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* Dimensions: 4.11 x 2.72 x 1.04 cm;
* Weight: 15.6 g .;
* Memory: 1 GB;
* Operating frequencies: from 20 Hz to 20 KHz;
* Supported formats: MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store, M4A, M4B, M4P), Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4), WAV and AIFF;
* Battery life: up to 12 hours;
* Full charge time: about 4 hours.

A photo
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Detailed description
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The built-in mount lets you wear iPod shuffle on clothing. Fasten it on a sleeve, sport shorts or jacket. No matter where you wear your iPod shuffle, it will always be a bright part of your style.

Control Panel: Attached Image
The central button is for playback and pause. Buttons around the center - to return to the previous song, go to the next or adjust the volume. Despite the lack of a key lock switch for all (hold) keys, you can lock (or vice versa, unlock) the control block by pressing and holding the central key for three seconds. After that, any keystroke of the control unit will be ignored, and the indicator will light up yellow.
Stirring switch- Attached ImageAttached Image
Change for the better. Mix the music by sliding the mixing switch. Put it back in place and listen to your playlists, workout music, and albums in the order in which you synced them to iTunes.

Battery charge indicator

* Green color- sufficient charge level (30-100%).
* Orange color- low charge level (10-30%).
* Red color- very low charge level (less than 10%).
* The indicator is not lit - the battery is completely discharged
* Flashing green, then twice orange for 10 seconds - ERROR. You need to restore iPod shuffle.Attached Image
When the player is in the dock, then the orange color of the indicator means charging, green - that the player is fully charged, and blinking orange - that the player cannot be switched off now, it is either synchronized or not removed from the system (in disk use mode).
While playing musicWhen you press any key, a green signal means playback, volume control, track change, or "rewind." Orange - lock the keyboard, reaching the volume limit. Alternately green and orange - the lack of compositions in the player. If the battery is nearly discharged, the shuffle signals as a constantly flashing red light.

Dock connector
Attached Image
iPod shuffle uses a mini-jack mini-sync connector for syncing, the player doesn't have any others. It is possible to use the player as a flash drive for transferring files, but it is unlikely that this opportunity will be of interest to a large number of users - 1 GB is not particularly suitable for these purposes.
* When the player is in the dock, the orange color of the indicator means charging, green means that the player is fully charged,and flashing orange - that the player can not be turned off now, it is either synchronized or not unmounted (in disk use mode).[/ color]

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IPod shuffle 2 generations
Quickly got a battery, I put it on charging from the memory, the indicator flashes orange three times, after shocking and nothing happens.
I connect to the PC, the charge goes, tuna recognizes. But the charge is literally enough for 10 minutes.
Does this battery die? Or what else can be?

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* leprikonez,
Apparently the battery, well, maybe the power controller is still in theory ..

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Hello. The problem, the 4th generation shafl climbed the red diode for 5 seconds, then the Tuh. Pushed the battery. Now the diode is green for 5 seconds, then red for 5 seconds and everything goes out. Here I found many who have such problems. So that? No one has found a solution?

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People, tell me if you can simultaneously listen to music and charge iPod shuffle 4.
It is necessary to connect it to the car radio via AUX.

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* AR} {@ NGEL, Through AUX, you will not go to the player, it will not go on the player, and even if you find the lace and bring 5V to it. There is a chance to burn AUX from the radio or the port of another enabled device and again, it's not a fact that it will play .. if the current is just As a flash drive to hang it, but because of the fact that he has a hidden music folder, most likely he will see it. It's easier to buy some transmitter from 3.5 under the ears or a radio change))

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Bought the other day. In the course of the 4th generation. 2GB. For the first time I use the services of Apple. I love Nokia. But the player was needed for sports. Much went over - not that! I saw a friend, I listened to the sound - immediately decided. Sound at height. Native headphones - the sound is super, only when jumping falls out. But the vacuum picked up the sound - super! And they are well sitting and sound class. There are a couple of moments. Is it possible to set an equalizer "for yourself" through iTunes? And the second ... I plan to go far soon ... So, like trains on nature, there will be no laptop with you. And there will be no socket, only the car. There is an option to charge autonomous. In charging, there will be 800 milliamme apex for returns. Will it be the rules for this iPoda? And what is the container at this device? Just first faced with him. He does not understand, and I took it from my hands.

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* nyevgen,
What headphones were taken under it?

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* Alex_Z30,
A4-Tech. I do not remember the model, the packaging at work remained. With neodymium speakers. And in general, it's an amateur. I took not expensive, relatively. I am important to me. I liked it - I took. Basy there are good. Before that, I was looking for a long time ... I took Philips - Basi like nothing, but A4 is better. It is this model.

P.S. By the way, they have several models with neodymium speakers. My wife has about the same. In appearance - one in one. Only her model is different. Yes, and the sound is neither ........

Sori for "tactful".

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Two years old, probably, if not more, shuffle was launched a second generation, never took into the hands. Yesterday I found it - it works so far, the dog! : P.
I was upset when I remembered that ITunes need, but quickly found Copytrans Manager to replace it :) Are there any other useful programs? For example, the same equalizer set up or something else

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Hello members of the forum, I have this device and home speakers. I would like to know if there is a docking station in the nature of this baby for the simultaneous connection of sound and power, for it is constantly under the charge of it from the USB straight, and so put and let it stand. Thank you in advance.

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Urabor @ 03/09/2016, 08:46*
Hello members of the forum, I have this device and home speakers. I would like to know if there is a docking station in the nature of this baby for the simultaneous connection of sound and power, for it is constantly under the charge of it from the USB straight, and so put and let it stand. Thank you in advance.

Judging byto thispostin theory You can do everything yourself.

P.S. If you decide to do, please unsubscribe. Since I plan to do the same. I have two players.

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Lost cable from iPod Shuffle 4G. Assembled according to the scheme for 2G version - I did not work. I ordered 90 rubles from the Chinese. (According to reviews, proven for 4G) with him IPOD came to life, charged, synchronized. Washing the resistance of contacts, there is a resistive voltage divider of 5V ->3B. R1 = 120 Ohm resistance rates, R2 = 200 Ohm.
I ordered here: (not advertising)
Attached Image

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Shsm. The resistors are only part of the scheme. The current through them is only 15 mA, and the voltage has already fallen up to 3 volts. If the player would manage to take the same amount, then the voltage on the red wire was 1 volt. Theoretically, you can lift this voltage inside the player to 4 V, necessary for the charge of the battery, but the current will fall into the same 4 times and will become about 4 mA.
So there are still some semiconductor keys in the cord ...

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And if this is a miracle charge from Power Banka? Will anything terrible player? Power Bank 1a.

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* nyevgen, You can charge if there is a cord.
I do not charge anything from anything. Shuffle 2G cord did not come true :(

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* al-slimy So there is a Chinese cable in addition to resistors, includes something else. Scheme In my post above - does not work But it makes it clear how to distinguish the Chinese version of the iPod Shuffle 4G from version 2G.

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Guys, tried a bunch of cables for the 4th chofla, only this one came up:
High Quality USB 2.0 Data Sync Charger Transfer Cable for Apple iPod Shuffle 3RD 4th 5th 6th Free Shipping
(from AliExpress Android)
You can safely book.

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Guys, I use iPod Shuffle 4. I noticed such a thing that I got it, for example, 144 songs, and Random mode is played only 30. I read that you need to stap tags in the songs.
And where and through which program it is better not to do this ???

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* Serejka_SM,
For example, in AIMP you can rule tags

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* Serejka_SM,
I use tagrename. Convenient and easy. Works.

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