiagekul only when you live in Mukhosransk, then Ali and hope is not worth

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This is who interested in a person disassembles and changes to the 200 Mah battery (standard 52 mAh)

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And who knows how to reanimate the old shafl?
I bought a lot for a long time, then something became with him and he stopped playing, just bliding the light bulb. I threw it for a long time, some time lay on the balcony all winter in dryness, but the cold.
Now I think, is it really possible?
Even the difficulty that Ityuns is not, I use only Linux ...

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Friends Tell me. Is there any adapter for bluetooth headphones? : rolleyes:

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Friends, tell me how to change the sorting of songs, downloaded audiooknigu, the player first reproduces chapter 1, then chapter 10, then 11, 12, etc. Until 19, and only then chapter 2. How to change the reproduction order for human?

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* Nord-Maschine , Yes. On Ali Looking Bluetooth Transmitter

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Who else alternative to iTunes know?
Floola functional, but too buggy, does not fully support SHUFFLE. Often iPod not all tracks sees after it is synchronized.
CopyTransManager is absolutely working and stable, but its limit in 1MB speed copying speed kills. It is necessary to wait for the whole hour until all the tracks will fall.

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The people of whom 2G flashes three times orange, and there is no sign of life, choose in tuna (use as an external disc) will be constantly blinking orange and take a charge.

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Guys and such still exist? Or are all on your knees? Such as EPLs should live))

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Hey. When I put an iPod to charging the indicator flashes green, then orange. In the header it is written that this is a mistake. But if you remove with charging and switch the slider on ON, the red indicator lights up and the music plays if you insert headphones. Is it all the same error? Do you need to try to eliminate? As far as I understand it is necessary to put an iPod in tuna as an external disk? Or not? Now I don't have access to the computer so I ask so stupid questions :)

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* jefe.png,
iTunes has a "software update", reinstall the firmware. If it does not help, then most likely the battery failed.

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* shMatrix_BY, Okay I will try.
I read that the battery could die due to a long non-use / complete discharge. Found a post in which it is written how to push the battery
Attached Image
Is it possible to simply put it for charging, and after the indicator stops glowing to remove and put it again. So in a circle. Do not know?

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* jefe.png,
What about such a way of revival, but it looks plausible
But I know for sure that "the battery could die due to a long non-use / full discharge," I died in the same way.
There are options for replacing the battery in extreme cases. By the way, the situation when you insert a player for charging (through power supplies) the diode lights up and immediately does not always mean that the battery died, the same behavior will be when charging power is not enough. Often Chinese where 1 AMP is written, in fact they give out 200-300 ml of AMP, and the player needs 500. The usual USB port of PC is always successfully charged.

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