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Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 (twice as power than Quest 1)
RAM - 6 gigabytes
Displays with a resolution of 1832x1920 (90 Hz)
Built-in memory - 64GB / 256GB
Updated controllers
High-performance processor and graphics of the new generation

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What speed by WiFi supports Quest 2
ABOUT:Quest 2 supports WiFi speed 6 to 1200 Mbps

Reviews and additional information:
- Many video reviewsWe look at post
- Unpacking and first inclusion Oculus Quest 2 in Russian
- Oculus Quest 2: Full Review in Russian.
- Departed review about Quest 2 from Quest 1
- What to do after buying Oculus Quest 2: Step by step guide
- Way to fight on the phone
Full overview, from buying up to settings

Cinematic sound - built-in speakers, equipped with a system of reproduction of cinematic positioning 3D sound, will allow you to hear everything that happens around.
Broadcast from the headset - broadcast the session virtual reality to the TV or in the Oculus mobile application and collect friends for watching.
Take advantage of both systems due to Oculus Link - high-speed fiber optic cable connecting your compatible game computer with the headset Oculus Quest "All in One".


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I will write first) I ordered the first quest, but before the sending itself I decided to cancel and did not lose it)

Made pre-ordered. I will write about the impressions upon receipt. Prior to that was Oculus DK2 and WMR Lenovo.

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Also made pre-ordered with Amazon, it remains a month to wait;)

Cap of nothing. Requires add-ons)

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Do you please explain the guys - is there any duty to spread to this price? I also think from Amazon to take, but last time I ordered something many years ago.

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* luxoido , duty, only with the amount above the 200Unce. Only from the amount of the amount, and not from all over cost

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* duxa1986,
Well, if I take 300 dollars from Amazon + delivery for ~ 55, how much does it turn out? And who takes this duty?)

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Also took a couple of pieces, a very tasty price

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* luxoido , at this The topic of many shopping experiences.
The duty for the delivery of the Russian Federation is 15% of the amount above 200 euros. For delivery from American Amazon, as they have prices in dollars ($ 299- € 200) * 15% + fixed collection 500 rubles, plus the services of the customs broker is about $ 20-25. Well, plus the cost of delivery, of course.

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I also think to take from Amazon. In that year, the first quest as oil arrived in October.
Now they do not start the sales not to take? There will be no documents for importance for glasses yet (certification, notification like, etc.), not wrapped in customs?

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Friends How do you think the video in 5k pulls?
Ordered from off. Site, delirm delivery.
Show November 2 (
Payment: Paypal

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* RUZZ7,
Of course, 5k and quest 1 pull

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Thank you, and what permission will pull in your opinion?

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Who issued pre-ordered from Amazon, money immediately remove, or when sending?

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* RUZZ7,
Quest 1 6K supports if you judge this information:https: //creator.oculus...Stribute/oculus-Video /
In the second version of the iron about 2 times more powerful

Posted on 19.09.2020, 17:38:

* henry_fool,
When sending

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* iNIKEL , notification on virtual reality helmets is not needed.

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And there on WiFay, you can use or only a cable? And then the description is written to a high-speed fiber optic cable connecting your compatible game computer with the headset Oculus Quest "All in one

Posted on 19.09.2020, 18:17:

Advise with what volume is better to take? Before that, there was no business with VR glasses. There is a lot of video in VR format which I myself take off. I can not download it to the glasses connecting with the computer to watch this video with PC?

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* Alexpunker1977,
According to the cable officially, Viphy is unofficially there are applications such as Virtual Desktop

Posted on 19.09.2020, 18:18:

* Alexpunker1977,
I took 64 giga, videos in Viphy Streams with PC perfectly

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Pinward is not officially, do you mean if you use broken games? And what's wrong to just download them in a helmet and play without wires does not matter bought or broken ??

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* Alexpunker1977,
I mean Streaming with PC

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I am innet, maybe someone had an experience. If I ask my friend a friend to buy a new eyepulus and send me to Russia, the customs did not come? After all, in fact, he can make me a gift?

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Pinward Tell me, and I can download the video in 360 in glasses and watch directly from the glasses and I can also look from the computer if you need it?

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