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      I am looking for a text editor on iOS8. I triedPicsel Smart Office, did not like. Requirements: opening of documents Word, PowerPoint, Excel, the built-in PDF viewer is desirable.

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      I am looking for a text editor on iOS8. I triedPicsel Smart Office, did not like. Requirements: opening of documents Word, PowerPoint, Excel, the built-in PDF viewer is desirable.

      TrySmart Office 2. Supported formats: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx (view and edit), pdf, gif, png, jpg, bmp (view).

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I am looking for a cracked version of the programiBooks

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[Oceanic *] Sawyer
Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB
In general, it is also free for the iPad ...

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iSeven @ 19.5.10, 9:39*
In general, it is also free for the iPad ...

it is clear that it is free, but my account on whist 64b is not activated ... and ibooks is deleted ...

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Greetings to you comrades!
Who uses Safari Download on ipad?
I downloaded from sidium, but it does not work.
Who has work for iPad? tell me where to get

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Office HD - in apptrackr.org (or is it an example? :)),
iBook - in American epstor, registered there with the help of a gift card, which I bought on ebaye (they say it is possible without a card, but did not try, I still needed to buy an office),
Downloading from safari also does not work, apparently the incompatibility of versions with the iPad version, we will wait a bit.

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Who uses Safari Download on ipad?

Downloader did not start, but got a good alternative to safari with a function, including downloads - iCabMobile. Good browser. I recommend to try.

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Looking for Log me in, Ifile for iPad

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Alexkl @ 21.5.10, 1:47*
Downloader did not start

Wound up, but not the first time ....

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looking for Todo for Ipad)) help Pts need)

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Where to send todo?

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Todo for iPad

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Good evening gentlemen, looking for normally broken -
iMockups for iPad
iThoughtsHD (mindmapping) (by the way, I recommend, it is very convenient to carry out the brainstorms and draw all sorts of project schemes)

On all known resources, I downloaded it - it does not start.

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Looking for Wired Magazine

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Seeking logmein

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I recommend to install the installous program through sidium by specifying the repository (there is a list here on the forum) or hakulo.us or iguides.ru. For the latter, the policy has recently changed, so instead of copying the repository link from our forum, I recommend visiting the site and opening the repository section, it says how to register so that everything works.

After installing installous, a convenient opportunity appears to find many programs on different sites and install them immediately. At least most of the programs listed in the topic above are there.

When uploading it is often that the first time the download does not start, sometimes it is necessary to put the download two and five times before it goes successfully.

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StrikerX @ 28.5.10, 1:39*
Looking for Wired Magazine

The same would be happy to have looked alive, and on YouTube, what “fiction” awaits us in the future .....

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Wired magazine

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Attached fileOfficeHD_v3.2.1.ipa.zip(2.01 MB)

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looking for something like thatalarm clock puzzlefor iphone 3g (why the puzzle, otljulyu everything else and peacefully sniff on, then you have to preload the mosque and extinct it from sleep)

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looking for soulver for ipad

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