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Let's put together our reviews of the best (?) Version of Windows. Start of the poll 15/10/17
Windows 7:
The best system of all time, adore! [ 1576 ] ** [67,12%]
I use as the second axis [ 83 ] ** [3,53%]
It is the best, but you want a new one. [ 261 ] ** [11,12%]
She was the best, but outdated [ 295 ] ** [12,56%]
I use if necessary [ 99 ] ** [4,22%]
Never liked [ 34 ] ** [1,45%]
Total votes: 2348

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Windows 7 - Windows NT family of operating systems, following Windows Vista. In the line of Windows NT, the system carries the version number 6.1. The server version is Windows Server 2008 R2, the version for integrated systems — Windows Embedded Standard 2011 (Quebec), mobile — Windows Embedded Compact 2011 (Chelan, Windows CE 7.0)
The operating system went on sale on October 22, 2009 - less than three years after the release of the previous Windows Vista operating system. Access to RTM was granted to partners and customers with a Volume Licensing license on July 24, 2009. On the Internet, the original installation images of the final version of the system have been available since July 21, 2009.
From July 2011 to March 2017, Windows 7 occupied the leading position in the number of users in the world. As of October 2017, the share of Windows 7 is26.1% among the operating systems used in the world to access the Internet and ranks second in the world in popularity after Windows 10.
Windows 7 editions and their differences
  1. Starter (Initial)
    As the name suggests, this version is designed for budget systems and has a minimal set of functions.
    It can not be used for retail sales - it comes only with ready-made PCs. The latter means that if your computer does not have this version of Windows 7, then it is impossible to install this version, since it is not sold at retail.

  2. Home Basic (Home Basic)
    The version has a low cost and is designed for users who use only the basic functions of the platform.
    In this edition there are no all tools designed for business applications, and there are no additional opportunities for the user to work with multimedia.

  3. Home Premium (Home Premium)
    The basic version offered to home users. It has a number of differences from Home Basic (Home Basic) edition:
    Additional games. For fans of computer games, this will still be small, but still more than in Home Basic.
    The presence of the Media Center utility (for more, see the official website This allows you to turn your computer into a home entertainment center (cinema, TV, video recorder, control using a remote control, etc.).
    You can record DVD video discs using Windows DVD Studio. So that later the recorded disc could be viewed not only on a PC, but also on a regular home DVD-player.
    There are Scissors for taking screenshots (built in Windows 7 program for taking screenshots). With one click of a button, you can record an image from the PC monitor screen.
    Support touch input. Data entry is not from the keyboard, but by clicking on the menu items and the virtual keyboard keys directly on the screen, of course, with the appropriate monitor.
    The possibility of organizing a home group. Combining multiple PCs into one local home network.
    Tablet PC support. You can buy a tablet on which Home Premium will be installed.
    Windows Aero shell support.
    Like the version of Home Basic (Home Basic), this edition also lacks all the features designed for business applications.

  4. Professional (Professional)
    The basic version for distribution to companies. For example, laptops for personal use with this version of Windows 7 are also sold.
    Added a number of tools designed for use in business applications:
    printing function based on the current network location. The printer can not be connected directly to the computer and can be connected to the corporate network, and be available for many users simultaneously. This saves resources on the corporate printers, on paper, supplies, and allows the use of high-speed printing device. Also it allows you to control print, for example, for business security purposes, to print the document "not leaving" for other purposes.
    The ability to remotely control your PC. The computer remained on the workplace. It means that you can access it from any place where there is another computer and access to the Internet (for example, from any business center, Internet cafe, etc.). Of course, only to those who know the appropriate access passwords. Convenient for employees who often leave the office, as well as in case of emergency, when information “forgotten” on a computer is needed “badly”.
    Support file system encryption. For security purposes, so that even if files are stolen, nothing can be disassembled and read. For companies, this is especially important, since competition is increasing, data must be protected from leakage, otherwise it may overtake "on level ground".

  5. Enterprise (Corporate)
    Not sold in the retail network - distributed among large companies by corporate licenses. It has all the features of the Professional version (Professional) plus a number of additional features:
    Multilingual interface (up to 35 languages, between which switching is possible).
    BitLocker Drive Encryption to protect information, as well as BitLocker to go removable media encryption. If someone tries to "steal" this encrypted information, then he will be tortured to decipher it, and he is unlikely to succeed.
    AppLocker technologies (allows you to create rules that allow (or prohibit) certain users to run certain files and applications). In a large corporation, someone can do a lot, someone much less, depending on the position, status, tasks to be solved. This applies to running applications, accessing files and folders, etc.
    DirectAccess is a technology for remote access to corporate network resources. In the corporate network, you can find a lot of useful for work, being outside of corporations (at home, on business trips, etc.). For this and need remote access to the corporate network.
    BranchCache networking technology for caching: on a local network, a user can quickly download a file from the cache if this file has previously been downloaded by another user of this network from the Internet. This is convenient for sharing information (files) with colleagues from a corporation, especially for exchanging large files that cannot be sent via email.
    In remote sessions, you can use the convenient Aero interface.
    Ability to boot from a disk VHD (Virtual Hard Disk). The loaded operating system may not be stored on its own computer disk, but on a virtual disk, outside the computer.
    Subsystem to run with UNIX-applications.

  6. Ultimate (Maximum)
    The most complete edition of the operating system Windows 7 (has the capabilities of all other versions).
    Functionally practically does not differ from the Enterprise version (Corporate), but is used in retail.
    This option is suitable for those who intend to use all the features of this platform, and is not limited in cash, since the Ultimate (Maximum) version is the most expensive of all.
    The differences in the versions of Windows 7 can be clearly seen on the official Microsoft website:

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today stumbled upon this
Cton tried to install a new Windows?
What are your impressions?

Rep: (990)
Yasha! @ 14.1.2009, 21:55*
Zhuffs you Russify explain how?

and pyvo? Zhufs lazy, he pulled from the torrent assembly with rusikom from x86 but rusik there is not complete, so sho do not worry :)
Zhuvs and Yashik ... flooding in the Ukhoditstsa Chamber. Yay-yay-yay ....

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Rep: (2221)
paveld, for some reason I could not even be ....
In objem, we throw offtop about archiving and ...
Let's get closer to the topic!

Rep: (0)
Marvi @ 22.2.2009, 19:12*
And I set. Fresh. NOD32 Antivirus 4.0.226 RC1.

Yes ... here I put the beast to catch the beast and finally made sure that the blue is flying out of him, what the hell do (((
Mot what other to put, offer che-thread worthwhile ...

Rep: (938)
try itAntiVir Free Version . It is a decent thing. Download here - .

Shl. In general, it is strange ... Everybody goes - you don’t go ... Maybe something to correct in the conservatory? (c) M.Zhvanetsky
Tell me, do you have 7 official ones? Or with some self-made rusik from above? And what assembly 7?

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I have killed seven the day before yesterday.
Progs are no longer installed, and the screw with Windows became ridonli.
I had to demolish.
I will wait now until the output RC1.

Rep: (938)
Darkanzali @ 27.2.2009, 22:12*
screw with Windows became ridonly.

? In the sense of?
I think that in this time, Winda will not even be able to start.
And what if you boot from the Live CD, also readonly? : D

Rep: (5)
Ridonly not for Windows.
but rather for prog.
Prog swore that they can not register on the disk.
as if there is no right. and everything was right, I launched it under the administrator, and in general somehow I just did not start it.
In general, xs, that this was

Rep: (938)
Wadik @ 28.2.2009, 1:04*
when the trial first time set two days worked and did not blow the woo

So move it!
Darkanzali @ 28.2.2009, 1:56*
Prog swore that they can not register on the disk.
as if there is no right. and everything was right, I launched it under the administrator, and in general somehow I just did not start it.
In general, xs, that this was

That is, it is the program? Can you write anything on the disc yourself? Then really, it seems that the rights of the case.

Shl. And now I have 2 machines, 7-ka how the clock works. And the further, the more I am pleased.

Rep: (5)
No, could not write
The Windows itself worked, and the programs previously installed were also installed.
that's all weird.

Rep: (938)
Maybe this - help you?

Rep: (898)
I asked a question in another topic, but the holivar started there :) so I deleted there, and here I repeat:
Dear, I had this situation.
Note: Asus A8Js Core2Duo T5600 1.83Ghz, 2 * 1Gb RAM (533Mhz), Nvidia GeForce Go 7700 (512Mb).
I put 7-x86, I liked everything, according to subjective feelings - at least no slower than XP.
But read the article:Windows 7 (32-bit / 64-bit): 2GB vs. 4GB RAM in gamesand sort of realized that you can put 4 Gb (although the article seems to be a big increase in games).
But on the basis of popular wisdom "memory is not enough," put to test 2 * 2 Gb Samsung 800Mhz,
When loading the BIOS, it showed only 3Gb, in the system itself it was written that 4G was installed, but only 3G was used. Everest showed the same as sitema. Everest showed that PAE is on.
Interestingly, 4G worked all the same or not, if not, why did the people in 7K 4G work on that 32-bit system in that article?
Somewhere I read that 7-ka shows that it uses 3Gb, but actually uses 4gig.

PS: in the end, while remaining on the Transcend 1Gb RAM (533Mhz) and Samsung 2Gb RAM (800Mhz), the system determines the 3Gigas installed and in operation.

Rep: (114)
Marvi @ 3.3.2009, 14:04*
Look here

there is a current rusik kachaetstso ... and when you try to download Windows -
The page cannot be found
It has been temporarily unavailable.

Rep: (938)
Well, I do not know ... Before posting, I specifically checked that I started to download. If I remember correctly, it is not necessary to register on this site for downloading.

Rep: (827)
Microsoft Windows 7 beta 1 Build 7048 Ultimate x64 released

original folders

image made using the UltraISO program

I have not tested it myself. Keys say fit and old ...

PS version is not Russified like

From myself I wish to add that the system itself is almost ready - there are a couple of minor bugs that are treated with the patches. There are a couple of simple nenodelannyh details. I test assembly 7022 for the second day and I want to say that I'm totally satisfied with the truth had to grow out of Makstrona (and Avanta and IE) as page rendering leaves much to be desired ... Yesterday, half a day to kill all browsers tests: stopped on FF, so it as close as necessary to the ideal browser (in the opera at sufficiently bugs (quotation on the forums) and unrealistically close a tab by double-clicking - uzhs in Chrome just do anything you can not set up, Safari 4, probably in second place - but then again you can not close a tab by double-clicking) . Driver perfectly accustomed to the system, the program also (did not catch MacDrive). Just had to go to Skype 4 - well, nothing, get used to it. WMP I did not like (she was not supposed to), so that at the moment looking for a replacement. Winamp has remained (AIMP just did not like the look, Foobar, I never probyval)

The main thing that of course is not enough so far is the work of DT.

Well, the most recent misunderstandings - of course, I optimized the system for myself (that is, I could turn off something necessary), but now I noticed that the labels in “All Programs” for some reason are losing icons (at the moment already 2); icons move - just open the inscription using (strange but not deadly, you can immediately throw in the normal order)

Well, everything seems to be ... gone into reboot, I want to check once again how the start menu behaves and how the labels are there.

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Rep: (938)
Vampire_X @ 4.3.2009, 9:05*
had to wean from Makstrona

: blink:
What is it with you and Maxton?
Now I am writing from Makston 2.5.1, from 7-ki (7 000, without Rusik). I do not observe any oddities with rendering.
But I observe another glitch - at the opening of the last session, when there are a lot of tabs, sometimes the order of tabs is confused. No more complaints.

Rep: (827)
For some reason, when I saw down, there was a noticeable flicker of personnel, maybe a trifle, but unpleasant. On Vista, this is not observed

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Rep: (898)
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It seems there is not yet ... and I am not sure that this possibility will be, however there are doubts about the rationality of such a display.

Rep: (724)
BUThere7048 review and testing in real applications.

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